Revisiting my 2021 wishlist for The Sims Mobile

It’s almost August and 8 months into 2021 so I thought this would be a great time to revisit my 2021 wishlist for The Sims Mobile.

If you haven’t seen my 2021 wishlist for The Sims Mobile you can see it in full here.

I had hoped to be able to say that a lot of the things on that wishlist had been implemented but alas that is not the case ?

There is of course still time but with more than half the year gone, I am starting to get worried that we will only be getting treasure hunts, Sim Festivals, re-runs, and incredibly high-priced sloppy packs for the rest of our lives.

So what’s changed?

Well, here are the things I was hoping for…

  • Items BEFORE the occasion.
  • Less pay to play.
  • Less paid packs.
  • More attention to detail.
  • Less repetitive gameplay.
  • More stories added.
  • The return of death.
  • Add more friends.
  • Bye, Bye Wumples.
  • Potions
  • Gallery/save option for homes.
  • More active Sims.
  • Less Surprising choices (or none at all).
  • LlamaZoom
  • Balconies
  • Pools
  • Pets
  • Family Tree
  • Family gameplay
  • Sell excess items
  • Inventory Search
  • Snow.
  • CAS photo and pose mode.
  • More to do for long time players rather than just stuff.
  • Features of comedy from The Sims 2.


So let’s start at the top…


Items before the occasion.

This hasn’t been an issue this year but I don’t think we’ll really be able to tell until Hallowe’en and Christmas.


Less pay to play.

Still the same. No worse but no better.


Less paid packs.

Bad. Really bad. To make matters worse they’re often littered with bugs and this year they’ve been charging for things that were previously free and giving things away that were previously paid!


More attention to detail.

Plenty of things still slipping through the cracks I’m afraid.


Less repetitive gameplay.

We have new features now (more about those later) but they’re still very ‘tap-tap-tap’ rather than story-based which is how The Sims Mobile was supposed to be. I really hope they go back to those roots.


More Stories added.

We haven’t seen any new stories for so long!


The return of death.

I’m hoping he’ll show up in a Sim Festival. Perhaps for Hallowe’en? A girl can dream.


Add more friends.



Bye, bye Wumples.

Still here and still tiny prizes. There was one good one with some male skirts but that’s about it.



No. We haven’t had any new locations like this in forever.


Gallery/ save options for homes.

We have seen a little movement that would fall in this category. We now have the designer homes catalog which has homes designed by The Sims Mobile team for us to purchase/unlock/enjoy. 


The downside to it is that you have to pay each time you want to place them and the prices are extremely high.

With this also came the bulldoze feature which works great unless you have a sandwich on your lot then consider it stumped ??

Also, because we don’t have many lots, players are having to bulldoze their current builds to place the new ones with no way of saving what they built.

I am pretty sure this is something they will build on (no pun intended) in the future. I am hopeful we will get a gallery to at least save our own houses to at the very least.


More active Sims.

We don’t have more active Sims BUT we can now make our Sims passive and switch between them. Mush like the designer homes catalog, it’s a step in the right direction.



Less surprising choices (or none at all).

They have made changes to the surprising choices this year! They now pop up less and won’t offer you gameplay boosts but they will offer you items. I really thought it would of been better to remove the items and keep the gameplay boosts but maybe that’s just me! I hope that’s not a clue about how the game will be going forward and currently it seems to be all about items and no gameplay.



She’s gone!

We now have the new Sim Festival seasons and daily tasks.

Daily tasks are giving us the incentive to check in every day but they need to stop asking up to buy things for sure! 


Sim Festivals are hugely let down by the paid prize track and the fact that there are hardly any prizes on the free one.







Ah the pool rug. Original priced at 80 SimCash per square then adjusted to simoleons due to feedback once the GameChangers had shown the ‘feature’ to the community, you start to wonder how a team can become so disconnected from their commnity to have ever thought this was ok.



Maybe I set my standards to high.


Family Tree.

Still no.


Family gameplay.



Sell excess items.


Buy excess items. Yes.


Inventory search.

Even Freeplay is still waiting on this one.



We’ll have to wait until December for this one and cross our fingers!


CAS photo and pose mode.



Features of comedy form The Sims 2.

We have seen some fun new items added like the brromstick and the ventriloquist dummy so I think we are getting there with this one.



Did we get anything else so far this year?

We actually did! We can now party on any lot which is a great new feature.



Updates are slow and, with the addition of Sim Festivals running for two months, we only get new info and updates to the game 6 times a year meaning there will only be 3 more potential updates until Christmas! That’s including the Christmas update! 

The way I see it we have one coming up, then one covering Hallowe’en, and one covering Christmas. I want to be excited but I can’t help but fear for the game’s future if it stays like this. Players are leaving everyday, repeated insulted by the costs of the game and how souless it is to play.

This final part of the year could be make or break for The Sims Mobile.


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1 Comment

  1. Thomas Reißner
    July 31, 2021 / 4:13 pm

    Pets would be very easy to implement technically. They even wouldn’t have to develop the graphics and could take everything from Sims 4.

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