The Sims Mobile Surprising Choice Update

Presented by EA gamechangers.

The Surprising Choice feature was completely removed from the game on August 30th, 2022.


More recent info about the surprising choices can be found here.

The Sims Mobile team are updating the Surprising Choices (again). This time they have removed the surprising choices that give boosts to your gameplay but kept (and added in) the ones that give you the option to get new items.

These will start showing after the latest update goes live on June 15th.

Here is a full chart of the items, options and prices you could be offered: 


  Intro Celebration String Choice Question Item Option Title Option Description Purchase Dialogue Price
Bundle 1 (Creepy Items)
I’ve just set up a shop of curiosities! Care to take at these ‘definitely-not-haunted’ items?
What creepy item should I buy?
Grandfather Clock I’ll buy the Grandfather Clock! It has a particularly creepy tick tock Enjoy The Grandfather Clock, it belonged to my grandfather who inherited it from his grandfather. 460 Simcash
Haunted Bigass Mirror I’ll buy the Haunted Bigass Mirror! Weird! It has no reflection. Enjoy the Haunted Bigass Mirror! Be careful not to get lost staring into it! 250 Simcash
Baron Portrait I’ll buy the Baron Portrait! Who is the Baron in that portrait? Enjoy The Baron Portrait! It will be your eyes and ears at home. 150 Simcash
        Fine, enjoy not being haunted.      
Bundle 2 (Modelling Items)
Hey I’ve seen you strutting around town, ever considered being a model?
Should I become a model?
Modelling Career Heirloom I’ll become a model! Strut your stuff! A model opportunity awaits! Enjoy your new career as a model! 850 simcash
Clothing Rack I’ll take the clothing rack! Perfect to complete you runway collection! Enjoy your new clothing rack! 220 Simcash
Leather Shorts I’ll take the leather shorts! Who likes short shorts? I like short shorts! Enjoy your new shorts! 150 Simcash
No worries, I’m sure I can find someone else!
Bundle 3 (Fitness)
Want to pick up some new items to improve your fitness?
What should I buy to help me get in shape?
Pilates Reformer Machine I’ll take the Pilates Reformer! It bends you in every direction. Enjoy your pilates machine! 450 Simcash
Treadmill I’ll take the treadmill! Take a postive step (or several). Enjoy your treadmill! 440 Simcash
Gym Step I’ll take the gym step! Get fit, step by step. Enjoy your Gym Step! 200 Simcash
I guess you can always start tomorrow
Bundle 4 (Outdoor Plants)
The Horticultural Society is looking for new members! Sign up and take home these items at a plantiful discount!
What should I buy to spruce up my garden?
Rose Wall Hedge I’ll take the Rose Wall Hedge! Stand up and smell the flowers! Enjoy your wall hedge! 150 Simcash
Nixora tilable hedge I’ll take the Nixora Hedge! The perfect finish to your garden Enjoy your hedge! 50 Simcash
Ivy Wall Decal I’ll take the Ivy Wall! Dress up your walls with this Ivy Climber! Enjoy the Ivy wall climber! 200 Simcash
I guess not everyone is a greenthumb!
Bundle 5 (Signature Garden)
A little garden gnome told me that you wanted more fancy garden pieces? Have I got a deal for you!
What fancy item should I add to my garden?
Wishing Well I’ll take the Wishing Well! Make your wish come true with this Well! Enjoy your Wishing Well. Many well wishes to you! 850 Simcash
Flower Cart I’ll take the Flower Cart! Handful? How about a cartful of flowers? Enjoy carting away this Flower Cart! Don’t worry there’s wheels! 200 Simcash
Flowers in a Watering Can I’ll take the Flowers in a Watering Can! Self-watering flowers? Yes please! Enjoy these Flowers in a Watering Can! No extra watering needed on these! 60 Simcash
I’ll leave you to consult more with the gnomes.
Bundle 6 (ModPod)
Psst have you heard about the 60s? It was a seriously rockin’ time to be alive.Take a look at these and get your groove on!
What item should I mod my pad out with?
Standing Radio I’ll take the Standing Radio! The nostalgic tunes are calling to me! Enjoy the Standing Radio. Guaranteed to make your friends go googoo gaga! 450 Simcash
Best Friends Bunk Bed I’ll take the Bunk Beds! Make every night a slumber party! Enjoy the Best Friends Bunk Bed. It’s going to be hard getting out of these beds! 750 Simcash
Wooden Mod Chair I’ll take the Mod Chair! Sitting can be groovy! Enjoy this Wooden Mod Chair! Feel the goove whenver you sit down! 75 Simcash
        I’m sure I’ll find someone else who’ll want these groovin’ goods.      
Bundle 7 (Disguises)
Can you help me with my weakness for disguises? I’ve got too many!
What’s the perfect disguise for me?
Bear Body I’ll take the Bear Mask! Grin and bear it in this Bear Mask Enjoy the Bear Mask! Complete the grizzly look with the Bear Body! 1200 Simcash
Bear Mask I’ll take the Bear Body! This bearsuit looks bearably comfy! Enjoy the Bear Body! Complete the grizzly look with the Bear Mask! 1000 Simcash
Unicorn Mask I’ll take the Unicorn Mask! With a face like that, no wonder it’s mystical! Enjoy the Unicorn Mask! Unicorns are real afterall! 800 Simcash
        No disguises? You’re missing out!      

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