Pink Parcel April 2018

Another month, another Pink Parcel!

Here are the products I received in this months box…

Green Frog natural body wash.

I haven’t tried this yet but it smells delightful!

Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner.

This is great but not the best I’ve ever used. It smudged a bit onto the area my eyelid touches when I open my eyes (who even knows what’s that called) and it annoys the hell outta me when eyeliners do that.

Catherine Malandrino Perfume.

These are so handy to pop in your handbag. The fragrance smells more like a male aftershave I personally think BUT it’s still nice and I’m going to use it 🙂

Eye Therapy Under eye mask.

So happy I got to try these. I have previously tried the sheet versions and wasn’t too impressed but these were a whole new ball game. I felt fully revitalized after using them and I think they even reduced by tired eye circles. Will definitely buy more!

Lemon and Peach MultiTea.

I’d love to be a herbal tea kinda girl but I’m just not, as much as I try. This appealed to me because it has a ton of vitamins in it AND it smelt bloomin’ gorgeous when I made it up but, alas, it did not please.

Cocoba Orange Milk Chocolate.

Not Vegan :'(

Jelly Pong Pong Coffee and Coconut Lip Scrub.

Tried, loved. It’s super nourishing and smells yummy.

Until next month my lovelies!

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