Midtown Keyring review+ GIVEAWAY

The wonderful people over at The Wonderful Things factory have very kindly sent me two of their new and unique keyrings, one for me to use and one to giveaway!

So, what’s special about this keyring? Well, quite a lot!

The main features…

– It comes in two awesome colours, Black and Gold (I went for the gold and that’s what the winner will get too.

– It’s way larger than a regular keyring.

– It screws together so no more struggling trying to get keys on and off.

When I first got this I thought it was going to be super awkward to use because it’s so much bigger than a normal keyring but it actually ends up taking up much less room in your pocket because it’s flexible and also because your keys don’t get stcuk in those weird right angles like they do with a normal keyring.

I was pleasantly surprised with the product and will NEVER go back to a regular keyring after trying this. I love the way it looks and care about my nails too much to risk the old school ones anymore!

If you’d like to enter to win one of the keyrings please click here.

If you’d like to buy one or learn more about it click here.

Don’t forget to use this coupon code: RachyB for 15% off.

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