Pink Parcel Oct 2018

I’m a a little late with this one as Pink Parcel had a delay sending parcels out this month but they did send a 50% coupon for the next month which was a nice gesture 🙂

Here’s what I got!

Bandzee – I have a lot of these now in various colours, they’re always handy to have.

Dark chocolate with orange – Yummy!

Kawaii brush cleaner – Haven’t tried this yet.

Body cleanser – This smelt gorgeous and was lovely to use in the bath.

Mudmasky morning boost mask – Lovely product, worked and treat and smells gorgeous.

Immunitea – Haven’t tried yet.

The organic pharmacy Rose facial cleansing gel – This is a lovely product but it’s super distressing trying to get it out of the bottle, IT WON’T SQUEEZE.

That’s all for this month! Hoping for something festive next month! See ya then!

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