Iris – Software for eye protection review

A while ago I was contacted by Iris, an eye protection software for your computer.

It works by automatically making all monitors flicker-free, reduces blue light, improves health and sleep and many more awesome benefits.

Here are some screenshots of it working with it’s various modes (I’ve used The Sims so we can all relate).












Once installed Iris will sit in your pc tray. You just right click on it’s icon for options and select what you want to easily switch between them It’s very fluent and completely transforms everything on the screen including menus.

You don’t have to go with the set options through, you can set up your custom modes too!

I’m really enjoying using it and my eyes thank me. You can learn more about the product here (there are a few different models available depending on your needs).

Get 10% off using this link!

Thank you to Iris for letting me try this out!

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