How to Enjoy Your Next Vacation if You Have Anxiety


Strangely, taking a vacation can have the opposite effect of what it is meant for. Over 40% of people stress out when on holiday. So here are some tips to enjoy your next vacation.

Disconnect from Your Job

Most people take a vacation away from work. But if you have trouble disconnecting, you must find a way to do so if you want to relax on vacation for better health and well-being. The best way to clear your mind and start over is to turn off your mobile phone, laptop, and any other device that can connect you to work. And stay somewhere you know you will be happy with amenities you enjoy, such as a resort, golf villas, or a relaxing spa. Try leaving electronics in your room whenever you are taking part in an activity, and check your messages at the end of the day.

Write in Your Journal About Your Experiences

Writing in a journal is a recognized part of therapy. So set aside some time each night to write about your trip. This is a great way to calm your mind since journaling is a form of meditation. So even if you only write for about fifteen minutes, you can get a clearer head and a more relaxed mind. Also, your journal will be a record of your trip that you can look back on whenever you want. And this will also be a massive help if you want to do something such as write a blog. Try to write about where you went, what happened, how you felt, and anything you learned. 

Enjoy Your Next Vacation with Alone Time

If you go on vacation with a group of people, whether they are your friends or family, you may not get a chance to relax. Spending time with other people can be good for you, but sometimes it’s better for your mind to be alone. By spending time alone with yourself, you can encourage actualization, inner peace, and enjoyment. All of these things can help you feel at peace with yourself and the world around you. Make time for yourself if you enjoy solo travel. For example, take a sunrise beach walk, or get to know the town with an afternoon walk.

Pass Along Some Responsibility

If you think you will feel anxiety when on holiday because of money or trying to figure out what to do, simply let someone else take charge. Try to choose a trip that is already planned out and comes with a set price. You could also ask a friend or family member who enjoys planning to take care of all the details of your trip. We all know someone like this! This will give you a plan you can follow so you can relax instead of trying to do everything yourself. Remember, always trying to have the perfect holiday can sometimes prevent you from doing so. 

I am a huge trip planner myself but I am not regimented about it. I plan for all outcomes so we can be flexible in the moment wherever possible.

Plan for Expenses to Reduce Worry

If you can’t relax on vacation because you’re always worried about spending too much money, try making a budget with a separate account for your vacation spending. One recommended trick is to open a different account or put a set amount of money on a prepaid credit card before your trip. This can help you stick to your vacation budget and keep you from having to pay for everything in cash. It also helps to break down any activities you want to do and set a spending limit for each day. Going all-inclusive can save you a lot of cash on food and drink.

Do your research ahead of time so that you can let your mind be free during the trip, no matter what happens. Sometimes you can save money by buying a holiday way in advance and sometimes it’s cheaper last minute.

If you’re going somewhere ticketed it can be cheaper to get a pass for a year than for the few days your there, like Disneyland Paris! Not to mention the perks that come with having an annual pass. It pays both mentally and financially to do your research.


Anxiety can prevent you from enjoying anything. So to enjoy your next vacation, try the following. Disconnect from work, spend some alone time and prepare your budget.

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