How Technology Can Help You In Your Travel

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If there is one thing that we are benefiting from day to day it’s technology. Whether it’s the switch from cash to credit, or washing your hands under an automated tap in public restrooms, a lot of our everyday habits have changed in the last couple of years and it’s all because of technology. Technology has crept in – initially very slowly – and now it feels like technology is everywhere you go all at once. Travel habits are something that everybody is adjusting since the pandemic took our travel away, including in the fact that you don’t need to print off a boarding pass or ticket to get on a plane anymore.


Technology has adjusted the way that we travel, and mostly, it’s a good thing. We can now use an Openstreetmap distance matrix to help us to get from A to B efficiently. We can now scan with our phones to be able to pay for flights and then use the same phone to show our boarding passes and QR codes to get onto the same plane. Technology is also helping physical cars, because the technology that is built-in makes it more lucrative to drive certain models and safer too. Below, we have a few of the ways that technology can help you in your travel.

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  • Use your mobile phone as your boarding pass. Long gone are the days of printing off boarding passes, running through the airport and slamming it down onto the desk of a harassed customer service employee. The check-in counter at the airport is still there, but you’re no longer checking in with pieces of paper. And most of the time, you can skip the check-in with online options. With the convenience of checking in on your phone, you take out half the frustration of getting to an airport and it’s all because of technology.
  • Checking the traffic online. With the help of satellites and technology, you can check live traffic updates in real-time before you get on the motorway. Not only will you know that the route you take is sufficient, but you’ll also know whether or not you’re going to be backed up for hours on the motorway. You couldn’t have done this before but thanks to technology we can now see things with an eagle eye.
  • Your car could be better for the environment. The invention of the electric vehicle didn’t happen overnight, and it wouldn’t have happened without the right technology to do so. With brand-new hardware and software, our cars are now better for the environment despite the fact that they are still on the road. Electric cars are very different compared to gas-run vehicles, and they are doing better for the world around them. It’s predicted that everybody will be driving an electric car in the next 20 years.
  • Smart access. From hotel rooms to call doors, technology now allows for Smart access to everything. There’s going to be a day sometime soon when the metal key will be obsolete, because scanners and QR codes will take over. Technology helps streamline your travel to make life easier for you.

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