Home Street May/June 2021 Update: Paris Chic, ⛲ Paris Chic Bingo, ?️Camping Adventure, ? New Pets, Stories & MORE..

Time for another Home Street update and this time it’s all about France and the great outdoors!

Here’s what’s upcoming, courtesy of the Home Street team…


“Hi Neighbors,
Revel in the beauty of France as we head for the city of light! Experience the delights of the streets of Paris and decorate in the unique Art Nouveau style as you bring together all the romance and elegance of a bygone age in your stylish Home Street Home!

After Paris we are heading to the Great Outdoors to embrace all things in tents and cabin-like with Camping Adventure!
Decorate indoors with rustic log cabin furniture then pitch the Teepee Tent, break out the marshmallows and light the Freestanding Fireplace for lots of camping fun! 

Read on to find out about the Functional Items & pets, events, stories, new decor & MORE that’s in store for you in the coming month! 


Important Dates

Paris Chic
Tue May 25th – Paris Chic items in shops
Thu May 27th – Paris Chic Token event start
Tue Jun 1st – Paris Chic Token event end
Thu Jun 3rd – Paris Chic Bingo start
Mon Jun 7th – Paris Chic Bingo end
Thu Jun 10th – Paris Chic Neighborhood and story start
Mon Jun 14th – Paris Chic Neighborhood and story end
Tue Jun 15th – Paris Chic items leave shops

Camping Adventure
Tue Jun 15th – Camping Adventure items in shops
Thu Jun 17th – Camping Adventure Token event start
Mon Jun 21st – Camping Adventure Token event end
Thu Jun 24th – Camping Adventure Neighborhood event and story start
Mon Jun 28th – Camping Adventure Neighborhood and story end
Tue Jun 29th – Camping Adventure items leave shops

Please note – all dates and times are GMT and are subject to change!


Paris Chic – May 25 – Jun 15
Decorate your Paris Chic home with Art Nouveau furniture and elegant accessories – this stunning decor collection is sure to be the envy of all your neighbors!

*Paris Chic items will be available for a limited time.


Paris Chic Functional Items and Pets – May 25 – Jun 15
Make friends with the French Bulldog Pet and his novelty baguette bed – when you take him on walks, be sure to stop at the oh so tempting French Bakery Stall to pick up your favorite treats!

*Pet and Functional Item will be available for a limited time.


Paris Chic Clothing – May 25 – Jun 15
Embrace the era and dress the part with the Art Nouveau Clothing collection!

*Paris Chic Clothing will be available for a limited time.


Paris Chic Token Event – May 27 – Jun 1
Show your Skill with Photography and Fashion as you earn tokens and more in the Paris Chic Token Event!


Paris Chic Bingo – Jun 3 – Jun 7
Play Paris Chic Bingo for exclusive prizes including the lovable Giant Bear’get and more!


Paris Chic Neighborhood Event – Jun 10 – Jun 14
Gather your neighbors and head for the stalls in the event area for the Paris Chic neighborhood event!

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Paris Street Stall, Paris Merchant

Products: Photography, Skill, Fashion, Sugar, Metro Ticket, Eiffel Tower Toy, Mona Lisa Sketch, Ratatouille, Art Nouveau Dress, Haute Couture Dress, Croissant, Citron Tart, Macarons. Fraiser Cake


Camping Adventure – Jun 15 – Jun 29
Grab your rucksacks and head for the great outdoors with Camping Adventure! Dine on rustic wooden tables and chat to your neighbors around the Fire Pit. Camp out in tents or sleep under the stars in cozy sleeping bags – outdoors is definitely the place to be!

*Camping Adventure Items will be available for a limited time only


Camping Adventure Functional Items and Pets – Jun 15 – Jun 29
Park the caravan or set up the tent? However you choose to spend time out in the countryside we have you covered with the Family Tent and Caravan!

Make friends with the truffle digging Wild Boar and friendly Raccoon – outdoor pets to melt your heart!

*Camping Adventure Functional Items and Pets will be available for a limited time only


Camping Adventure Clothing – Jun 15 – Jun 29
Be a Trail blazer as you head out into the wilderness with the stylish Camping Adventure collection of clothing!

*Camping Adventure Clothing will be available for a limited time only


Camping Adventure Token Event – Jun 17 – Jun 21
Turn Marshmallows into S’mores using Skill and Flame – it’s a great way to earn tokens in the Camping Adventure Token Event! 


Camping Adventure Neighborhood Event – Jun 24 – Jun 28
Gather your neighbors for a traditional Camping Breakfast before you earn points and prizes in the Camping Adventure Neighborhood Event!

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Supplies Tent, Camping Supplies

Products: DIY Skill, Flame, Willingness, Skillet, Wood, S’mores, Camping Breakfast, Blistered Peppers, Marshmallows, Beans, Camping Mug, Pinecone Bird Feeder, Log Chair


Paris Chic and Camping Adventure Stories
Play these Home Street Stories and win some great decorations and prizes!


Paris Chic Story – Jun 10th – 14th
Camping Adventure Story – Jun 24th – 28th


Cafe Rose Livestream – Every Thursday
Watch Cafe Rose play Paris Chic and Camping Adventure! 
Tune in to her YouTube livestreams from 8pm GMT to 10pm GMT for a chance to win prizes, hear about exclusive sneak peeks, & MORE! 
Subscribe to her Youtube channel here. Click to go

Don’t forget to tap the bell icon on her YouTube channel next to “subscribe” to be notified about every new video!


Other Important Dates 
Early July – Stars And Stripes Token Event
Early – Mid July – Stars And Stripes Neighborhood Event 


And much more!”


I’m a sucker for all these new animals ?

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