Home Street May 2021 Update: ☀️ Escape To Morocco, ? New Pets, Events, Story & MORE..

It’s been a while since I covered anything Home Street but I’ve recently got back into the game and they’re still delivering amazing and regular content!

Here’s what’s upcoming, courtesy of the Home Street team…


“Hi Neighbors,
It’s time to get away from it all and embark on the holiday of a lifetime! Join Home Street as we head to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and Escape To Morocco with us!
Take a ride on a Magic Carpet, charm your very own King Cobra, have fun with the playful Genie Pet and explore the Cave Of Wonders! 
Decorate your Home Street Home with colorful mosaics and elegant furniture, and trek into the desert with the luxury Arabian tent – however you Escape To Morocco, we have you covered!

Read on to find out about the Functional Items & pets, events, story, new decor & MORE that’s in store for you in the coming month! 


Important Dates

Tue May 11th – Escape To Morocco items in shops
Thu May 13th – Escape To Morocco Token event start
Mon May 17th – Escape To Morocco Token event end
Thu May 20th – Escape To Morocco Neighborhood event and story start
Mon May 24th – Escape To Morocco Neighborhood event and story end
Tue May 25th – Escape To Morocco items leave shops

Please note – all dates and times are GMT and are subject to change!


Escape To Morocco – May 11th – May 25th
Bring some Mediterranean luxury into your Home Sweet Home!
Decorate with colorful mosaics, vibrant ornate furniture and fashionable accessories – this elegant Arabian decor with a Moroccan influence is hard to resist!

Escape To Morocco decor will be available for a limited time.


Escape To Morocco Functional Items and Pets – May 11th – May 25th
Shelter from the desert winds in the luxury Arabian Tent, explore the Cave Of Wonders and have fun with three Arabian pets including the charming King Cobra!

*Pets and Functional Items will be available for a limited time.


Escape To Morocco Clothing – May 11th – May 25th
Vibrant Vests, Bejewelled Tops and the classic Arabian Thobe! Add Sultan Headgear and Bejewelled Hair – you’ll fall in love with the Escape To Morocco Clothing Collection!

*Escape To Morocco Clothing will be available for a limited time.


Escape to Morocco Token Event – May 13th – May 17th
Call on your Skill and Patience to create Pashminas, Pottery and more in the Escape To Morocco Token Event!


Escape To Morocco Neighborhood Event – May 20th – May 24th
The Bazaar Craftsmen and Merchants are ready for business – gather your neighbors and start planning for the Escape To Morocco Neighborhood Event!

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Bazaar Craftsman, Bazaar Merchant

Products: Skill, Patience, Gold Nugget, Spices, Fabric Lantern Gold Necklace, Arabian Coffee Set, Pashmina, Oriental Rug, Tagine, Arabic Tea, Pottery


Escape To Morocco Story – May 20th – May 24th
Play the Escape To Morocco story for exclusive prizes including the Elegant Camel Side Table!



Other Important Dates 
Late May – Paris Chic Token Event
Early June – Paris Chic Bingo
Mid June – Paris Chic Neighborhood Event and Story

And much more! ”



Oh my goodness, how cute is that Cheetah!?


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