The Best Websites For Finding Freelance Work

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Want to start making money as a freelancer? ‘Freelance’ work involves working for yourself. You can set your own hours and choose the clients you want. Finding clients can be challenging, however, it has got easier thanks to the internet – there are now numerous sites dedicated to connecting freelancers with clients. Below are just some of the top sites to try.


Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers. You advertise your skill – which could be anything from video editing to writing lyrics – and how much you charge for it. Customers then message you with the job they want and you can choose whether to take the job on. The lowest you can charge is $5 (which is why the platform is called Fiverr), however, you’re free to offer much higher rates. 

Because Fiverr is such a popular platform, finding work can be competitive. You’ll want to show off some of your best work and try to build a good rating – this will help you to secure clients. You can find more tips on getting work through Fiverr here


Upwork is another very popular freelancer platform. While Fiverr tends to be better for picking up odd jobs, Upwork can be a great platform for securing big clients (the likes of Microsoft and AirBnB sometimes hire through this platform). 

The platform has a lot of features that can be very useful to freelancers such as invoice makers and the ability to earn bonuses.


If you’re a designer, then 99Designs is the site for you. This site allows you to connect with clients looking for design work – which could include anything from logo design to book covers. 

99Designs allows you to show off your work in a stylish portfolio. A signature feature of the site is its contests, in which you can compete to create the best design against other designers with a chance to win a big reward at the end. 


Freelance driving jobs have become more popular in recent years. Delivery driving in particular has become very popular – securing such jobs can be tricky as a freelancer however. 

Can Shiply help me find driving jobs? It most certainly can. This site is designed specifically for helping to connect customers with delivery drivers. You have the option to bid on shipments. This could be anything from a single parcel to a large truckload. It’s a great platform for carrying out deliveries flexibly. 

Task Rabbit

Are you a cleaner, handyman, or moving company? Task rabbit is a freelance site that specializes in helping tradespeople to find local household jobs in their area. 

Jobs offered on this platform include small tasks or big projects. You advertise your skills – customers can then decide to hire you based on whether your skills fit their task. Customers can also advertise the tasks they want doing – allowing you to reach out to customers. 


I have been working through PeoplePerHour for years now and have found them to be very reliable. The site is primarily for UK workers but work comes in from all over the world ranging from graphic design to admin work. You can even post ‘hourlies’ which are your offerings for a set price, eg. ‘I will make you a 20-panel storyboard for £100.’ and then clients can buy directly from you!


Good luck out there!

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