A day in San Fran for the SimCity BuildIt event.

Last week I went out to the EA headquarters in Redwood Shores (San Fran) for a one day event based around the new update for SimCity BuildIt… Club Wars!

Here’s the videos I’ve made from the event so far:-

Info: https://youtu.be/Wd36FYmQPyE

FAQ: https://youtu.be/KzyUL9sTpGE

Disasters: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=SVnyXbvUCAs&feature=share

More to come!

Here’s a collection of photos I took along the way 🙂

I really liked this art in the Premier Inn at Heathrow T4!

The way to Premier Inn Heathrow T4.

Waiting for the Shuttle in San Fran.

A room with a view.

This airport has the best views.

The moon.

EA bathroom selfie!

Luke being a Sim.

Let’s see who tallest!

Me and my gnome.


Coolest charger ever.

Fab hat selection at the EA store.

Photo op with banner.

Kinda wish we’d taken a group photo infront of this!

My pass.

Waterdog tavern selfie!

I presume this sign only applies to dog but dogs aren’t that tall and cannot read.

All the pooches.

Hope someone found him.

I can see where SimCity gets their inspiration.

Fell in love with these lights.

Museum of Ice cream!

Pink sparkly rope barriers are everything.

Aer Lingus spelling.

Yummy smoothy before the flight home.

When you get off a long flight you want what you want.

Premiere Inn T4 room view.

‘Vegan’ meal on Aer Lingus (some of the stuff wasn’t vegan but luckily I read the labels).

Ufufys! We were so lucky, the store said they only got them in the day before!

Bridge near the ferry port.

Could not get enough of the hotel view in Redwood Shores.

There’s that moon again.

The gym at the hotel XD

Room service. They tricked me with ‘real’ milk even though I asked for soy. I was really poorly that night and I only had a dash in my tea!

I’m getting quite addicted to room service tbh.


Beautiful lake.

American psycho.

Porridge to start the journey.

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