The Cowshed

Last week I stumbled across this awesome new place called the ‘Cowshed’ online.

It’s a cafe located in Fraisthorpe right on the clifftop, new for 2017.

We decided instead of walking north to Danes Dyke this Saturday we’d have a change and go South to try this place out.

Usually South side is to be avoided at all times during peak tourist season! MUCH TOO BUSY.

However, once you get passed the park and ride, things start to open up and it’s like a whole new world (please don’t sing).

We had an amazing walk, saw some lovely houses and even a horse!

Anyway, onto the Cowshed….

This place was awesome, such a refreshing change from other local establishments.

Having recently gone Vegan I did struggle a little bit to find something to eat but I settled on a jacket potato and beans. For all you non-vegans, there was sooo much choice and heaps of gigantic cakes!

I hope they will expand to include vegan stuff eventually but I appreciate that it isn’t a huge priority for everybody.

It was a lovely environment with great views. They even had a separate eating area for no dogs or children. THANK YOU!

All in all we were very impressed and will definitely be heading back soon!

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