LA Waterfront cruises

Recently I was lucky enough to be able to see a blue whale! The largest creature on the planet!

As an avid fan of marine biology and all it entails, this has been a bucket list item for me for a while so actually achieving it was epic.

I have been on many whale watching trips previous to the one I took this month but, whales will be whales, and they’re not always where you want them to be 😛

After a 15 year long hunt (actually probably longer) I finally for-filled my dream thanks to LA waterfront cruises.

This isn’t an ad or anything like that, I just fancied writing a review of them here on my blog because I was thoroughly impressed with them.

I bought a ticket for 2 on their whale watching trip from groupon and it cost me $25.

$25 to see a blue whale!

Obviously what you see depends a lot on the season and chance but, at that cost, it’s nice just to get out on the water.

There was a commentary throughout the trip of what we were looking at and how to spot things and there was food and drink on board that was super cheap too. I had imagine it would be way overpriced but it wasn’t even slightly so that made me smile too!

Thank you to LA waterfront cruises for giving us such an awesome experience and the platform we needed to see such a magnificent creature.

Also thanks to Alfred (this is what me and Ryan named the whale)… the 88 foot female blue whale who decided to pop up that day <3

If you do decide to book a whale watching trip (these ones go out from long beach) sign up to ebates through this link to get 6% cashback on any groupon purchase. It’s sold out at the moment but they usually refresh them pretty often 🙂

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