Will The Sims 5 be at EA Play Live?

EA Play Live is TOMORROW and I’ve never seen so little hype for an event.

There have been more announcements for what won’t be there than for what will be.

Could this be a good sign though?

Given that the Sims team (and other games too of course) have been the subject of so many leaks over the years it could be that they are keeping their cards close to their chest on this one and who can blame them!

Before the launch announcement of The Sims 4 they were extremely quiet too. 

Announcing The Sims 5 tomorrow would be an awesome move while the hype for The Sims 4 Cottage Living is high and The Sims 4 is strong.

The Sims 4 was always at risk of falling away once the next installment was announced/released but with this latest pack, I really think it can stand up on its own for those who still want to play alongside a new generation of The Sims.

The timing of Cottage Living releasing on the same day as EA Play Live cannot be coincidental. The sudden strength of this pack versus the previous ones cannot be coincidental either. They have to stand strong against whatever else they are developing.

HUGE hints for cars and other loooonnnggg awaited features only highlight the likelihood of a new Sims edition announcement to me.

If they do announce The Sims 5 I would only expect a tiny teaser but something full of possibilities that will send the community into a spin! How I miss those days! Perhaps it’s my nostalgia driving my theories but either way, I live in hope. 

They showed very little in the announcement trailer for The Sims 4. It was mainly about how the Sims would look but having new possibilities with a fresh new game was so exciting.


Given that there is so little else at EA Play Live this year and that we have come to the end of the Summer of Sims roadmap announcements I would say we could at least get more info on what to expect from The Sims 4 between now and the end of the year.

It would be the perfect time to announce The Sims 5 in my opinion (or a spin-off from The Sims series if that’s what they’re working on). Either way, I’m quietly hyped.

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