Where’s the network?

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The Sims Mobile team has issued an FAQ about the ‘Where’s the network’ issue that many players are experiencing.

This issue has been prevalent since the last update went live (and on and off beforehand) and, whilst some fixes have seen it solved for some, it is still happening for others almost a month later.

Here is the FAQ:


  • Is player progress lost/deleted/corrupted?

    • No, it isn’t. 

  • Will we compensate players?

    • Yes, we will. We plan on rewarding them with items from the missed events, along with various currencies (excluding SimCash) and Festival Pass Points. However, players will not receive the grand prizes. 

  • Why will we not receive the grand prizes?

    • We noticed several players share concerns about how they miss the experience of playing the event and earning the grand prizes more than the loss of the prize itself. Hence, we feel by re-running these events, we can offer players an opportunity to earn the grand prizes as they would have liked.

  • Will we re-run the events?

    • Yes, as mentioned above, we plan on re-running the events sometime in the future. We haven’t finalized the dates yet but trust that you’ll find out as soon as we lock the schedule. 

  • What about LTO packs?

    • Yes, we also plan on re-running the packs sooner than the events. At the moment, there are no fixed dates. 

  • Is the compensation fixed? What if the error takes longer than estimated?

    • No, the compensation is not fixed and we will adjust the compensation accordingly.

  • I purchased a pack but the items were never added and Apple/Google didn’t refund me.

    • You can ask Apple/Google for a refund as they should do it without any problems. 

    • However, if you’d like to receive the items and do not want a refund, please share your PID, Region, Device, and Receipts of purchase with SimGuru Pedro on Twitter. 

  • It takes me a long time to get into the game. Why does it load for so long?

    • Due to some of the short-term fixes, some players might see load times longer than usual. Once the long-term fix is rolled out, this should be resolved.”


After reading the FAQ I can’t help but feel even more frustrated.

While I appreciate that the team is working hard to fix this issue it seems that the player experience is secondary to that hard work. After all, players are here to play the game and their experience should be fun and nothing less. What we are seeing in the community is stress and more stress.

The Sims Mobile has been plagued with issues ever since it moved over from Maxis as if no one really knows how to add things to it without breaking the entire game.

I do not pretend to know how to fix this game, nor should any of us players know. Our job is to play, not to cushion the burden of the development of a broken game.

Please do not ask people to spend money on a game that could be taken offline at any minute.

This is no better than EA selling The Sims 4 Wedding Stories as a completely broken pack.

I would advise any player not to purchase anything in the game. It pains me to encourage people not to support a game we all love but seeing people not get content and not get refunds means it’s the only thing I can do in good conscience.

I do not condone ‘negativity’ within the community but I can’t help but feel a little muzzled by EA as a creator sometimes. Especially in the latter half of my time as a GameChanger/creator. We are told to foster and encourage positivity in trying times like this, which is not something I think anyone needs to be told. Obviously, no one should be shouting abuse at the gurus and tone has to be in check but constructive criticism is the most valuable thing any of us can give. There is no value in everyone saying ‘oh hey, the network’s down again, oh well, I’m sure they’re trying’.

We need to hold them accountable.

If they haven’t given you your items or money back then you need to persist until they do. How much money do they make from the people who just give up? 

Of course you are mad if you’ve spent money in the game and have nothing to show for it, let alone can’t get into your game.

Of course it is hard for the developers to fix the issue but that’s literally their job.

I am told that they will be listening to feedback based on the FAQ so please so stay vocal if you feel that SimCash is necessary compensation for example (I’ve seen many of you say that and say why and I absolutely agree). 

There is a form here to fill out about the Where’e the network issue too.

We don’t all have twitter, etc, so if you’re reading this feel free to comment and I will pass on your thoughts to the team. I see that as my purpose of being an EA creator. Not to temper the frustrations of the community but to pass on the vibe of the community to the developers.

If I am frustrated with this update from the team I can’t imagine what you are all feeling. I am essentially a player of the game BUT I can never have a fully grounded perspective of it given that I am given in-game currency, etc, to create my content so it is rare that I have to spend anything or contact EA help, etc. I can only relate to a certain point and then I rely on you to tell me what’s up. 

Please use me as a vessel for your frustrations! 

I am crossing my fingers that the game is fixed sooner rather than later but my faith in this game is ever-dwindling. 

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