Top Reasons to Book Butlins!

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Have you ever considered booking a Butlins ‘just for tots’ break? Most parents cringe at the idea of being put in a holiday spot where they can hear lots of screaming, shouting, and crying. If you have children, you might find that taking them to Butlins just for tots is the best idea this year. 

Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons, but the Butlins caravans are just one of them. You don’t have to go all the way to the other side of the world to be able to enjoy yourself, especially as a family. There are just-for-tots holidays designed purely with your children, their comfort, and your comfort in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons below that you should book this kind of break at least once.

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  • It is just for tots. These are the breaks that are catered for those with families of children under five. Having a toddler-friendly holiday can be absolute bliss because you know that it’s happening while other kids are at school, and the little ones can actually have some fun. You don’t want them to feel scared or get knocked over in a soft play, or get trampled by 10-year-olds. Having this as an idea makes a big difference: kids are happier, parents are relaxed and everybody is safer.
  • There are so many activities. There are fairground rides and bike riding lessons, swimming, local beaches, and even play DoH fun sessions. It’s like 1 long week of messy playtime and as you know, toddlers love messy play.
  • So much is built into the price. While it’s not 100% all-inclusive, the activities are often built into the price with Butlins. You don’t have to constantly pull out money all over the place to keep the kids happy, and usually, there’s a local supermarket just down the road so you can stock up on snacks for your in-room fridge. There’s not much else that you have to spend money on, so if you just break a couple of pounds into pennies, the kids will have a tonne of fun on the 2P machines.
  • The kids will sleep. Not during the activities, but the children will be worn out in the best way when it comes to Butlins break. They spend their time doing so much during the day and exercising their minds as well as their bodies that when they do tucker out at the end of the day they sleep all night. Afternoon naps are the norm, sleeping through the night is the norm, and it’s all because you chose to take your children to a Butlins just for tots break.
  • The shows. Even if the kids don’t quite feel exhausted enough by bedtime, keeping them up later than normal to see the fireworks shows, puppet shows Teletubbies and Butlins Bears shows are exciting. The kids can get up and dance, and the redcoats keep them entertained. They can even see their family favourites on stage.

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