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Another Wumples’ Wishlist quest is starting in The Sims Mobile on November 27th at 10am local time.

You will have 2 days to start the quest and 5 days to complete it once you’ve started.

This will be available for any player level 6 or above.

The prizes are a ‘Flying Fish Carving’, 10 fashions gems and ‘Carefully Carved Leaves’, each in 6 different colours. 

The ‘Flying Fish Carving’ is a small table decoration and the ‘Carefully Carved Leaves’ are wall decor.

Are they worth 5 days effort? Well, you can see the items placed with some other Wumples’ rewards down below. The wall decor is quite nice but Wumples’ really needs to step up their game!

They’re only 1 star items too! 

Personally I think they need to give way better reward for Wumples’ quests but if that’s not possible they should perhaps make it so you can complete it without actively playing (aka you could just pop into your game to put your sim an event then leave again) just to make it a little more achievable. 

Here are the quest steps.

‘Less if active’ just means that if you actively play the event (which you will need to do to complete it in time) it will take less time than stated.

The first chapter will be available on the first day you start the quest, the second on the second day and so on.

Use the steps below to make it easier to claim your Wumples’ reward by getting a sim in an event ahead of the action so that by the time you get to that step it is already ready to finish!

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