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It’s Summer in The Sims Mobile!

Here is all the info from the official blog:

Sul Sul,

Do you think it is time for your Sims to go sunbathing or glide down a water slide? Shell yeah! ‘Tis the sea-sun for vibrant outfits, breezy new items, and a fun new update because Summer Paradise is here! 

Sim Festival Season Three: Summer Paradise

Sun’s out, puns out, let’s seas the day! With the third edition of Sim Festival, Nalani Mahi’ai from The Sims 4: Island Living makes a warm entrance to The Sims Mobile! And she’s bringing a brand-new Designer Home to the game along with sunny items, colorful outfits and accessories, and the very first unisex tattoo for your Sims. Hurray! 

For the uninitiated, Sim Festival is a recent new feature in The Sims Mobile where you get to complete Daily and Seasonal Tasks to earn ‘Prize Tickets’, which will unlock access to these rewards. 

Since the days are longer this season, Sim Festival gets longer too, with 52 days of non-stop fun, so don’t get tide down! For this edition, your Sims can experience the kindness of summer with these delightful rewards:


  • Wheee! Waterslide
  • Nalani Mahi’ai NPC
  • Nalani’s Summer Getaway
  • Summer Paradise Trophy
  • Ocean’s Tide Sideswept Curls
  • “Breeze Through” Wooden Door
  • Summer Breeze Seat
  • Spear-crossed Torch
  • Summer Breeze Table
  • First Little Piggy Roof
  • “Breeze Through” Wooden Window
  • Solar Dance Sunscreen
  • Sunbloom Sarong
  • “Tahiti’s Glory” Necklace

Designer Homes


Isn’t it fantastic to have a breezy summer home you can escape to? Fulfill your Sims’ vacation dreams with two brand-new homes – Nalani’s Summer Getaway and Twin Palms! Briny Heights gets even more stylish with these new additions this season. Nalani’s Summer Getaway is a perfect home for your Sims family with its cozy interiors that includes a pretty house on stilts, a sea-facing deck, and a water slide that’s perfect for parties! You can get this home from Festival Pass of Sim Festival. 


While Nalani’s Summer Getaway offers a rustic look, Twin Palms is ideal for a summer home with modern living preferences. Your Sims will love the mini outdoor Patio with barbeque at the back, and the twin palms at the front (hence the name) next to the flamingos. You can get this home from Designer Homes Catalog in Build/Buy.

Treasure Hunt Live Events 

Guess where Smallfry is looking for treasure? You’re right, he’s high on vitamin sea! Presenting the ‘Beach Retreat’ event with these shell-abratory rewards – 

Grand Prizes

  • Midsummer Snooze Fest
  • Palmetto Printed Dress
  • “Tahiti’s Bounty” Headdress

Pyramid Prizes

  • “Shack Attack” Bar
  • Glorious Gauze Bed
  • Wooden Throne Toilet
  • Llama Lagoon’s Lava Sink
  • Beach Bronzed Sandals
  • Basic Beach Sheer Top
  • Tropical Flora Shirt
  • Step Up Shelf
  • Draped Dreams Divider
  • Breezy Boho Sofa
  • “Breeze Through” Small Window
  • Plumeria’s Plumed Skirt
  • So, Yacht? Painting
  • Sanded Down Dining Table

If you go by the adage ‘Whatever floats your boat’, then you ought to join the ‘Beatnik’ Treasure Hunt to explore and own some of the coolest items as listed below –  

Grand Prizes

  • Water of Youth Steam Room
  • Rowdy Rubber Plant
  • Candy Twine Braids

Pyramid Prizes

  • Sumptuous Spring Gown
  • Too Pretty to be Dirty Shower
  • Tufted Tucker-me-not Bed
  • Sweatproof Summer Hawk Hair
  • Abstract Comfort Couch
  • Bass Drop Rug
  • Long Cat Knee High Tights
  • Yes Henny! Henley PJ Top
  • Totally Triangles Window
  • Menorah of Memories
  • Cropped to Go Pants
  • Too Hot to Handle Camisole
  • True Auteur’s Chair
  • Hanging Out Plant Pot


Hispanic Heritage Month

‘Inclusion and Diversity’ has been one of our core values and as part of our constant endeavor to achieve this, with this update, we’re offering a free pack to celebrate Hispanic Heritage in September. Presenting ‘Mi Cultura Viva en Mí’ with the following items that truly represent the culture and heritage of Hispanic Americans:

  • Hispanic Heritage Dining Table
  • Hispanic Heritage Dining Chair
  • Hispanic Heritage Grill
  • Hispanic Heritage Floral Pot
  • Hispanic Heritage Pergola
  • Hispanic Heritage Wall Mural 

Bug Fixes

As always, our game team has been hard at work squashing bugs! Here is a list of just a few notable mentions that we’ve fixed in this update:


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when some players tried watching a video ad
  • Fixed an issue where Samsung Galaxy M21 was not recognized by the game and ended up displaying poor graphics
  • Teleportation issue where Passive Sims, in a house with more than six Passive Sims, leave and come back in a loop is fixed
  • Fixed the mysterious disappearance of lights when players did turn on/off appointments
  • Fixed the mysterious disappearance of wardrobes in photo mode

Sim Festival/Live Events

  • Fixed issue where few players couldn’t start Sweet Treat Showdown challenges from Parkside
  • Fixed incorrect icons for a few Wumples Quests
  • Fixed a bug where players received Daily Tasks multiple times a day
  • You can now marry Venessa Jeong and make her playable

Fixed clipping, visual, and position issues with a number of Build/Buy objects:

  • “UltraNeo Fluorescent Light Set” won’t clip through the walls now
  • “Starlight Tree” won’t clip through the walls now
  • “Selvadoradian Corner Cabinet” won’t clip with other adjacent cabinets
  • “Selvadoradian Tall Cabinet” can now be placed in room corners
  • “Stairway to Neat” dresser footprint reduced from two squares wide to one
  • Sims now view the “High Spirits Bar Back” from the right direction
  • “Delightful Anniversary Display” and “Swiss Cheese Plant” footprints reduced
  • Fixed a glitch where recent objects in Storage showed up in different order

Fixed clipping and texture issues with a number of CAS items:

  • “High Water Boots” fit perfectly with all outfits now
  • Bracelets are now visible when sim wears “Effortlessly Cool Denim Jacket”
  • Clipping issues seen when “Stompin’ Boots” are paired with few dresses are fixed
  • Added a missing color variant for “Kiss of Color Lipstick”
  • Fixed a glitch with the sims left hand when wearing the “Double Agent Dress”
  • Clipping fixed on “Beautiful bridesmaid” dress

Translation Corrections:

  • “Stoic Stanley Gnome” renamed to “Sabirtasi Cüce” in Turkish
  • For numbers in the game, thousands are now separated by a space in Polish language.”

Find out more details and see the prizes in action in this month’s schedule update video.


Updates: I totally forgot to swatch the sauna so here are the 6 different colour options!


The Guru’s have been extremely fast in actioning our feedback for this update! Here are a few things to note that have changed (or been looked into) since my video went live:

  • The ‘Breezy Boho Sofa’ has been renamed ‘Breezy Boho Chair’.
  • The butterfly floor decoration has been moved into the floor decoration category.
  • Due to technical limitations, the Tahiti blessing necklace doesn’t show up with the ‘all dressed up’ button shirt.
  • The Sol Scintillating Shower room pack has been renamed ‘Sol Scintillating Bathroom’. I am still unsure about this name as it doesn’t have a bath either! Perhaps ‘washroom’ would be more appropriate?
  • The rubber plant has been renamed ‘Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant’.

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