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It’s time to head off to Japan with the latest Sims Mobile update!

Here is all the info from the official blog:


“Sul Sul,

Pamper your Sims to a brand-new lifestyle with cherry blossoms and colorful fishponds from our latest update. Sim Festival is off to Japan for an adventure with the adorable Yamachan as our friend and guide. Also lined up is a host of exciting Live Events for your Sims to embark on new escapades. Are you ready for an itinerary filled with magical events, flying brooms, and pride celebrations? 

Sim Festival Season Two: Hello Japan!

Roll up, roll up! The second edition of Sim Festival is here, and it brings several improvements along with enchanting rewards from the far east. Complete Daily and Seasonal Tasks to earn ‘Prize Tickets’, which will unlock access to these rewards! Throughout the 50-day festival, you’ll be able to bring Yamachan into your Sims’ lives as well as the brand-new Designer Home. (Shh… there’s a cutie hiding beneath the Yamachan outfit, don’t tell anyone)

Introducing ‘Llama Bank’ that will help you save your remaining Prize Tickets at the end of each Sim Festival so you can get a head start in the next season. And there are also some additional rewards in the Free Pass, owing to popular requests from our community.

For the second season of Sim Festival, your Sims can experience the joy and tranquility of yin-yang and fill their lives with positive vibes. Check out the charming rewards available:

  • Koi pond
  • Yamachan non playable character
  • Hello Japan House Template
  • Hello Japan trophy
  • Yamachan signature plaque
  • Double sliding door
  • Stylish windbreaker
  • Wavy cropped haircut
  • Wooden floorboards
  • Long floral skirt
  • Wall lantern
  • Temple painting
  • Muted eye make up
  • Japanese wall texture

Hello Japan! House Template

Have you ever dreamed of relaxing in a traditional Japanese home with a cup of tea? Or admire a Koiful pond and seek its blessings? Turn your Sims’ dreams into reality with the brand-new ‘Hello Japan!’ Designer Home (a.k.a House Template). Hang out with your new friend Yamachan, or bask in the warmth of earthen décor with wooden floorboards and bamboo verandas.

The only way to earn this Designer Home is from the Festival Pass of Sim Festival. Sit back and relax while your Sims enjoy the high life of a unique and delightful new culture. 

Treasure Hunt Live Events 

Turn any of your Sims into a spy with Smallfry! Jump on a quest to find special artifacts in the new dig sites that have appeared all around town! With this update onwards, you’ll be able to access Smallfry’s Dig Site directly from the treasure hunt map, and continue digging even after event ends, for up to 24 hours.

Take a look at the exclusive items from the ‘Enchanting Nouveau’ event – 

Grand Prizes

  • Crystal fireplace
  • Magic broom
  • Long crimped hair 

Pyramid Prizes

  • Frilly dress
  • Sparkle makeup 
  • Single art nouveau bed
  • Grand nouveau double doors
  • Nouveau chair
  • Glass top dining table
  • Key necklace
  • Long coat cosy outfit
  • Nouveau windows
  • Crystals
  • Circle pattern circle rug
  • Metal scales
  • Dried hanging herbs
  • Nouveau urn

Do the small things in life make you happy? Then, join the ‘Bargains Aplenty’ Treasure Hunt to explore and own some of the most cherished items as listed below –  

Grand Prizes

  • Wumples ventriloquist dummy
  • Tied waist jumpsuit
  • Hair with headband

Pyramid Prizes

  • Mod toilet 
  • Stratocaster 
  • Pajama top
  • Knee high socks
  • Amps
  • L bookcase
  • Door with windows 
  • Outdoor bench 
  • Layered wood table 
  • Framed map
  • Open notebooks
  • Padded easy chair
  • Paned window
  • Wristwatch

Pride Month

Celebrate Pride with your Sims with a new free pack of clothing and hairstyles for an androgenous look! Host a Pride party while donning bright eye makeup for both male and female Sims, plus dressing up in a fancy silver tuxedo for female Sims, and glitter tuxedo, long skirt and long wavy hairstyle for male Sims!

We’re delighted to re-run the very special Pride Month collaboration with It Gets Better Project and The Sims from 2019! We want to celebrate our LGBTQ+ players by supporting them in-game with free items and a quest event to help build a brighter, more inclusive world. Enjoy the free pack ‘It Gets Better’ filled with a pride clothing range that includes two t-shirt variants and 17 different Pride flags, available in game now!


Bug Fixes

Thanks to your reports on Answers HQ, our game team has been hard at work squashing bugs! Here is a list of just a few notable mentions that we’ve fixed in this update:


  • Fixed crashes on Bake Off
  • “Complete a chapter of any hobby story” now works with writing hobby
  • Sidewalk now has grass under lamppost in 324 Emerald drive

 Sim Festival/Live Events

  • Sweet Treat Showdown tasks won’t be given after Sweet Treat Showdown has ended
  • Seasonal tasks “Earn ‘x’ Recycle Tokens” won’t activate if players have the workshop fully upgraded

 Fixed clipping, visual, and position issues with a number of Build/Buy objects:

  • “Willow Creek Planter Box” print is smaller and now can be placed consecutively
  • “The Southpaw III” from the LTO “Windows to the soul” window allows to place items on it when placed correctly
  • “Collar Chain Necklace” no longer clips through some tops and outfits
  • “Cozy Home Chimney” no longer looks cut in half on the exterior when the walls are down
  • “Floating Fireplace” top part no longer shows in the floor above where it is placed on some angles and when the camera moving shows flickering
  • “Extravagant Swan Bath” no longer seems to have leaks when the room it is in gets moved
  • “Vertical Succulence Wall Planter” animations no longer are showing the sim interacting with the plant from behind
  • “Royal Flush Vanity”, “Royal Flush Bathtub” and “Royal Flush Toilet” are now available on eco workshop

Fixed clipping and texture issues with a number of clothing items:

  • “This and That Suit” no longer makes the left arm and shoulder look twisted with some movement
  • “Fashionably Free Boots” & “Carnaby Knee-High Boots” no longer clip with “Beautiful Bridesmaid” outfit
  • “Double Agent Dress” bottom part no longer looks torn when sim moves in lots
  • “Old-School Suspenders” Outfit no longer clips with some shoes
  • “Check The Geometrics Long Hoodie” no longer clips with some boots
  • “Tailored Coat Combo” no longer clips with “Moschino Work-It Boots”
  • “Reliable Cowboy Boots” no longer show clipping issue with certain trousers and outfits
  • “Stately Designer Jacket” outfit no longer clips with some footwear


Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):

  • Sim Festival Season Two – Hello Japan! : 50-day event starting 15 June
  • Treasure Hunt ‘Enchanting Nouveau’ – 11-day event starting 15 June 
  • ‘It Gets Better Project’ Free Pride Pack Rerun available from 17 June
  • Wumples Quest: 5-day event starting 19 June
  • ‘Fabulous Pride’ Free Pack available from 23 June
  • Sweet Treat Showdown ‘Laundry Reloaded’ Rerun – 11-day event starting 29 June 
  • Wumples Quest: 5-day event starting 3 July
  • Sweet Treat Showdown ‘Grand Mansion’ Rerun – 11-day event starting 13 July 
  • Wumples Quest: 5-day event starting 17 July
  • Treasure Hunt ‘Bargains Aplenty’ – 11-day event starting 27 July 
  • Wumples Quest: 5-day event starting 31 July”

Find out more details and see the prizes in action in this month’s schedule update video.





They listened! The rugs have been changed to 750 Simoleons (from 80 SimCash), and all variants are going to be free. ?
The update has now been brought forward to 2:30 PM PDT on June 14th!

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