The Sims Mobile Gothic Rituals Bath Set is re-running with some big changes!

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The Gothic Rituals Bath set pack is currently re-running in The Sims Mobile and will be available once again until November 10th 2020.


Info about the current pack.


Initially the changes were only thought to be the price, which has dropped from £14.99 when it was seen last year to £5.99 at the expense of losing the 50 simcash it initially ran with for 5,000 simoleons.


The pack last time it ran.


Now that the pack has actually launched in our games again we can see that this is not the only change! It’s missing the Definitely Not Haunted Paintings in exchange for the Classic Rock Pedestal Sink.


The Defintely Not Haunted Paintings from last time the pack ran.


I am not sure why this change was made but I know a lot of people aren’t happy about it as they were hoping to get the paintings rather than another sink.

If you have bought the pack last time it ran you will be able to buy this again with the new item in it and you will get another of each of the existing items you have items added into your inventory.

While I am extremely happy about the price drop I can’t help but feel bewildered over some more obvious changes that I feel needed to be made to this pack before switching out some painting for a sink… like adding a bath? Or even updating the pack image to something more relevant like an image of the items!

I am also hoping that the paintings we’re missing this time around will at least be added into the eco workshop for anyone who missed out.

Here are the current swatches for anyone who needs them 🙂

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