The Sims Freeplay Party of the Decade Update

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Time for The Sims Freeplay Christmas and New Year update!!! AND they’re celebrating their 10th birthday!


The update will be live in app stores on Monday 29th Nov at 9:30pm UTC.



Here’s all the info from the official blog.

“Sul Sul! 

Thank you for supporting our amazing journey over the last ten years – we wouldn’t be here without all of you! THAT is something worth celebrating. As we turn double-digits, we’re hosting the “Party of the Decade” with lots of surprises in and out of FreePlay to commemorate ten years of styling, building and storytelling. Ten years of self-expression, discovery and exploration. Ten years of being consistently inspired by what you’ve created with our mobile game. Ten years of being endlessly excited to see what you come up with next!

As a special part of The Sims family, The Sims FreePlay believes in making a better world, both virtual and real. You’ve had the freedom to explore and rediscover who you are and who you want to become. You’ve built your dreams in SimTown, told stories and connected with your Sims in ways that have helped us shape the development of our features, events and content for truer to life experiences without boundaries, however and wherever you like to play The Sims.

 We hope you’ll enjoy celebrating this iconic milestone with us in our latest update and join us as we take a trip down memory lane in a new episode of SimsTV! Our SimGurus look back on the biggest moments in FreePlay’s history and impact on The Sims franchise as we answer your questions.

Party of the Decade Celebrations

Celebrating In-Game: Anniversary Nightclub Quest

First things first, Simmers! It’s time to get your dancing shoes on and head to the Sim Town Nightclub. Boogie with the Game Team Sims to receive free birthday presents, every second day! They’ve got exclusive gifts to give you that have never been released in the game as a memento – from non-playable Sim outfits like Ice Queen’s ballgown and gloves, to décor and Build/Buy items like a 10th birthday cake and balloons! 

You might even recognise some of the Game Team Sims hanging out at the nightclub. They’re our famous SimGuru team that chat to our community on Twitter – Marketing Megan (aka SimGuruMegz), Producer Danni (aka SimGuruIceFox), Designer Rhys (aka SimGuruRhys), Quality Verification Lachie (aka SimGuruGrumpyCat) and more. Note: You’ll be able to claim the prizes right to the end of the event. The Game Team Sims will stay in the nightclub dancing on the d-floor until you’ve redeemed their gifts up until December 15. See you there!


Mystery Box Keys – 10 for 10!

You only turn 10 once, so to say thanks for your continued support as we reach this iconic milestone, you’ll receive 10 Mystery Box Keys to redeem a surprise gift. Available from 3rd December, go to the ‘Mystery Box Shop’ in the ‘Weekly Tasks’ section of the Active Tasks Menu to use them and claim a Mystery Box.

Community Contest – get outfit planning now!

We’re excited to announce our ‘Party of the Decade’ competition! We’re giving one lucky Simmer the chance to have their winning Sim immortalized as an Influence Island rival character in a future update. Enter the competition from 6th December: 

  1. We want you to #FindYourself, pick the ‘perfect party outfit’ that best represents you or show us a different side of your personality and let your inner party animal come out! 
  2. Post your Sims’ outfit and in your comment add #SFPPartyoftheDecade

First place: Your winning Sim character, name and outfit immortalized in the game & 1,000 Social Points (SP worth $100 USD)!

Second place: Pack of Kawaii party hairstyles & 1,000 SP 

Runners Up: Three winners will receive 1,000 SP each

Competition closes Monday 13 December 11:59pm AEDT. Winners will be announced on 20 December.

Looking to the Future 

Your feedback and passion have made the first ten years of The Sims FreePlay unforgettable – and will help make the next 10 years even better! Without you, our game and our community would not be what they are today – and we’re not done yet. We have so much great stuff planned that we can’t wait to show you. Tune into our social channels from December 16, 2021 for a big reveal of what’s coming to FreePlay in the coming months! 

Free Christmas Gifts

While we celebrate our birthday, we’re still delivering everything you need for an unforgettable Christmas in SimTown this year. Our favourite tradition is gifting you free Christmas gifts, so you can unwrap glamorous, festive rewards for your Sims! 

From 15 December, check the Online Store to receive the free seasonal Christmas décor pack, complete with rounded windows with lights, Santa’s Chair, wishing well and candy cane wallpaper, with newly added items like giant candy cane lights, candles in wreath décor, North Pole lamp, snow globe and more! The items can be found in your Home Store inventory once redeemed.

‘A Christmas Warming’ Seasonal Quest 

Is that melodious Carols your Sim can hear? It’s that festive time of year again, and we’ve written a brand-new story for our annual Christmas Quest that we know you’ve come to know and love every year! It’s time to transform your home with Christmas decorations. But wait, where’s the snow?! Why is SimTown engulfed in sand?? 

Santa wants Christmas to be Summer this year, but the Ice Queen is having none of it and is trying to stop him from changing the weather with lots of fun story based tasks throughout the 13-day narrative quest. It’s up to your Sim to work with Ice Queen, Jack Frost, and other members of the Christmas Council to solve the mystery of how to stop Santa transforming Christmas into a season of Summer!

Progress through the quest to unlock a new luxury house template called ‘Claus Compound’ – a contemporary multistory mansion filled with sophisticated décor – perfect for a white Christmas! Inspired by the highlife of Los Angeles, the compound has a four-car garage, giant swimming pool with stairs for your Sims to walk down into as they start swimming, ultra-modern glass box bay windows, and even a Christmas tree to top it all off! The home has a slick modern aesthetic with cool tones and glamorous high-end décor like geometric art pieces and paintings, contemporary furniture, sculptural pendant lighting and glass fireplace. Your Sims will love living large as they celebrate the holiday season with friends and family!



New Year, New You

Wind down from Christmas and kick start your Sim’s new year by tapping into the motivation that comes with a fresh start. Enjoy our all-new SimChase and Influence Island events in late December that come filled with prizes to help you do the most relaxing of all chores: laundry (plus, maybe a little bit of early spring cleaning, and look good doing it)!

Influence Island Season 21 

The latest season delivers rewards to transform your garage space into anything from basic to a high-end workshop with a wide range of tools, storage furniture and decor! Deck out the room with a new single or double roller door, benchtops, tool chests, tire display, pin board and wall hanging garden tools. The grand prize for the event is a Lamborgini-inspired super car, sophisticated casual outfits for male and female adult Sims, plus an exclusive new cat breed – Blue Point Ragdoll – with bright blue eyes, light grey long hair and thick tail! Make your new lifelong companion feel at home with a complete set of fancy pet accessories including a scratching post to play with, food bowls and stylish pet bed. Note: To claim the grand prize cat and car, the Pet Store and Car Dealer must be built. 

SimChase Season 36: Scrappy Scrub-down 

Start your spring cleaning early as you race against rival Sim Spruce Springclean, to unlock minimalist contemporary décor rewards, that will help bring natural and organic elements into your interior. Clean your home inside and out with a standing vacuum cleaner, bucket of cleaning products, hanging wall dusters, moving boxes filled with home items, ladder and more – but don’t forget to take a quick break from all that cleaning on a new contemporary modular sofa! 

Hang on – how can you expect your Sims to get motivated to start transforming their home without looking the part? Check out the new dungaree outfits and hassle-free hairstyles for male and female Sims that complement their comfortable style. The grand prize for SimChase Season 36 is a modern version of the beloved Pee Cleaner – a new Little Robot Vacuum Cleaner and dock. Place it around your Sim’s home and watch it autonomously clean up those pesky pee puddles! Note: Your new helper can be found in the ‘Electronics’ category in the build mode Home Store.”



Events List

Title Duration Start Date End Date
Influence Island Season 20 – Glam Xmas 10 days 30 Nov 12 Dec
Belle Hotel Live Event  10 days 30 Nov 13 Dec
10th Birthday Anniversary Quest 14 days 3 Dec 16 Dec
Mystery Box Keys x10 14 days 3 Dec 16 Dec
Paperboy Rewards x3 3 days 10 Dec 12 Dec
‘A Christmas Warming’ Seasonal Quest 13 days 12 Dec 24 Dec
Free Christmas Gifts 14 days 15 Dec 31 Dec
Player Favourite ‘Inner Child’s Play’ 7 days 25 Dec 2 Jan
Influence Island Season 21: Glam Garages 10 days 25 Dec 5 Jan
SimChase Season 36: Scrappy Scrubdown 9 days 31 Dec 11 Jan
Maternity Pack 25 9 days 3 Jan 13 Jan
Influence Island Season 2: Scandi 10 days 10 Jan 23 Jan
Long Hair Hobby Event 7 days 16 Jan 23 Jan
SimChase Season 17: Feuding Families 7 days 16 Jan 23 Jan


Prize images:-

‘A Christmas Warming’ Seasonal Quest.


Influence Island Season 20: Glam Christmas.


Free Christmas Gifts.


Anniversary Nightclub Quest.


Inner Childs Play quest.


SimChase Season 17: Feuding Families.


Belle Hotel Live Event.


SimChase Season 36: Scrappy Scrubdown.


Influence Island Season 2: Scandi.


Influence Island Season 21: Glam Garage.


Maternity pack 25.

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