The Sims Freeplay Maximalist Safari Update Schedule [September-October 2021]

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Let’s go on safari (kinda) with The Sims Freeplay!

Here are all the details from the official blog post along with the prize images. If you’d like to see these in more detail you can watch my video here

“Sul Sul! 

From bright patterns to bold animal print, our all-new maximalist interior aesthetic will elevate your Sims’ fashion and lifestyle with a ‘more-is-more’ take on a timeless, chic style. Reinvent the art of layering to create “wow factor” and surround your Sims with the things that you love! Place them all strategically together, like art, eclectic decor, furniture, anything at all. Make a statement as you renovate, redecorate and remodel with exclusive rewards in latest update of The Sims FreePlay! 

Base Game Improvements

Removal of Housebound and Improvements to the Needs System

Say goodbye to ‘Housebound’ Sims when their Needs are low! Sims now undertake actions faster or slower depending on their mood! Previously, whenever a Sim’s Needs were too low, they would head back to their own house and become stuck at home until you sort out their Needs. This prevented players from using their Sims to complete quests, hobbies, work shifts, Live Events and much more. 

We thought this was terrible! Our team has created a better way of improving the gameplay experience for low needs! Now, instead of being ‘Housebound’, Sims with low Needs are now ‘Sad Sims’, who can now go anywhere and do anything, however their actions will take a little bit longer to complete.

Inspired Sims (full needs motives and green sparkles around them) will continue to earn bonus Simoleons/XP but will also do ALL actions MORE QUICKLY – including crafting in Live Events, work shifts and more! We’ve added visual cues in the ‘Sim Tracker’ and ‘Portrait’ to passively communicate this change – Inspired Sims will now have a green icon, Happy Sims will have a white icon and Sad Sims will have a new red icon. Pay attention to your Sims’ Needs and get your Sims Inspired today! 

Base Game Starting Outfits

We’ve added dozens of over 50 new free base game outfits* for adult Sims in Create-A-Sim! Explore the new customizable range of hairstyles, facial hair, glasses, outfits and improved randomized Sim options that showcase our cultural and diverse styles to create Sims that better represent you!

Hispanic Heritage Month

To show our appreciation for our passionate Hispanic player community during Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve created a free pack with build buy items so you can celebrate in game with your Sims! The pack includes a vibrant painted dining set with colorful table and chairs, plus decorative painted pottery vases from The Sims 4! 

The build buy items were designed in collaboration with the guidance from our internal resource group SOMOS EA so our game team artists could bring to life a new authentic range of décor that is inspired by diverse Hispanic cultures. Check out the online store to redeem the items from 15 September!


The Sims 4 Pride Paintings

We’re celebrating Pride all year long with the help of The Sims 4, and artists Jupiter Stevens-Hill, Ashley Lukashevsky, and Mohammed Iman Fayaz! The pack is full of paintings in multiple frame colours and styles created by LGBTQ+ Simmers, from The Sims 4 Pride Month celebrations in June this year. The art can be placed in your Sims’ homes and celebrates close friendships, support networks and embracing the entire spectrum of queer identities. 

Painting #1 Stride with Pride by Jupiter Stevens-Hill (@MidnightFox452 

This piece commemorates the values of diversity and inclusion of this historical and important event in a fun and colorful composition matching the spirit of the celebration!

Painting #2 Untitled – Ashley Lukashevsky (@Ashlukadraws )

This piece is the portrayal of the power of an embrace between two people, displaying in a colourful way that their liberations are interlinked as they look out for each other and care for one another!

Painting #3 A Recipe for Good Times by Mohammed Iman Fayaz (@PapiJuiceBK

Every family has their own recipe, a recipe for the good times. In every family there is some sweetness, some tenderness, some silliness, and last but not least – some love. No matter the order, it is what makes a family your family!

Head to the online store to redeem the free pack from the start of the update!

‘Marvelously Maximalist’ Live Event

Starting 16 September, the ‘Marvelously Maximalist’ live event begins! The aim of this event is to collect enough resources from the Arts and Crafts Stations (found in the ‘Event’ tab of the Home Store or your inventory) to unlock all the items in this event but be quick – this event is only live for 10 days. 

As you craft your way through the event, you’ll work towards unlocking exclusive décor, outfits and build items that are anything but ordinary! The grand prize house lot is a stunning multi-level home with a high A-frame roof, second floor outdoor balcony that spans the entire length of the home, bay windows and even a backyard pool area. Inside, the wall mounted faux-zebras and matching rugs complement the peacock curtains and life-size cheetah statue! Your Sims are sure to love the loud colors, patterns and textures on every surface from floor to ceiling, which are all taking center stage!

Transform your Sim’s homes into a colorful retreat filled with interesting furnishing and combined patterned decorative accents, that prove it’s okay to break conventional interior design rules! Milestone prizes include wooden flooring, bold floral wallpaper, faux-animal décor and much more, so your Sims can feel inspired in every room of the house.

SimChase Events

Launching our update is SimChase Season 33: Fierce Fashion! Compete in this nine-day exciting gameshow as your Sim races against rival, Grandma Funk, to earn kitsch-inspired interior rewards never-before seen in FeePlay! Unlock unique statement pieces like eccentric outfits for elderly female Sims, a large animal jungle scene rug, golden jackal floor statue, golden dress mannequin, jewelry stands, large designer painting and a sewing table for Sims of all ages to create a craft masterpiece!

In our second SimChase for the update, Season 34: Autumn Action, enjoy the turn of the season with cozy outfits for male and female teen Sims, wall wreath, hanging leaf lights, kitchen benchtops and cabinetry, cooking clutter items, modern fridge and more!

Influence Island Events

The Influence Island game show returns for two more seasons in our latest update! Use your powers of persuasion (and dirty tricks) to convince the other Sims to join your clan. You have 10 days to out-influence your rival and convert seven Sims to ‘Clan Mates’ to win the Grand Prize in the new Season 16. Complete challenges and check out the maximalist-inspired home rewards like a cheetah wall lamp, couch with ottoman, book stack, bookcase with inbuilt portrait, rugs, king bed, corner wall shoe storage display and an African American long curly hairstyle!

Plus, don’t miss Influence Island Season 17 for even more romantic rustic wedding décor in all new color variants inspired by Influence Island Season 5, so your Sims can party their special night away and celebrate love together!   

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PDT):

Name Length Start Date End Date
Influence Island Season 16: Maximalist Bedroom 10 days 7 Sept 20 Sept
SimChase Season 33: Fierce Fashion 9 days 7 Sept 18 Sept
Paperboy Double Rewards 4 days 9 Sept 13th Sept
Marvellously Maximalist Live Event 10 days 16 Sept 29 Sept
SimChase Season 34: Autumn Action 7 days 26 Sept 4 Oct
Player Favorite: ‘Inner Child’s Play’ Quest 7 days 29 Sept 11 Oct
Maternity Pack 23 9 days 20 Sept 7 Oct
Paperboy Double Rewards 4 days 30 Sept 4 Oct
Influence Island Season 17: Rustic Wedding 2.0 10 days 3 Oct 15 Oct
Grand Garages Live Event 10 days 6 Oct 17 Oct
SimChase Season 14: Patisserie Pandemonium  9 days 8 Oct 17 Oct
Long Hair Hobby ‘Mean Curls’ 7 days 10 Oct 17 Oct


*Note: The CAS that was added to the base game are not brand new, but existing content from old paid packs. No glasses or facial hair.


Here are the prize images for each event:-


Free base game CAS content.


Grand Garages live event re-run.



Influence Island Season 16 – Maximalist Bedroom.


Influence Island Season 17 – Rustic Wedding 2.0.


Inner Childs Play Quest re-run.



Marvellously Maximalist Live Event.


Maternity Pack 23.


Mean Curls Hobby Event (Long hair v3).


SimChase Season 14 – Patisserie Pandemonium re-run.


SimChase Season 33 – Fierce Fashion.


SimChase Season 34 – Autumn Action.


Free Hispanic Heritage pack.


Free Pride pack.

New house templates.


You can get more info about the update in my video!




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