Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Your anniversary comes around every year but how often do you make the effort on the gift? Do you even buy a gift for your loved one? Or perhaps you pull out all the stops but now find your inspiration languishing. Well, you do not have any excuse now as here are some anniversary gift ideas that will spoil your loved ones, leaving them feeling cherished and appreciated. 


Jewellery has long been a popular anniversary gift. Whether in the form of an eternity ring or engraved necklaces jewellery will always be a reliable and well-received gift. When you are celebrating an anniversary you are celebrating, love, loyalty, and friendship and nothing says this more than a Claddagh Irish ring, which quite literally represents love, loyalty, and friendship. 


Wall art

Wall art is a great flexible gift that you can adapt to suit the taste of your significant other. Perhaps they are into gaming or golf, finding art that compliments their interest is a great way of showing that you know what they love and you celebrate it with them. Perhaps you have a treasured location that means something to you both, you could source a photo of this location, a modern map or print that represents this special place, and hang it pride of place in your home together. Wall art can be a personalized and thoughtful gift that you can keep for years to come. 


Gift experiences 

Moving away from traditional trinkets and token presents millennials are known for spending their money on experiences, so why not gift an experience. Gift days and experiences are growing in popularity year on year. You could gift a hot air balloon ride to be taken on your special day, a driving experience, a spa day, wine tasting – the possibilities are vast and there is a gift experience to suit everybody. 

Don’t rule out sites like Groupon for a deal on a day out. Ryan and I have had some of our best experiences from those!


A mini-break

Is a gift experience not quite cutting it and do you want to up the steaks that little bit more? Then consider a mini-break. Book yourself and your significant other a night (or two) away in a hotel and consider upgrading to the ‘couples package’ or ‘romance package’. These packages usually come complete with a bottle of bubbly, some chocolates, a room upgrade, and sometimes added extras such as a meal for two or spa treatment each. Make yourselves feel special and make this getaway stand out from the rest with a little indulgence  


Something that commemorates the duration

Whether you are celebrating the duration of the marriage or just being together there is a generally accepted list of ‘gifts’ or ‘themes’ that represent the duration of the union. For example, a one-year anniversary is celebrated with paper, think wall art. A five-year anniversary is commemorated with wood, perhaps a wooden ornament, and a sixty-year anniversary with diamond, no prizes for guessing the present that year. Look up the year and the theme that represents the length of your relationship and seek to buy a gift that celebrates the duration of your union. 


And remember, it doesn’t need to be an expensive day to be celebrated, it really is the thought that counts! 

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