The Sims Freeplay Lake House Christmas Update

It’s time for all the info about The Sims Freeplay 2019 update!!

Sul Sul,

Do your Sims long for special moments with their family over the holiday season? Or perhaps they avoid spending time with that one relative who always makes things a little crazy!

Celebrate the holidays in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay, plus:

• Enjoy the brand new ‘Hearth of Stone’ Christmas Quest – a fun journey complete with family drama, relationship issues and the one and only, Santa Claus! Complete seasonal tasks to earn a Christmas Lake House grand prize – a multi-storey, fully furnished lake house covered in snow, a canoe, frozen lake to skate on, all new external chimneys, bay windows, and more!

• For Sims who prefer to unwrap presents at Christmas, log in every day from 6th December for 6 days, to receive a free in-game prize!

• Don’t miss the Sophisticated Socialite re-run event to earn rewards that help your Sims design the perfect cocktail party – such as a central fireplace, cocktail bar, luxurious décor and adult outfits!

But that’s not all… Happy New Year from The Sims FreePlay!

Your Sim’s style status is about to skyrocket in the latest update, where you can:

• Craft your way to fame and fortune by unlocking a breathtaking, luxurious mansion, perfect for Sims that love to live the highlife! Complete the Glam Mansion special event and earn, jewelry display cases, glass wall shelving, L-shaped sofas and even new luxury cars!

• Jump into a new season of SimChase, ‘Mansion Mania’, to earn prizes that will help deck out your new pad! Your Sims will love the marble dining table, geometric bookshelves, grand piano and an in-ground spa!

• Player Favourite event, ‘Inner Childs Play’, returns, for you to unlock a tree house for Preteen and Adult Sims to enjoy!

Here are the playable event dates for this update:

● New! Hearth of Stone (Christmas Quest 2019) – 13 day Quest, running between Dec 12th and Dec 24th

● New! Maternity Pack 9 – Start and complete a Pregnancy Event between Dec 25th and Jan 5th

● New! Glam Mansion live event – 9 day event, running between Jan 8th and Jan 21st

● New! SimChase Season 9: Mansion Mania! – 9 day event, running between Jan 22nd and Jan 27th

● Daily XMAS Gifts – one per day, running between Dec 6th and Dec 11th

● Sims FreePlay 8th Birthday gift – available for the duration of the update, strictly one per player

● Sophisticated Socialte SPES (re-run) – 11 day event, running between Dec 3rd and Dec 13th

● Mean Curls hobby event (Long Hair v3 re-run) – 9 day event, running between Jan 2nd and Jan 10th

● Inner Child’s Play quest (re-run) – 7 day quest, available between Jan 6th and Jan 19th

Heart of stone Christmas quest walkthrough:

Daily Christmas Gifts:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

The Sims Freeplay Sophisticated Socialite Live Event PRIZES

Maternity Pack 9

Glam Mansion live event prizes

SimChase Season 9: Mansion Mania! PRIZES

Mean Curls hobby event (Long Hair v3 re-run)

The Sims Freeplay Inner Child Quest Walkthrough

Things of note:

• The Christmas Quest unlocks two new types of content for Build Mode that can be used to change the outer shape of houses: External Chimneys, and Bay Windows!

• You can buy a Boost for the Christmas Quest – this will grant you:

o 20% reduction on goal action times

o 50% less Sims required to complete Multi-Sim goals

o 50% less items required to complete (find X items) goals

• The Christmas Quest now allows you to skip multi-Sim goals using LP directly from the goals screen, where usually you cannot skip any Quest goals there. This is to allow players an easier way to quickly complete these goals that require many single actions.

• Double rewards will be given from the Paperboy between these dates:

o Dec 12th – Jan 6th

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