The Sims Freeplay Hot Simmerin’ Summer Update

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Welcome the warm weather with some fun in the sun in the latest Sims Freeplay update!

Here’s all the info from the official blog:


“Sul Sul! 

Today’s forecast in SimTown delivers sun and ice-cream! In the latest update of The Sims FreePlay, make the most of summer by kicking back and soaking up the sun. You’ll find the best décor, accessories and outfits in all of our upcoming events so you can gather your friends and host a fun backyard party in style. Your guests will definitely want to come back for more, especially if you’re serving ice cream with poolside hangs, long chats around a fire pit, and cooling off by jumping on the new waterslide! 

MidTown Café – New Feature

Wake up and smell the coffee, Simmers! Initially teased in our Party of the Decade update in December 2021, the team have been working hard for over a year, developing an exciting new business precinct, called MidTown! 

Midtown Café is now trading and ready for customers! You’re the new owner, so it’s up to you to buy equipment, hire and manage staff and grow your café in the new map location. Serve tourists that arrive on buses and fulfil their orders to become the most talked about business! As you progress through the event and hit major milestones, you’ll not only evolve the café and the size of lot it’s built on, but also transform the entire street of MidTown! Watch as it flourishes under your ownership, and the other shopfronts, nearby buildings and streets come together to life with color, decorations and even graffiti artwork. 

Complete the event to unlock a fully upgraded café for you to customise and make your own! Bring up to 10 Sims from your SimTown to relax for a coffee break, whenever you like. Reach Player Level 27 and build the new bus terminal in SimTown, placed right nearby the Children’s Store on the lower left of the map.

Hot off the French-press, we’ve put together the perfect blend of FAQ Questions so you can play the new feature straight away! Check them out here.

Influence Island – Season 28

Influence Island Season 28 delivers rewards for you to create a funky, urban outdoor sanctuary for your Sims – a perfect place to hangout in and shoot some hoops! As you convince Sims on the island to join your clan, you’ll get closer to winning an exclusive grand prize that includes a basketball court and abstract flooring that doubles as a roller-skating rink! Plus, facial hair for male teen Sims! Add your own personal touch with decorative prizes that include:

  • Basketball court with 2 Sims playing and unlimited Sims watching
  • Dance floor for Sims to breakdance on (colorful flooring)
  • Ambient festoon outdoor fairy lighting 
  • Roller-skating rink and retro skates (colorful flooring) 
  • Relaxed casual clothing for Teen Male and Female Sims
  • Giant butterfly graffiti wall art (tip – try to take a selfie in front of it!)
  • Crate side tables and much more!


SimChase Season 45: Summer Sand-Off

It’s the perfect time to sit back and relax on banana lounges with fruity juice in hand, cool off on a new waterslide and even play a game of volleyball with rewards from SimChase Season 45: Summer Sand-Off. We’re extremely excited to introduce our first Muslim full coverage swimsuit, designed by our team with support from internal resource groups. The long-sleeved swim top has a Hijab head cover, full-length pants and is complete with sunhat and sandals. As you race against your rival, Sandy Shure you’ll also unlock these other milestone rewards:

  • Rainbow waterslide
  • Volleyball court for up to 2 Sims to play
  • Mobile ice-cream truck for Sims to serve treats 
  • Wicker 2 seat, 3 seat and corner seat sofas with cushions
  • Matching wicker coffee tables and side tables
  • Ambient table lanterns
  • Beach towels and banana lounges and free-standing umbrellas

Plus more items for Sims to sit and enjoy the sun.

SimChase Season 46: Parental Provocation

The second SimChase for the update delivers luxury baby room decor and accessories, which are perfect for you & your new arrival. Decorate your cozy nursery with a neutral color pallet for the perfect calming effect and ease of styling. Unlock these exclusive maternity milestone rewards:


  • Rocking chair with ottoman 
  • Hanging mobile
  • Bookshelf with children’s clutter
  • Large toy box storage
  • Ottoman bean bags 
  • Giant plush toys that can sit on surfaces or on the floor
  • Rugs (3×2 size)
  • Gorgeous full length maternity maxi dress with frill shoulder details
  • Oval-shaped cot with draping sheet and plush toys
  • Polaroid camera on a tripod, and much more!


‘Holiday Home’ Live Event

You’ll soak up the fun every day when your whole family can live across the road from the beach! 

The ‘Holiday Home’ grand prize house lot, created on the sandy lot surrounded by water from our Coastal Living update, delivers exclusive mid-century modern, retro décor rewards. As you craft jewelry, glass, candles, and pottery resources, you’ll progress and unlock the ‘Holiday Home’ grand prize! 

Walk across the road to play in the ocean, gather around the outdoor fire before trying to shoot some hoops or host a party with the outdoor kitchen and bar area in the gorgeous backyard. Plus, your Sims will even be able to earn two vintage sports cars parked on the road to take for a spin. They come complete with roof-racked surfboards! 

Milestone prizes include retro inspired items:
●Modular furniture

  • Rattan bookshelves and display cabinets
  • Stylish desk with computer and chair
  • Bedroom suite 
  • And much more!”




Events List

Bold entries are new! All events start at 7AM UTC.

Title Duration Start Date End Date
Midtown Cafe 45 days 25 JULY NA
Influence Island Season 28 – Urban Outdoors 10 days 25 JULY 7 AUGUST
SimChase Season 45: Summer Sand-Off 9 days 25 JULY 6 AUGUST
Holiday Home Live Event 10 days 5 AUGUST 18 AUGUST
SimChase Season 46: Parental Provocation 7 days 15 AUGUST 23 AUGUST
Maternity Pack 29 9 days 19 AUGUST 27 AUGUST
Fine Dining Live Event 10 days 22 AUGUST 1 SEPTEMBER
Influence Island Season 4: Moroccan Kitchen 10 days 25 AUGUST 4 SEPTEMBER

Sales List 

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Start Date End Date
“Sun-kissed Sets”

Beach outfits and luscious beachy waves for the summer!

Long hair with bangs for adult female Sims 

  • 12 colour variants

Crop top with knot tie & mini shorts for adult female Sims

  • White & black
  • Purple & pink
  • Light & dark green
  • Yellow & red
$9.99 9 AUG 22 AUG
“Gaming Special”

Timed to run alongside Gamescom event, but we’re not directly affiliated! 

Get in your gaming zone with this limited time offer on chic computers and Simoleons!

  1. Computer Desk 
    1. Light brown
    2. Blue & tan
  2. Tall Computer Desk
    1. Light brown
    2. Blue & tan
  3. 100,000 Simoleons
$4.99 24 AUG 28 AUG


* All packs are live 7AM UTC



Fine Dining Live Event


Holiday Home Live Event


Influence Island Season 28 – Urban Outdoors


Maternity Pack 29


SimChase Season 45: Summer Sand-Off


SimChase Season 46: Parental Provocation


“Sun-kissed Sets” pack


“Gaming Special” pack

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