Home Street Update: ☀️ 🧞‍♂️Desert Sunset, 🏮Oriental Home, Events, Stories & MORE..

It’s time for another Home Street update! Let’s get into it with the latest Home Street update with this info courtesy of the Home Street team!


“Hi Neighbors,Welcome to your August newsletter which showcases two great themes for your Home Street Home!First, we are visiting the exotic lands of the Eastern Mediterranean! – Explore the Cave Of Wonders, take a ride on a Flying Carpet, follow the Camel trails into the desert and camp out in the luxurious Arabian Tent!Decorate with colorful mosaics and elegant furniture and make friends with a range of friendly exotic pets – play fun events and stories with friends and neighbors as you experience all the delights of a Desert Sunset!Our next theme takes us further east to the lands of the rising sun – With Oriental Home, you can decorate with eastern inspired decor, plant Cherry Blossom and Bonsai trees, celebrate The Way Of Tea and perform a colorful Lion Dance as you dress the part in traditional Oriental clothing!Read on to find out more about what’s in store for you in the coming month! 

Important DatesDesert SunsetTue Jul 26th – Desert Sunset Items in shops Thu Jul 28th – Desert Sunset Token Event startMon Aug 1st – Desert Sunset Token Event endMon Aug 1st – July Collectibles story endThu Aug 4th – Desert Sunset Neighborhood Event startThu Aug 4th – Desert Sunset Story startMon Aug 8th – Desert Sunset Neighborhood Event endMon Aug 8th – Desert Sunset Story endTue Aug 9th – Desert Sunset Items leave shopsOriental HomeTue Aug 9th – Oriental Home Items in shopsThu Aug 11th – Oriental Home Token Event startThu Aug 11th -Quest for Silver Story startMon Aug 15th – Oriental Home Token Event endThu Aug 18th – Oriental Home Neighborhood Event startThu Aug 18th – Oriental Home Story startMon Aug 22nd – Oriental Home Neighborhood Event endMon Aug 22nd – Oriental Home Story endTue Aug 23rd – Oriental Home Items leave shopsTue Aug 23rd – Quest for Silver Story EndPlease note – all dates and times are GMT and are subject to change!

July Collectibles Story – Jun 30th – Aug 1stThere’s still time to take part in the July Collectible Challenge to win Calculators and Measuring Tapes!

Desert Sunset – July 26th – Aug 9thIntroduce Mediterranean luxury into your Home Sweet Home with vibrant, traditional Desert Sunset decor!

*Desert Sunset items will be available for a limited time.

Desert Sunset Functional Items and Pets – July 26th – Aug 9thArabian Tent, Cave Of Wonders, Flying Carpet, Genie In A Lamp and lots more – there’s something for everyone in the Desert Sunset Functional Items and Pets collection!

*Pets and Functional Items will be available for a limited time.

Desert Sunset Clothing – July 26th – Aug 9thEmbrace your inner Pharaoh (or Cleo), cool off in a traditional Throbe or wear Bejewelled Tops in a range of colors!

*Desert Sunset Clothing will be available for a limited time.

Desert Sunset Token Event – July 28th – Aug 1stCreate Tagine, Pashmina and Spices with friends and neighbors!

Desert Sunset Neighborhood Event – Aug 4th – Aug 8thGather your neighbors and ride a Flying Carpet to the top of the leaderboards!

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Bazaar Craftsman, Bazaar Merchant

Products: Skill, Patience, Gold Nugget, Spices, Fabric Lantern Gold Necklace, Arabian Coffee Set, Pashmina, Oriental Rug, Tagine, Arabic Tea, Pottery

Oriental Home – Aug 9th – Aug 23rdBring a touch of the far east into your home with Oriental Home decor – decorate with Lacquer furniture and futons, hang traditional art and cultivate bamboo and bonsai trees!

Oriental Home Decor will be available for a limited time!

Oriental Home Functional Items and Pets – Aug 9th – Aug 23rdExperience The Way Of Tea Ceremony, dine at the Street Noodle Stall and relax by the Koi Pond.Make friends with the Cyber Pets and show off your Lion Dance Skills!

*Pets and Functional Items will be available for a limited time.

Oriental Home Clothing – Aug 9th – Aug 23rdDress up as a Samurai Warrior or relax in style with colorful kimono and yukata robes from the Oriental Home clothing collection!

*Oriental Home Clothing will be available for a limited time.

Oriental Home Token Event – Aug 11th – Aug 15thPractice the Zen Arts of Calligraphy and Origami as you earn Tokens, Vouchers and more!

Oriental Home Neighborhood Event – Aug 18th – Aug 22ndMeet your neighbors in the Bamboo Glade event area for lots of fun and prizes!#

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Traditional Crafts, Bamboo Glade

Products: Sushi Set, Panda Cake, Patience, Respect, Zen, Art, Bamboo, Paper, Fan, Lantern, Tea Set, Bonsai, Calligraphy, Origami

August StoriesEarn Coins, Gems and Vouchers with three fun to play stories this August!

  • Desert Sunset Story – Aug 4th – Aug 8th

  • Quest for Silver Story – Aug 11th – Aug 23rd

  • Oriental Home Story – Aug 18th – Aug 22nd

Other Important Dates Late August- Into The Wild Token EventEarly September – Into The Wild BingoS is for September and also for Safari – head Into The Wild with Home Street Bingo, Events and Stories for lots of outdoor fun!”


Watch for the next Home Street update post for more details!

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