The Sims Freeplay FreePlayFest Update [Nov 2022 – Jan 2023]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year in the latest update for The Sims Freeplay! Be sure to update your games when the update goes live at 9.30PM UTC Monday 28th November 2022.


Here’s all the info from the official blog

Welcome to FreePlay Festival! 

It’s our birthday so we’re having a party – and YOU’RE the guest of honor!

Sul Sul! 

Over the squealing noises of coffee machines in MidTown Cafe, the seagulls and rustling tumbleweed from Sim Springs, even the sweet sounds of guitars from our Mariachi Romance update, we’re blowing up balloons and baking a rainbow cake to celebrate the year that was! You’ve helped make it a blast. 

Let us tell you about a few things we have planned for you this festive season: not only are we turning 11 (with some special surprises), and welcoming Mr & Mrs Claus back to SimTown but we’re celebrating the epic adventure we’ve all shared and showcasing YOU and the things YOU’VE achieved this year on The Sims FreePlay social media channels. 

Plus, stay tuned for a sneak peek on our exciting journey ahead!

FreePlayFest Details

From the entire Sims FreePlay team, we want to say thanks for your continued support! We’ve jam packed our update full of gifts and special promotions for everyone: 

New Skin Tones

We hope you love the new refreshed faces of elder, adult, teen and preteen life stages. In our last update, we promised that we’d continue our journey of delivering more customization options to grow our representation options for your Sims. 

Now we’ve added six new skin tones with a focus on darker variants.

We’ve also been listening to your recent feedback and have put together a solution for the lighter makeup changes on darker skin tones. Simply update your game from the app store to check out the changes.

To explore the skin tones options, jump into the Create A Sim menu by clicking on your preferred Sim and pressing Ultimate Makeover. It no longer costs 12 Lifestyle Points to change their DNA – we’ve reduced it to 0 LP for the duration of this update, to say thanks to our passionate community!

 +1 Sim on a Lot

It’s time to party it up with 11 Sims for our 11th Birthday! As our gift to you, everyone is now able to have +1 extra Sim on every lot. Currently, the lot limit is 10 Sims, so now it’s 11! 

You’ve been asking for a long time to be able to invite more Sims to visit your home lots. We noticed how many of you enjoyed having lots of customers and staff together in the MidTown Café space so we decided to investigate how to make that possible in other areas of the game; including SimTown, Mystery Island, Downtown and Sim Springs. 

Note: The maximum number of Sims that can live on a lot continues to be 4, and the maximum you can have in your town continues to be 34. As you progress through each player level, you unlock more Sims for your town. The maximum gradually increases to 41 (up to 7 extra Sims) if you reach VIP Perks Level 15! 

11th Birthday Specials

Keep an eye on the special birthday icon that will appear in your game between December 3 – 15 for these details: 

  • Influence Island Double Network Credits: From December 3, start Influence Island Season 32 and begin convincing Sims to join your clan, to receive double network credits to redeem prizes sooner.
  • Paperboy Triple Rewards: From December 7, visit any home lot to find Paperboy and receive 3x the Simoleons, Social Points and Life Points for three days only. 
  • Home Store Discounts: From December 15, get up to 30% off décor items in the Home Store, found in Build Mode. 
  • Mystery Box Keys: From December 15, receive 10 Mystery Box Keys to redeem a surprise gift. Go to the ‘Mystery Box Shop’ in the ‘Weekly Tasks’ section of the Active Tasks Menu to use them and claim a Mystery Box.
  • Plus, much more!

Christmas is here!

‘Christmas is in the Heir’ Seasonal Quest

Ho, ho, ho! As Santa flies high over SimTown in his sleigh, your Sim waves at him out the front of your house! After you build a snowman on the front lawn, your phone rings – its Santa! He wants you to meet him at the Park. You arrive and he looks sad – what could be wrong? He confides that his daughter, Milly Ennial Claus, is destined to become Mother Christmas one day and take over the family business, but she won’t ever get off her phone so she can learn the ropes!  It’s up to your Sim to join forces with some of the most iconic Sims FreePlay characters along the way to help solve the mystery of how to get Milly to embrace Christmas!

This Christmas, progress through the 13-day quest to unlock a cozy, multi-storey winter cabin, located on one of the most picturesque snowy lots the team has ever created, called Santa’s Cabin. 

Complete with snowy river, bonfire, balcony hot tub and giant pine trees along the horizon, the rustic retreat is filled with natural elements of timber log decor. Your Sims will love the luxury bathroom that overlooks the view, fireplace and chimney, staircase and Christmas decorations from floor to ceiling!

Free Christmas Gifts

While you’re helping Santa, we’re still delivering everything you need for an unforgettable Christmas in SimTown this year. Our favorite tradition is gifting you free Christmas gifts, so you can unwrap seasonal rewards for your Sims! 

From December 1, check the Online Store to receive the free seasonal Christmas décor pack, complete with rounded windows with lights, Santa’s Chair, wishing well and candy cane wallpaper, with newly added items like giant candy cane lights, candles in wreath décor, North Pole lamp, snow globe and more! The items can be found in your Home Store inventory once redeemed.

‘Influence Island Event – Season 32

Convince Sims on Influence Island to join your clan and win the grand prize. In the latest season, unlock rewards that celebrate the magic of Christmas! The Christmas Tree prize includes special unlockable animations for the first time, which includes new cat autonomy! Your family pet will randomly attack the baubles, so watch out! You can also earn:

  • Christmas cake
  • Festive roast 
  • Pudding
  • Sofa chair with ottoman
  • Firewood storage 
  • Christmas decorations and lights

Season 3: Jolly Jammies also returns with glamorous Christmas décor and matching pajamas for the whole family from December 26! 


Head over to our Influence Island FAQ for all the tips and tricks here! 

SimChase Events – Season 51 & 52

Race against a rival Sim to beat them to the grand prize! Complete tasks to earn progress points and unlock milestone rewards along the way. Season 51: Christmas Cacophony delivers winter essentials to transform your home into a comfy and super cute cabin, including:

  • Gingerbread houses
  • Kitchen windows with plants 
  • Eggnog bowls 
  • Mudroom with winter coats
  • Hanging stockings
  • Bookshelves with Christmas decor
  • Winter outfits for Adult Female and Male Sims and more.

Next up, Season 52: Club Clash brings in the New Year in style! If you’ve ever wanted to turn your house into a club for your Sims to party the night away, these rewards will help you incorporate the most important elements for a night you’ll never forget. Don’t miss the neon lighting with angel wings, round sofa couches, dazzling outfits for male and female adult Sims, juice bar display, DJ decks, and even a brand-new karaoke machine and dance floor! Let the countdown begin.   

If you need any tips and tricks to completing a SimChase event, check out our frequently asked questions [here].

The rest of the update is still full of events!

Bug Fix – ‘Finished Work’ Pop Up Changes 

In our [Falling for Fall update], we released a new Inbox system in an effort to streamline pop ups and notifications. We’ve continued improving the use of the inbox to reduce interruptions. Now, once your Sims have completed a shift for their career, the ‘finished work’ pop ups are now moved into the new Inbox, instead of being individual full-screen pop ups! These notifications will go straight to your inbox, even if a shift is completed when you’re playing the game.


‘Celebrity Pet’ Live Event – Player Voted!

For the first time since the event first ran in 2016, the ‘Celebrity Pet’ Live event is back this January! To keep the FreePlayFest celebrations going, we’re delivering an event that YOU voted for in a poll hosted on The Sims FreePlay social channels [

] . Earn everything your Sim needs to pamper and spoil their beloved pet! The event delivers a grand prize pet pug breed, pug outfit and matching female adult outfit. As you craft resources during the 10-day event, you’ll unlock milestone prizes that include: 

  • Pet beds
  • Pet toys
  • Food bowls
  • Pug wall paintings 
  • Toy boxes
  • Pet baths
  • Kennels
  • Pet wardrobe and much more! 

We’re also hosting a 30% sale discount on Pet Store items between January 1 – 14 in the Online Store, so be to check out the eye-catching new additions to take your Fur-endship to the next level. 

Note: To claim the grand prize of the ‘Celebrity Pet’ live event, the Pet Store and Pet Salon both must be built. Read the How To Guide (, written by EA Creator TheGirlWhoGames, for all the details about completing a Live Event.


Premium Perks Season 2

Our new event system, Premium Perks, is back for a second season! Did you manage to collect all the celestial witchcore rewards in our first season, during Halloween? As you spend Social Points and Lifestyle Points anywhere in the game by simply shopping in the Home Store and Online Store, you’ll earn Premium Perk Points to unlock exclusive progression prizes as you fill the progress bar. 

Available to players at Level 16+, the event can be accessed in your Active Tasks menu, and you’ll see a pop up at the top of your game screen when an event is active. 1 SP / 1 LP equals 2 Premium Perk Points! Be sure to keep an eye on the timer, because the event duration is only 10 days (with a two-day rolling start). 

The second season of Premium Perks delivers exclusive glamorous décor to deck out your pad. Don’t miss the gold tropical tree floor lamps, glass coffee tables, writing desk, chair with ottoman and more.

Hair Hobby – Oh So Ombre!

Earlier in the year, we released a brand-new Hair Hobby that included a gorgeous range of incredibly detailed authentic African American and culturally diverse ombre hairstyles for female Sims that suit all available skin tone shades. It’s back again, so make sure you’re watching that 7-day time limit to unlock all 32 variants (eight colors of four different styles)!

To begin the new hobby event, players must be up to level 16 and have built the ‘Promotions R Us’ store (found in front of the park, next to the pet shop) in your SimTown.”



Bold entries are new! All events start at 7AM UTC.

Title Duration Start Date End Date
Influence Island Season 32 – Xmas Cabin 10 days 28 Nov 11 Dec
SimChase Season 51: Christmas Cacophony 9 days 28 Nov 11 Dec
Christmas is in the Heir Seasonal Quest  14 days  12 Dec 24 Dec
Influence Island Season 3 – Jolly Jammies 10 days 25 Dec 5 Jan
SimChase Season 52: Club Clash 9 days 25 Dec 5 Jan
Maternity Pack 32 9 days 3 Jan 12 Jan
Celebrity Pet (Pug) Live Event 10 days 4 Jan 15 Jan
Premium Perks Season 2: Glam Decor 10 days 6 Jan 17 Jan
Oh So Ombre Hair Hobby Event 7 days 12 Jan 22 Jan
SimChase Season 5: Backyard Battle 9 days 14 Jan 22 Jan


11th Birthday Promotions

Offer Contents Price (USD) Start Date End Date
Influence Island 

Double Network Credits

Players that commence Influence Island Season 32 will receive double credits to unlock prizes faster! FREE 3 DEC 7 DEC

Triple Rewards

Visit any home lot to find Paperboy and receive 3x the Simoleons, Social Points and Life Points for three days only. FREE 7 DEC 10 DEC
Chic Celebration Bonanza Pack Purchase the Bronze, Silver and Gold packs from the online store (in order) and earn a free pack as a bonus! 

Each offers includes Build Mode or Create A Sim items plus a mixture of Simoleons + LPs + SPs.

Bronze $4.99

Silver $7.99



10 DEC 17 DEC
Gold Variants Get selected rewards from Influence Island Season 32 & SimChase Season 51 in exclusive gold variants! Items available in the Deals tab from the Online Store, the items change every day! SP or LP 13 DEC 16 DEC
Mystery Keys Receive 10 Mystery Box Keys to redeem a surprise gift. Go to the ‘Mystery Box Shop’ in the ‘Weekly Tasks’ section of the Active Tasks Menu to use them and claim a Mystery Box. FREE 15 DEC 16 DEC
Home Store Discounts Save up to 30% off décor items in the Home Store, found in Build Mode.  FREE 15 DEC 16 DEC



Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Start Date End Date
The Sims Mobile – Picture Frames Three posters of Sims Mobile scenes:

  • Patty Cakes
  • Lagoon
  • Raymundo

These Build Mode assets appear in the base game under the Home Store Decorations menu.

1000 Simoleons each 29 NOV N/A
Verdant Outdoors

Lush items for a beautiful outdoor space

Six garden items in 2-3 colour variants each:

  • Tall potted plant
  • Street lamp
  • Gate
  • Small potted plant
  • Large pot
  • Potted palm tree
$9.99 29 NOV 13 DEC
Elegant Hair Set

Elegant wavy hair styles for Adult Sims!

Long luscious hair style that falls to one side in 12 colors $9.99 7 DEC 16 DEC
Christmas Decor

Festive decor for Christmas celebrations!

Six seasonal items in 2-3 colour variants each:

  • Wooden tree 
  • Food platter
  • Lolly jar
  • Hanging Santa decoration
  • Wall hanging garland 4×1
  • Hanging festive planter
$12.99 17 DEC 27 DEC
Gorgeous Hair Set

Gorgeous trendy hair set for Adult Sims!

Half up-half down shoulder length hairstyle for female Adult Sims. Available in fire red with colorful streaks throughout, in 7 variants.  $9.99 27 DEC 9 JAN
Chic London Interiors

Add to the elegance with London decor.

Six items in 2-3 colour variants each:

  • Brick wall chimney
  • Hat stand
  • Wall sconce
  • Wooden side table
  • Patterned rugs 2×3
  • Condiments 
$11.99 27 DEC 9 JAN
Mega Pug Pack Discounted for the rerun of Celebrity Pet Live Event! Must have pet items that includes two pug dogs:

  • Dog kennel
  • Toy basket
  • Toy rope
  • Pug outfits
  • Matching adult female Sim outfits
$7.99 (usually $9.99) 29 DEC 11 JAN
Stylish Decor

Modern stylish living room decor

  • Contemporary round side table
  • Contemporary dining chair
  • Single seat sofa
  • Double seat sofa
  • Ottoman
  • Coffee table
$9.99 12 JAN 23 JAN
Vibrant Bathroom Fixtures

Fill your bathroom with vibrant fixtures.

  • Wide glass shower
  • Freestanding metal bath
  • Hanging robes
  • Freestanding shower
  • Bathroom sink and mirror
  • Matching toilet
$11.99 12 JAN 23 JAN
“Sun-kissed Sets”

Beach outfits and luscious beachy waves for the summer!

Long hair with bangs for adult female Sims 

  • 12 colour variants

Crop top with knot tie & mini shorts for adult female Sims

  • White & black
  • Purple & pink
  • Light & dark green
  • Yellow & red
$9.99 12 JAN 23 JAN


* All packs are live 7AM UTC



Christmas is in the heir quest.


Santa’s cabin lot.


Influence Island Season 32 – Xmas Cabin


SimChase Season 51: Christmas Cacophony


Influence Island Season 3 – Jolly Jammies


SimChase Season 52: Club Clash


Maternity Pack 32


Celebrity Pet (Pug) Live Event


Premium Perks Season 2: Glam Decor


Oh So Ombre Hair Hobby Event


SimChase Season 5: Backyard Battle


11th Birthday Promotions


The Sims Mobile – Picture Frames


Verdant Outdoors


Elegant Hair Set


Christmas Decor


Gorgeous Hair Set


Chic London Interiors


Mega Pug Pack


Stylish Decor


Vibrant Bathroom Fixtures


“Sun-kissed Sets”


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