Kodak Mini 3 Retro 3×3” Portable Photo Printer review

With thanks to Kodak for sending me the printer. Post contains affiliate links.

This Kodak printer is an absolute must for the holidays and beyond!

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a portable photo printer to print photos straight from my iPhone for a while now and this one did not disappoint.

It’s a great size and very easy to set up and use.

The cartridges are affordable and it makes me smile every time I use it.

You can see a video of it in action here on my Amazon store page. The sound of it printing is so satisfying!


How do you use it?

It connects to your device via Bluetooth, you download the Kodak app, select the photo you want, customize it if that’s your jam then print!

The photo has a perforated edge to grab and hold it which you can tear off to have a perfect 3×3 print.


This would be such a great gift for literally anybody and so much fun to take to holiday gatherings.


Here are some more details about the Kodak mini retro 3×3″ portable photo printer.

  • LOW PHOTO COST – Why pay more to print? Our KODAK Mini 3 Retro photo printer is the most affordable option to print right from your home. Photos are more affordable if purchased as a printer bundle.
  • SUPERIOR PHOTO QUALITY – KODAK Mini 3 Retro uses 4Pass Technology to print flawless photos instantly. Each photo is printed in layers of ribbon with a laminating process so it’s fingerprint-proof and water-resistant for long-lasting quality.
  • TWO PHOTO TYPES – The KODAK Mini 3 Retro photo printer supports both border and borderless type photos. Write down your memories in the border type so they last forever. Print the borderless type to have larger-sized photos.
  • AR APP – Download the KODAK Photo Printer application to print anywhere and anytime. You can use the fun augmented reality features and other decorative functions like beauty, filters, frames, and more.
  • COMPACT SIZE – KODAK Mini 3 Retro photo printer fits right in your hands and your bag to conveniently print. This portable photo printer is all you need to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

You can learn more and/or buy it on Amazon here.

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