See you later 2020-7 goals to get you through 2021

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It goes without saying that 2020 was a challenging year for most people. Whatever has happened to you personally, or to those close to you, with just a few weeks left of the year, now is the time to reflect the end of the year and for planning the hustle for the year ahead.

If you’re inspired to go into 2021 with a whole new mindset, it’s worth having a list of goals, dreams, and aspirations for the upcoming twelve months. These usually take the form of a bucket list to tick off.  A good bucket list is balanced with some easy to accomplish goals and some that require more planning. Whatever you choose to do- make sure they bring you fulfilment and happiness, and that they are not more things that society tells you are the important things in life. 


Here are some ideas to get you going when planning your bucket list. 


  • Learn how to play a new competitive sport. When the world is allowed to meet up again, sports are a great way of meeting new people, getting fit and developing team-building skills. Make sure to look out for those New Year joining discounts so you can save some money, too! If you don’t fancy being that social, join one of the many at-home workout groups available where you can choose to workout in a group virtually or go it alone.


  • Learn 3 songs on guitar or piano– music is a universally wonderful thing, so to be able to play songs of your own can only be a good thing. There are simple lessons available, even for those who don’t feel as though you’re blessed with musicality! Check out some online tutorials to get started. You don’t even need to invest in a piano or guitar straight away. Try out some music apps that simulate instruments to see which one is a good fit for you.

  • Read more books- Factual, fiction, self-help books are all filled with knowledge, experiences, and beauty. Reading more will help you to experience more while we’re all still at home. Reading not your thing? Audio books are a great way to hear the classics while you’re doing housework, working out, or even relaxing in bed. Why not buy a travel guide and plan that trip you’ve always wanted to go on?

  • Save a large amount of money- A nice car, your own house, going backpacking, whatever you want or need, it’s good to have the funds to get it done. Set and keep a budget this year to see where you can make the savings you need to live it up in the future.

  • Do more for others– There are plenty of opportunities out there to muck in and help your communities. Meet new people and learn new skills- see if your local area has a mutual aid group set up to support vulnerable members of society during the coronavirus pandemic. 

  • Start that new business-loads of us started working from home in 2020, so why not turn your home office into your business address? If you’ve become inspired this year, 2021 may be just the year for you to fly the corporate nest and go it alone. 

  • Make new friends- Because your friends don’t all have to be your own age or from your home town, there’s plenty you can learn from, and teach people of older and younger generations all over the world. Join online groups of people with similar interest and form some new bonds for 2021.

Did 2020 put some of your goals and dreams on hold? Did it encourage you to re-evaluate an aspect of your life? What do you hope to do in 2021?  

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