Hogwarts, Lindisfarne and being a vegan in Northumberland!

Back in February (I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long!) we took a trip up to Lindisfarne and a few other places along the way that I’ve been meaning to share with you guys! I have a vlog to put together too if I ever get around to it!

I’ve heard so many good things about Lindisfarne and had never been so we decided to take a drive up there one weekend.

On the way up our first stop was at Alnwich (pronounced Alik) to see HOGWARTS! Alnwick castle was the castle that they used in the Harry Potter films. It was closed (off season) but we were able to do a lovely walk around the back to see it better. We needed a stroll after all those hours in the car!

Also in Alnwick is a pub called the White Swan and if you go inside there’s the most wonderful surprise! They have the interior of the dining room from the RMS Olympic in there! The RMS Olympic was the sister ship to the Titanic so you totally get Titanic vibes when you see it. There’s also a conspiracy that they ships names were switch before it sank for insurance purposes which then technically means this is the Titanic in the pub but I won’t go into that lol. It was a super cool hidden gem. (I have video footage of that so I’ll be sure to pop my vlog here once I post it).

Next stop: Seahouses.

Beautiful little place, busy with tourists ALL THE TIME.

We got there at about 5pm on a Sunday and it was heaving!

One great thing to note about Northumberland in general though, heaps on free parking in most car parks!

We carried on up the coast, passed our destination for the weekend, and stayed overnight at the Travelodge in Berwick upon Tweed.

Beautiful little town!

While we found Northumberland to be generally bad for vegans, this little town had some lovely offerings and we were able to grab a beautiful dinner and a breakfast in two different spots.

The next day we set off on our journey back down the coast. We visited Lindisfarne/ Holy Island and it blew our minds with how beautiful it is. Busy even on a Monday.

An incredible drive over a road that spends most of its time under the sea (check tide times before travelling) to a stunning and picturesque island with it’s very own castle. We walked the entire edge of it, took photos and geocached 🙂 We even managed to find vegan food to eat thanks to the Happy Cow app!

On our way home we called at the Metro centre for a rest and a mooch before heading back home. All in all it was a great trip. The coastal roads are awesome, the walks are beautiful, the vegan food is challenging to find but possible with a bit of research and parking is a dream! I would recommend it to anyone!

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