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Running a business, even a multinational corporation, used to be done via phones and letters – then over time, emails, business meetings and more calls. We are now in a position where entire companies can be run almost entirely on software and automation. 


Single-person businesses can make a bigger impact than medium to large businesses based on how efficiently and innovatively they use the software that they have access to. 


For those businesses who are looking at how they can be their most productive and efficient or new businesses that are trying to figure out a framework of automation and the right software, here are some that are highly recommended. 


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Can all businesses use the same software? 

For many software types, they are suitable for multiple industries – because they are standard, there are limited to no add-ons, and you probably don’t need them either. But there are many software options that have been designed with specific industries in mind. For example, a local coffee shop isn’t likely to need field service management software, and a social media manager probably won’t need stock management apps. 


So before you settle on standard software, it can be beneficial to look at industry-specific software. 

What software can every business use? 

Here are the options that will work for almost every business, small to large: 


Even if you are personally great with numbers or have an accountant on hand – software will minimise the chance of human error. And when it comes to filing taxes, ordering stock and reports, making errors isn’t going to go well. Look for software that keeps track of income and outgoing and gives you simple options for calculating taxes and reporting. 


For the deepest understanding of your customers, you must ensure you have some customer relationship management software. CRM keeps track of your interactions with your customers and allows you to make informed decisions on how you proceed. Information in the form of metrics can highlight opportunities and help you to get a better relationship with your customers.


There are two types of communication that you will always have: internal communication with your team and other people in the company and the other with customers and clients. Both need to be seamless, and there is communication software that houses both – this is important for sales teams and customer services. 


The right communications software will allow you to update quickly and make decisions should you need to. And for your customer services to be as fast as possible too. Communication software is a must, no matter what industry you are in. 


Payment software is something that will typically be integrated into your website, and it will allow for the set up of direct debits, one-off payments and more. But you can also have a separate system that is designed for B2B payments. Payment software is important because it will feed information directly into the accounting software, and you will have running, detailed records of how the accounts of customers stand. 


Software is one of the key tools in your arsenal for scaling and growth, and here are some areas you can look into: How to Scale Your Business Into an Industry-Leading Company

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