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You can make a living writing about the things you love. Blogging about holistic treatments is popular these days, but there is a certain way you should go about it to make a living from it.

Find the Right Payment Processor

It can help to eventually monetize your blog later on. This can take a while, and most bloggers don’t see any income until around the 6-month to 12-month mark, especially in a competitive niche. However, some holistic treatments, could be considered high-risk, so you will need a payment processor for high risk industries. A payment processor is the middleman between a business and a customer and helps get funds for a product from their bank to yours.

Narrow Down the Niche

There are many products and services within holistic. From simple aromatherapy using candles and essential oils to skills like chiropractic, you need to narrow down a niche. This can help bloggers get around the extensive competition. But it will also help any blogger become more focused on one subject in a convoluted industry. This way, a blogger has more time to become better at a single topic within the industry, and it makes it much easier for any customers as well.

Use Facts when Blogging About Holistic Treatments

The holistic industry is worth over $5 billion per year, but by its very nature, it is a little bit of a gray area sitting somewhere between medical science and the fringe. There are a ton of known benefits of some holistic treatments and none whatsoever for others. So when you want to develop a business for holistics, it will only help if you research the subjects and include only documented facts without embellishing anything. The overall aim should be to help people.

Keep Up with Current Trends

Like any industry, holistic changes with the times, and trends come and go. Just a couple of years ago, you couldn’t move for essential oils. Today, nature, yoga, and acupuncture are trending in wellness. Of course, you don’t just know what’s trending at any one time. But it helps to follow others who are very knowledgeable in the sector. Some of the best holistic and wellness sites to follow include Delicious Living, ACHS Holistic Health, and Growing Up Herbal.

Become an Expert

You can follow all the sites you like, but you won’t get anywhere if you simply copy their content. The best bloggers end up becoming an expert in the niche they blog about. It doesn’t even matter if you know nothing about the niche because the more you work on it, the more you learn. Just by blogging and researching content, it is possible to soak up a lot of information, sometimes too much. But this all comes out as great content that is of use to any readers.


Blogging about holistic treatments is a good way to take advantage of a large niche. Use a payment processor willing to help, always use facts, and learn everything about the sector.

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