Accessories for your Nintendo Switch Lite

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Whether you got a Nintendo Switch Lite for Christmas or you’ve had one for a while there are some accessories you need to have!

Here are some that I could not live without (and some extra ones that are on my wishlist).

Anything that has a screen NEEDS a screen protector. Especially now you’ve read that you need one because now all you’ll be worrying about it a cracked or scratched screen (sorry!).

The one I have is from Amazon by J-Tech. I use this brand for all my devices. They include a couple in tha pack so you don’t have to get the application right the first time (who does?!).


If you like the colour of your Switch then get a transparent one like mine. If you don’t, or you fancy a change, get a pretty case you like! They can be kinda bulky but do a great job keeping it protected.


I got this one for Christmas and it’s perfect. You can charge from it too. As anticipated, I can’t use it with the case (above) on so I use the stand at home and will use the case when I travel (if 2021 grants us such luxuries).


You can use this for a multitude of devices, not just the switch, and it’s great for super lazy days, especially when coupled with a controller.


On my wishlist.

I’ve been resisting these for a while. They’re so darn cute!


Not a necessity right now but hopefully will be.


Do you guys have any accessories you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!


If you’re interested in seeing more about the Switch Lite check out my videos on my YouTube channel.



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