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When running a business time is of the essence, the phrase ‘time is money’ is not just a phrase. It is a reality. The more efficient you can be with your business processes and therefore your time the more profitable it is likely to be. Spending hours trawling away at tasks that can be streamlined is not only frustrating but can lead to a loss in custom and potential revenue, as will be explored in this post. Whether you are a small business, content creator, a start-up, or a long-established company there are always new services available to help your business run smoothly and save you time. Here are some of the services available that you may want to consider for your business.

Accounting support

When it comes to your accounts there is very little margin for error. You are liable to submit accounts that accurately reflect the financial health of your business and failure to do so can have serious repercussions. There is also the added requirement of tax liabilities and wage bills to consider. If you are a smaller business you may find it feasible to produce and submit your own accounts. That said, even if you do opt to go it alone you may find some online services that will make the process easier. Resources such as Quickbooks or Sage can offer great accounting support to businesses and help make the process much more efficient. If the task of accounting feels too daunting or complex for your business then always seek professional advice, after all, accountants are years in the making.

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Call answering services

Are you a business that gets inundated with phone calls daily? Do you struggle to keep up with the volume? Or are you missing calls because you are otherwise engaged? If this sounds like a problem your business is currently grappling with consider a telephone answering service such as Ruby Receptionist. These services can answer calls, deal with them appropriately and filter the calls that really need to get to you. Did you know that failure to answer the phone can lead to a reduction in sales and potential custom? Missing a call can be more detrimental than you think.


As with answering the phone, replying to messages and communicating with customers is paramount. Sending instant messages to companies is becoming more and more popular and as a result, customers of today want instant results. They want to be able to speak to someone immediately. It is not feasible to man incoming messages around the clock so in order to appease impatient customers consider installing chatbot software on your website. Chatbots are programmed to respond to messages from customers and take on the role of a human operator. Chatbots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can respond differently and accurately to each message received. 

Customer services

Customer service can make or break a business. If a business sells a faulty product but this is rectified by impeccable customer service then chances are that custom is not lost, in fact, they will become more loyal. If however, the service received by the customer is poor or substandard you are likely to lose that custom and potentially more. Customer service is integral to any business and in order to ensure your customer service is prioritised, professional and effective you may want to consider outsourcing to customer support services. This can ensure that there is somebody on standby to attend to your customers at all times of the day, even outside of your working hours. Moreover, you can save yourself a considerable amount of stress and hassle as dealing with unhappy or disgruntled customers is not an easy or enjoyable part of running your own business.

Content writing

When it comes to your business’s online space it needs to be professional and to a high standard. When creating content for your business whether it is for marketing, your website, social media, or physical handouts you want it to accurately reflect your business identity. Good content can lead to further awareness, consumer trust, and ultimately profitability. If you don’t think you have a way with words then consider hiring freelance content writers to do the creative work for you. 

Event planning

Hosting events as a business can be a great way to network, increase potential sales or customers, and of course showcase your business and raise awareness. Putting together an event to ensure it runs smoothly can be difficult and incredibly time-consuming. If you want to host an unforgettable event where nobody’s drink runs empty, everything runs on time, and comes together when it should then it is worth handing over the reins to professional event planners. It will also ensure you keep to your budget. 

IT support

There are very few businesses of today that do not require computers or IT of some description and as wonderful as modern technology is, it is not failproof. Sometimes technology lets you down, it breaks, you lose data, you could be subject to cybercrime, or it simply needs an upgrade. Technical issues are a way of the world and if you do not know how to handle them it could end up costing you and your business time and money. In order to avoid a potential IT disaster consider utilising paid-for IT services that can monitor, fix and protect your computer systems 24/7.

Administrative support

Admin is unavoidable for every business. Whether you need to input data, arrange meetings, travel, or file paperwork unfortunately there is no escaping the delights of administration. Not only can it be monotonous it requires large amounts of time. Further, if you are not on top of your admin it will only make the task longer and harder when you do get to it. In order to keep the admin at bay and free up your time, it may be prudent to hire an assistant, potentially a virtual assistant. Virtual assistance work remotely and can tend to all of your admin from anywhere in the world. They can schedule meetings on your behalf, input data, or respond to emails. If however, you find yourself needing someone in the office or your business premises in person, perhaps you need help with posting letters or photocopying, for example, then hiring an administrative assistant will be money well spent.

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