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It’s finally time for a long-overdue update for The Sims Mobile! The Spring Foward update.

This update will be live in your app store from April 11th, 2022 at 3:30 am UTC. 

Here are the official blog notes

“Sul Sul!

Throw your hat into the (Sp)ring of love this Simsversary! Chase your winter blues away and take a slice of country life as you hop in for a fun new update. Also, celebrate The Sims Mobile turning 4 with blossoming rewards, fresh packs, and a lot of fun! 


Sim Festival Season Six: Spring Forward

Rahmi Watson is in the barn! Along with the New Sim Festival, just in time to put spring in your step. Let the sunshine in and celebrate with rustic decorations, breezy outfits, and a whirlwind country courtship. Enjoy the Simsversary special brand new Romantic story at Tier 45 from the Sim Festival Pass, and other fun rewards:

  • Character – Rahmi Watson
  • Spring Forward Trophy
  • Rahmi Watson Signature Plaque
  • Lovely Llama Heirloom
  • Thoughtful Wishing Well
  • Twist in the Tale’ Updo
  • Fairytale Quilt Bed
  • Prairie House Door
  • Flower Amour Wall
  • Grandma’s Treasured Chair
  • Countryside Picnic Bench
  • Gingham Heiress Headband
  • Spring in your Step’ Boots
  • Two Tone Perky Pout
  • Sunkissed Overalls
  • ‘Here Comes the Sun’ Window
  • ‘Ok Bloomer’ Covered Table
  • Goldilocks’ Baby Bear Chair
  • Quaint Cottage Shingle
  • Farmhouse Rustic Floor
  • Smooth as a Pebble’ Wall
  • Grand Gold Clock

Treasure Hunt Live Events 

The hunt has begun! Join Smallfry in expeditions to excavate a treasure trove of delightful items in the “Spring Fling” Event to win: 


Grand Prizes

  • Head Clover Heels’ Dress
  • Beachy, Long, and Undone 
  • Sizzling Hot Tub {PS: The animation is genuinely sizzing}

Pyramid Prizes

  • Medieval Canopy Bed
  • Poetic Petunia Arbor
  • Snazzy Suspenders
  • Ritzy Sink and Vanity
  • Dressy Ribbon Heels 
  • Spring Break Halter
  • Hipster Festive Shirt
  • Alfresco Dinner Table
  • ‘Snuggle with Beau’ Sofa
  • Rose Gardens of the Galaxy
  • Lily of the Valley Vase
  • Alfresco Dinner Chair
  • De-stressed Denim Skirt
  • Idyllic Bicycle Planter
  • Mama Got Bling
  • Heart of Gold Necklace


Grab the countryside essentials to enjoy romantic interactions with Grand Prize items. If you are looking for more variety in the rewards, the ‘White Elephant’ Treasure Hunt is the Event for you! Join to explore and own:  


Grand Prizes

  • ‘Food for Thought’ Refrigerator
  • Surf and Turf Tiki Bar
  • Nostalgic Spring Swings

Pyramid Prizes

  • Moonshine Breezy Dress
  • Frat Boy Spikes
  • High Heeled Hottie
  • Floral Monkey Bars
  • Charmingly Simple Jute Couch
  • Fair and Blue Square Necklace
  • One in Chameleon Shorts
  • Flawless Picnic Table
  • Timelessly Charming Shelf
  • Dainty Floral Stockings
  • Sun-soaked Garden Gnome
  • Papa Bear Tall Chair
  • Homespun Cottage Wreath
  • Buttercup Cottage Lantern
  • Color Block Party Hat
  • Victorian Chaperone Suit


The fun doesn’t end! If styling Sims is your passion, Smallfry has a mission that will have you dreaming of new ensembles. Join the “Wardrobe Overhaul” Treasure Hunt and collect: 


Grand Prizes

  • Hug-Soft Casual Cashmere
  • Bloom and Shine Dress
  • Dressy Low Bun

Pyramid Prizes

  • Layers for a Windy Day
  • Ruffles of Movement Dress
  • Fabulously Floral Sweater
  • Summery Shirred Blouse
  • Classic Striped Longskirt
  • Miss Grace Braid
  • Edgy Rockstar Mohawk
  • Boogie Scooting Boots
  • Avant-garde Tech Outfit
  • Athletic Knit Skort
  • Stately Layered Necklace
  • Linen-Blend Drawstring Pants
  • Snug as a Bug Jacket
  • Shoemaker’s Classic Loafers
  • Relaxed Rib and Ruffle Top
  • Laid-back Cowl-Neck Knits


Bonus Sweet Treat Showdown

Sweet Temptations are here! Head to the parkside for fantastic bake-a-thons to win items that’ll make your spring-country fantasies a reality. We have two Bonus Sweet Treat Showdowns this update. The first is ‘Country Living,’ we brought the re-rerun back much sooner to ensure that all players can get as many items and color variants as possible to design their dream country home. The second is “Spring Sweetness” Rerun, so everyone has all the season’s must-haves. Get baking!


We are 4! 

Celebrations are on throughout the update! In addition to the country vibe, the romantic story heirloom reward in the Sim Festival, and three new Treasure Hunt events, we have two exciting free Anniversary Packs and fantastic offers for you! Don’t miss out on the first-ever offer on Jeong Manor and Yamachan House in the Store. Grab the chance to make the luxurious designer homes your own! But what’s an anniversary without a Bonanza! Enjoy three limited-time kitchen-themed packs. Collect them all and get the “Deja Vu Vintage Stove” free. 


While there is a lot to celebrate, we have more for you! Join us on Twitter and Instagram for exciting contests, giveaways, and more 


Emily’s Llama List

Spring cleaning! Emily has sprayed as much Bug Spray as she could. Thanks to all your reports on Answers HQ, Emily and the game team have improved your favorite game! Take a look at the changes we’ve made, what we plan on doing, and bugs we have fixed!


For CL32, here’s what we worked on:

  • A brand new Relationship Story for all those waiting for something new! 
  • Improvement and fixes to Bonus Sweet Treat Showdown for your gaming pleasure!
  • Grand Prize rewards with exciting new animations and engagements!
  • “Where’s The Network” Issue
  • Bonanza LTO
  • Free Anniversary Packs


And here are things we are working on for the upcoming updates:

  • More ways of personalizing your Sims with new Tattoos.
  • Prioritizing pesky bugs that are upsetting our players and fixing them one at a time: 
    • Party Chat not working
    • Sims from family getting lost
    • Sim Contacts and Relationships getting lost
    • Sims eating food in the bathroom and not at the table
    • Sims washing dishes in the bathroom


Bugs we have fixed this update:

  • Romance is in the air! Improved compatibility with Android 12 devices. Download now!
  • We won’t tease! See only those variants that you can win in Sweet Treat Showdown (not Bonus Event variants).
  • Re-shelving is a task! Auto-shelving option available when “Festive Patio Pergola” overlaps.
  • Inside out or outside in? Now place Sinks and fireplaces only on the inside walls of the house’s higher floors.
  • Redundancies are passe! No more repeated icons on Mailbox reward screen.
  • More color= More Glam! Color variants added to “Venessa Signature Plaque.”
  • Show must go on! Game won’t hang or show a black screen while playing rewarded videos.
  • Don’t count the counters! Place Hospital Counters next to each other.
  • Move on! Progress to Grand Prize without getting stuck at Mystery Boxes!
  • Grab the Quest rewards. Fixed grants for future Quest Events
  • Fly the right way! Sim Festival reward animations corrected!
    • Collected tickets now fly to the Sim Festival button. Whoosh!
    • Tier-3 Premium Pass currency reward now flies to respective wallets. Smooth landing!


Optimized worldly items for your otherworldly Sims:



  • Rug-it-ly good-looking room! Place “Luxuriously Grand Wardrobe Dresser” on rugs.
  • Win of the age! “Vintage Succulents” won’t clip when placed at the corner wall of rooms.
  • Pergola Party! But where to place the “Festive Patio Pergola?” Now place with stone and tiles pathways at the ends.
  • Woohoo behind drapes? “Glorious Gauze Bed” is for you! Now visible from the front, the drapes, only! 
  • Grab a cup of joe! New engagement added to “Early Start Coffee Machine.”
  • Patio pergola party? Now place “Hispanic Heritage Pergola” on patios, garden tiles, or pavements.


  • “Pumpkin Patch Dress” for Female Sim Child will turn spectators white with fear but won’t turn worn shoe to flesh color.
  • Scary & sexy! “Frankenstein’s Valentine Dress” for Female Sims won’t see glitches with shoes.
  • Fierce in all colors. No error message when changing “Sasha Fierce Hair” color swatches.
  • Warm is the new cool! “Knitted Warmth Beanie,” for Male Sims, suits more hairstyles like Bandana Bonanza, Gimme Mo Mohawk, Blossoming Halo Braid, Messy Mop Top, and more.
  • Dynamic and Snazzy is in style! Club “Dynamic Duo Belted Pants” with “The Snazzy Retro Polo.” Clippings fixed! 
  • Frost your Female Sims! “Beaded Necklace” pairs with tops and outfits without clipping.
  • Pair it like a boss! “Blazer and Bow Combo” for Female Sims works with bottoms.
  • Hats or no hats, errors be gone! Change color of “Parted Shapeup” for Male Sims, worry-free. 
  • Female Sims look like a bomb with the “Moschino Bomber Jacket.” No more clips!
  • “Hauntingly Beautiful Dress” and “Elegant Traditions Blouse” are now more elegant! Seams hidden. 
  • The curious case of disappearing necklaces solved! Accessorize your male Sims with 
    • “A Most Special Host Jacket.” 
    •  “Completely Unfazed Coat”  
  • Ensure your female Sim is date-ready with “Fall-ing in Love Cascade Dress.” Won’t clip with footwear but will shred hearts!
  • No more elongated arms super-power for Male Sims! “Tropical Flora Shirt” fixed!


Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):

  • Sim Festival Season Six: Spring Forward, 60-day Event starting 7 March
  • Treasure Hunt: Spring Fling, 13-day Event starting 7 March
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day event starting 14 March
  • Bonus Sweet Treat Showdown: Country Living Rerun, 13-day Event starting 21 March
  • Simsversary Bonanza Packs, 8-day event starting 21 March
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 28 March
  • Free Pack: Anniversary Revamp, 7-day Event starting 4 April
  • Free Pack: Anniversary Makeover, 7-day Event starting 4 April 
  • Treasure Hunt: White Elephant, 13-day Event starting 4 April
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 11 April
  • Bonus Sweet Treat Showdown: Spring Sweetness Rerun, 13-day Event starting 18 April
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 25 April
  • Treasure Hunt: Wardrobe Overhaul, 13-day Event starting 2 May 
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 9 May


 See you at the festivities!”


Find out more details and see the prizes in action in this month’s schedule update video.


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