The Sims Freeplay Thanksgiving update 2020

Presented by EA gamechangers.


Time for The Sims Freeplay’s Thanksgiving update!

Here are all the details…


Sul Sul, 


Happy Thanksgiving, Simmers! It’s time to decorate your home, have a grand meal and get into the spirit by telling your Sims what you’re thankful for. In the latest update of The Sims FreePlay you’ll also enjoy:  


  • Jumping into the Brilliant Backyard live event rerun! Craft resources to earn everything you need to create a dream garden for entertaining and relaxation!  


  • Avoiding family drama in the latest SimChase Season 21: Thanksgiving Throwdown! Race against your rival to earn new autumnal outfits and rustic décor to delight your guests this harvest season.  
 Event Name Length Start Date End Date
Brilliant Backyard live event  9 days Nov 5th Nov 17th
SimChase Season 11: Outdoor Engagement  7 days Nov 5th Nov 14th
Missing Clause player favourite quest 7 days Nov 11th Nov 17th 
Maternity Pack 16  7 days Nov 15th Nov 21st
SimChase Season 21: Thanksgiving Throwdown 7 days Nov 17th Nov 26th
Urban Chic hobby event  6 days Nov 20th Nov 29th
Paper Boy x2 rewards 8 days Nov 23rd Nov 30th


The Brilliant Backyard live event prizes


SimChase Season 11: Outdoor Engagement prizes


Missing Clause player favourite quest rerun


Maternity Pack 16


SimChase Season 21: Thanksgiving Throwdown prizes


Urban Chic Hobby event prizes

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