The Sims Freeplay Shabby Chic Update

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Provincial, vintage shabby chic style is coming to The Sims FreePlay at 10.30PM UTC Monday 2nd May 2022.



Here’s all the info from the official blog

Sul Sul! 

Strike the perfect balance of antique and country-living style with our inspiring reimagining of the iconic ‘Shabby Chic’ trend. With a mixture of vintage luxury and provincial farmhouse, ‘Shabby Chic’ was one of the highest-rated themes in our player survey earlier this year, all thanks to you! It’s inspired by rustic and distressed white and pastel furniture – available in our upcoming events. We hope that this trend inspires you to transform your Sim’s space and create a home you’ll love, in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay.

Celebrate Pride Month

We’re committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all LGBTQIA+ communities in our game, to ensure that everyone can experience the joy of gaming and play as their authentic selves. To show our support for our LGBTQIA+ Simmer community, we’ve put together a free ‘Pride Party’ pack, available to redeem from 1 June! Throw a party and bust a move with rainbow DJ decks and sunglasses that come in 19 pride flag varieties for Teen, Adult, and Senior Sims.

We can’t wait to celebrate Pride Month with all of you! 

Influence Island Event – Season 26

Launching the update, Influence Island Season 26 delivers provincial décor to help you remodel your kitchen from top to bottom, so it feels lovely, cozy, and welcoming for your Sims!

Use your powers of persuasion to convince the other Sims to join your clan and unlock rewards that include kitchen clutter items, barstools, dining chairs, and matching table, vintage hutch display, farmhouse sink, giant island, cabinets, and benchtops, plus flounce puff-sleeved dresses with ruffles for teenager female Sims, and preppy sweaters and tailored pants for teenager male Sims.

SimChase Events – Season 41 & 42

SimChase Season 41: Competing Cottages and Season 42: Stained Glass Showdown are both filled with regency-style interior homewares and furniture rewards. Embrace opulent accents like four poster beds; pastel colors; antique mirrors and trimmings; wall sconces; classic bedding; regal shapes, fabrics and patterns!

Unlock vintage bedroom and bathroom décor in Season 41, such as wall hanging clocks, floor lanterns, stack of suitcases, embroidered ottomans, jewelry box, bathroom clutter, beauty vanity and stool, dapper outfits for elderly male Sims and gorgeous frocks for elderly female Sims. 

Make a statement in your living room with intricate and distinct stained glass interior homewares in Season 42. The glass patterned floor lamp, double door archway and round window are sure to add a unique flair to your Sim’s provincial home. Enjoy the new faux fireplace filled with books, knitting basket, vintage desk with chair, floor to ceiling bookshelves and more!

‘Lovely Lattices’ Live Event

The Live Event delivers a breathtaking homestead ‘Lovely Lattices’ grand prize house template that includes shabby chic décor in every room! The compound features an expansive backyard filled with provincial hedging, country club inspired outdoor furniture and high lattice fencing.

As you craft resources and progress through the 10-day event, earn milestone prizes to add to any home, such as watering can with flowers, crate with pillows, topiary trees and outdoor setting with large umbrella to relax under. Don’t miss the whimsical swing set, rotunda, floral arbour and kite for Sims to fly high (just avoid those lightning storms from the weather machine)!”





Bold entries are new! All events start at 7AM UTC.

Title Duration Start Date End Date
Influence Island Season 26: Shabby Chic Kitchen 10 days 3 MAY 16 MAY
SimChase Season 41: Competing Cottages 9 days 3 MAY 14 MAY
Time Capsule – Player Favorite Quest 6 days 12 MAY 25 MAY
Lovely Lattices Live Event  10 days 13 MAY 26 MAY
SimChase Season 42: Stained Glass Showdown 7 days 22 MAY 31 MAY
Maternity Event 27  9 days 26 MAY 11 JUNE
Influence Island Season 7: New York Bedroom 10 days 26 MAY 7 JUNE
Cafe Grande Live Event 10 days 31 MAY 11 JUNE
SimChase Season 26: Bathroom & Breakfast Bedlam 9 days 3 JUNE 12 JUNE
Boutique Hair (Long Hair V2) Hobby Event 7 days 5 JUNE 12 JUNE


Sales List

Pack Name Contents Price Start Date End Date
Star Wars May the Fourth
  1. Darth Vader & Princess Leia Costumes (2020)
  2. Grogu/Baby Yoda (2020)
  3. Lightsaber Wall Lights & Fighter Pilot Costume (2021)

Players that have already redeemed the packs will not see this in the Online Store

Lux Living
  • Coffee table in 3 variants
  • Floor lamp in 3 variants
  • Side table in 2 variants
  • Sofa 2 Seater in 2 variants
  • Round ceiling pendant in 2 variants
  • Extra tall bookshelves and corner pieces in 2 variants

Add a touch of glamour to the living room!

399 LP 17 MAY 31 MAY
Palatial Decor
  • Lion statues in 2 variants
  • Pillars in three sizes 
  • Single & Double doors inspired by the Masquerade Live Event

Transform your home into a palace!

119 SP 17 MAY 31 MAY
‘Pride Party’ Pack
  • Rainbow DJ Deck in four colors
  • Sunglasses in 19 variants
    Party with pride this June with these free sunglasses in 19 pride flags varieties for Teen, Adult and Senior Sims and these DJ decks!
Flower Power
  • Flower crown with long wavy hair in 12 variants
  • Full length flowy dress in 4 variants

Bloomingly beautiful outfits and wavy hairstyles!

155 SP 1 JUNE 13 JUNE
Mirrored Fireside
  • Fireplace inspired by Maximalist Safari in 2 variants
  • Modern glass fireplace in 3 variants
  • Fireplace with mirror inspired by the Masquerade Live Event in 2 variants
  • Mirror display in 2 variants
  • Round mirrors in 2 variants

Reflect by the fire with fireplaces and mirrors!

299 LP 1 JUNE 13 JUNE


* All packs are live 7AM UTC and are live for 14 days in duration



SimChase S41 – Competing Cottages.


Influence Island Season 26 – Shabby Chic Kitchen.


Player Favourite – Time Capsule.


Live Event – Lovely Lattices.


SimChase S42 – Stained Glass Showdown.


Maternity Pack 27.


Influence Island S7 – New York Bedroom.


SimChase S26 Bathroom Breakfast Bedlam.


Live Event – Cafe Grande.


Hair Hobby – Boutique (Long Hair V2).


Flower Power pack.


Lux Living pack.


Mirrored Fireside pack.


Palatial Decor pack.


Star Wars – Baby Yoda The Child Pack.


Star Wars – Leia and Darth Vader pack.


Star Wars – Lightsabers and Fighter Pilot pack.


Pride Party Pack.

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