The Sims FreePlay School’s Out Update

Presented by EA gamechangers.

Time for another Sims Freeplay update!

Here are all the details and dates you need to know, with thanks for the info to Firemonkeys.

Sul Sul,

School’s Out for Summer, but not in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay! Soak up the sun on a remote island and take part in a new Survivor-style event, Influence Island. Convince celebrity Sims that are stranded with you to join your clan using smarts and strategy to win rewards! You’ll also enjoy:

  • Earning school-themed rewards to create your own School Campus lunchroom space for students!
  • Creating L-Shaped Rooms in build mode! Complete the ‘L-Shaped Rooms’ Quest available from Lee in the Nightclub to unlock the new feature!
  • Earning basketball hoops to practice your skills and bleachers to spectate a game from the back row in the latest season of SimChase Season 18 – Sports Day Stoush!

Update Contents


Events List

-L-Shaped Rooms quest 

-Influence Island Season 1 – School Cafeteria 10 Days 11th August-24th August

-SimChase Season 18: Sports Day Stoush! 9 Days 21st August-2nd September

-Maternity Pack 14 9 Days 30th August-7th September

-Player Favorite – Inner Child’s Play quest 7 Days 31st August-20th September

-School’s Out live event 10 Days 3rd September 16th September


-Re-run: Mean Curls hobby event 9 Days 9th September-21st September

-SimChase Season 19: School Scuffles! 7 Days 15th September-25th September

-Re-run: Urban Furniture hobby event 8 Days 23rd September-4th October

-Re-run: Holiday High-Rise live event 9 Days 23rd September-3rd October

-Re-run: SimChase Season 4: Teen Retreat 7 Days 26th September-4th October

Additional Notes

  • L-Shaped Rooms quest
  • Available to purchase from Lee in the Nightclub from the launch of the School’s Out update, and onwards (this will remain available in the game, like the Cars in Lots quest)
  • No time limit to complete the quest
  • Unlocks the ability to create L-Shaped rooms
  • We have added a new interface for starting quests from Lee at the Nightclub
  • You will see it when starting the new L-Shaped Rooms quest.
  • It will allow you to select from any of the available quests that Lee offers (if you have met the requirements, and not already completed them): Cars in Lots, and L-Shaped Rooms
  • School’s Out event patios (Blue Sports Ground, Green Sports Ground) draw an outline around the outer edge.
  • A very small but useful change to standard patio styles, allowing better representation of ball-game courts (for example)
  • Maternity Pack 12 contents:
  • 1x Maternity Top
  • 1x Maternity Pants
  • Walnut Royale Cot
  • Blue Butterfly Mobile
  • Light Délice Floor
  • Striped Délice Wall
  • 2x rewards for the Paper Boy:
  • 14th August – 31st August


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