The Sims Freeplay Holiday High-Rise Update!

Presented by EA gamechangers.

The next update coming to The Sims Freeplay is the Holiday High-Rise Update!

Here’s all the info, walkthroughs and dates you need…

Sul Sul,

It’s time for your Sims to move on up and experience the high life in modern Miami beachside luxury! Take a relaxing break with your Sims and live like a high-roller – enjoying the island views from your new penthouse suite in the Hotel High-Rise special event! Expect gorgeous new furniture items for a glorious hotel suite including a spacious bath with jets, king size bed and other hotel staples.

Take on two new seasons of SimChase and earn a huge range of exclusive prizes. Also expect some reruns of previous events like the Time Capsule Seasonal Quest, where your Sims must leave a message or a memory of their own to pass onto future generations. You’ll love the historical hats and hairstyles rewards for your Sims to enjoy. Plus, take advantage of sweet Father’s Day specials on new elderly and adult menswear!

Here are the playable event dates for this update (All dates in AEST):

  • NEW Holiday High-Rise Live Event: 10-day event starting June 4
  • NEW SimChase Season 2 – Last Resorts!: 7-day event running from June 16
  • Missing Claus Seasonal Quest Rerun: 13-day event starting June 17
  • Daycare Live Event Rerun: 11-day event starting June 27
  • Time Capsule Seasonal Quest Rerun: 6-day event running from July 2 – 7
  • NEW SimChase Season 3 – Summer Daze!: 7-day event starting July 4

Things of note:

New Location – Island Holiday Condo

  • Unlocked as part of the Grand Prize of the Holiday High-Rise Live Event
  • Accessible via the Sea Voyager boat on the Town Map
  • Build Mode is to be enabled on the Island Holiday Condo Lot – behaves as an editable Community Lot

Pride Shirt – ‘It gets better’

  • During June Simmers will be able to collect a free shirt (for teens and adults) to celebrate Pride
  • This will be located in the Store for a week from June 18th (PDT)


  • New Maternity Pack (contains Grey & Black Smart Coat, the Black skin-tight jeans, the Grey Farmhouse Bookshelf and the Grey Farmhouse Shelves.)

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