The Sims Freeplay Family Furnishings Update July 2019

Presented by EA gamechangers.

July/August 2019 update incoming!!

Sul Sul,

Inspire special moments by spending quality time with your Sim families with our latest family-focused update! Design a teenager’s dream hangout space, and enjoy a luxury family home lot with a new hatchback car when you complete the Family Furnishings special event! Along the way, you’ll unlock a huge range of storage, lighting, and decor to refresh any room. Take on in-game rival Sims in two new seasons of SimChase to earn exclusive prizes to create a dream place for your teens and transform your garden.

Here are the playable event dates for this update (All dates in AEST):

● NEW Family Furnishings Live Event: 9-day event starting July 16

● HANS On! Seasonal Quest Re-run: 7-day event running from July 25

● Long Hair Hobby Rerun: 7-day event running from July 28 – August 3

● NEW SimChase Season 4 – Teen Retreat!: 7-day event starting August 1

● Backyard Beautification Live Event Rerun: 9-day event starting August 7

● NEW Maternity Pack 6 – Start and complete a Pregnancy Event between August 11 – 17

● Urban Chic Hobby Event Rerun: 6-day event running from August 17

● NEW SimChase Season 5 – Backyard Battle!: 7-day event starting August 23


They’ve added a way to view CAS content that you’ve earned for Age groups that are not yet unlocked and made some small Quality of Life features around Cloud Save:

1) Added a check for existing save data, and a prompt to download it, into the New Game flow

2) Added an option to automatically update your Cloud Save automatically! You can find this in the Options Menu where it can be toggled on / off.

Here are all my vids on the update with heaps more info! <3

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