The Benefits of Buying a Used Car

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Whether for business or pleasure, there might come a time when you need a car. Unfortunately, buying new isn’t an option for everyone. As it turns out, it’s not always the best choice either. Pre-owned cars provide plenty of options to save money, enjoy variety, and experience other benefits while securing a reliable means of transportation. When planning and budgeting for a new vehicle, consider all the benefits of buying a used car. Read on to see why used doesn’t have to mean bad.

Lower Prices

Obviously, the first benefit of a used car is that it’s priced much lower than a new one. But the number on the sticker isn’t the only price you should ponder. The lower price of a used car can also mean you will need a smaller loan that you can pay off swiftly, not to mention a lower rate of interest. You won’t have to incur all those fees and customization costs that come with a new vehicle either. Also, consider the fact that a new car begins to depreciate in value the minute you drive it off the lot. Statistically, within five years, most cars decrease in value by 60 percent. However, with a used car, depreciation has already taken place. Used cars are considered less valuable by insurers. You can skip comprehensive and collision coverage because you’ll be spending more money than you’d ever get back.

Cars Last Longer These Days

You’ve probably heard plenty of stories about car owners buying a “lemon,” a car that looks good but is secretly a pile of junk. As it turns out, one of the benefits of buying a used car is that the last few years have been golden for car manufacturing, and most cars constructed in the past decade are built better than those of the past. On average, there are cars 11 years or older on the road that are still running smoothly because their owners took good care of them. If you do your research, you’ll discover it’s possible to buy an older car that looks and runs like new. We’re also living in a golden age of information. Submit the vehicle identification number of any vehicle to an online service such as CarFax or AutoCheck, and they’ll provide a thorough history of every collision, repair, and other services the vehicle received through the years.

Freedom of Choice

Variety is the spice of life, and luckily, used cars come in so many flavors. And that’s not just referring to colors and styles. Buying used gives you more choices and opportunities to find the car that’s right for you and your needs based on others’ experiences. After several years, every make and model has been road-tested. A little research, a few visits to dealers, and several chats on online car fan communities can reveal all the pros and cons of specific makes and models. But don’t forget, you need to do the final test drive yourself!

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