Tech Trends to Look Out for This Year

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The coming year is an exciting time for technology; there are set to be developments in the metaverse, an increase and improvement in AI technology, and more sustainable product development. If you are the techy type, there is plenty to look out for and get your teeth into, so read on to find out more about the latest tech trends and how they might affect your lifestyle. 

AI Technology 

AI has been with us for some time in digital spaces; you only have to think about search engine algorithms to see how effective and successful they can be. That said, there have been shortcomings in some of the technology over the years. But AI technology is always improving.


We can expect more AI technology in businesses and products in the coming year. We can expect AI to make it into the retail sphere to learn about shoppers’ tastes and recommend clothing items to them. AI will also make it into the home in the form of the Internet of Things.   

Innovative Products 

Modern consumers require devices that are small, functional, sustainable, and affordable; this poses a challenge to manufacturers to keep pace with the trends in consumer demand. Manufacturers such as tecan are embracing this challenge and making innovative products. 


Tecan are experts at transforming an initial design idea into a finished product, but now, they are developing ways to reduce the materials used and make the product more sustainable with better battery life and more precision. Consider Tecan for your next product design challenge. 

The Real Metaverse

This year could be pivotal for metaverse technology. The metaverse is a portmanteau of “meta” and “universe” it describes the interaction between the digital world and the physical world, which is becoming more prevalent as virtual reality and augmented reality start to develop. 


A metaverse is a place where we can work, play, and socialize on digital platforms or virtual platforms. There is huge potential for the metaverse; it can improve the way we shop, buy property, collaborate, and create. Now is the best time to learn more about the metaverse.    

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain technology has been a major success in recent decades, but that doesn’t mean it’s set to stand still quite the opposite. Blockchain technology currently stores data in the cloud, but what if the data itself were decentralized and encrypted on the blockchain to improve security? 


Blockchain products and services are set to diversify in the coming year; we can also expect there to be more opportunities to use and spend non-fungible tokens both online and offline. Cryptocurrency is set to become a more common mode of transaction and payment system.  

Digital Interactions 

The digital and physical worlds are slowly coming together, first with the metaverse, then with the Internet of Things, but there are also digital interactions that need to be taken into account. Digital interactions are when real-world processes are imported into an online environment for processing or when a digital product becomes a real-world one, as with 3D printing technology.  


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