Take good photos whatever your location with the GooFoto flexible tripod!

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I have wanted to try a flexible tripod out for so long and this one from GooFoto did not disappoint!

Here are some of its features:

Durable and Waterproof: This tripod is constructed of seven aluminum cores and rubber, which allows for a stronger and lighter tripod and the rubber to wrap the inner cores better. It is more durable than other tripods with just one core inside and foam tripod legs. 

Versatile: The precision ball head with universal clip for 360-degree panning and 180-degree tilt, offers two adjustment options to switch quickly from landscape to portrait format, ideal for social live streaming and recording, vlogging, YouTube Video Shooting, and Tiktok, zoom meeting, beauty/makeup tutorials, etc.

Lightweight and Portable: Perfect for travel, this tripod fits easily into your bag and will prove an invaluable asset you never leave home without.

The tripod legs are easy to bend but also extremely strong. I was impressed with how they managed to hold on to this wide piece of wood on our pergola. Tree branches and poles are no problem!

The phone holder section of the tripod stretches to allow a firm hold of your device, no matter its size.

It even has a remote making it even easier for me to get those sneaky bird shots!

Being able to shoot stable, locked-off images opens up a whole new world of techniques. I’m already buzzing with so many ideas on how I can use this and I’m sure you will be too. From using it for social media videos, photos, and livestreams to taking it on long walks and travel adventures, having this tripod handy will mean always getting that shot no matter what your surroundings.

Plus this would be a make a great Christmas gift for the photog/influencer of the family!

This tripod has a great compatibility list for cameras, iPhones, and Android phones. Check out its amazon listing if you want to double-check it will fit your device.

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