September to-do list

I came across this super cool blog post a few months back and it inspired me to do a to-do list each month. I love reading other peoples so hopefully you enjoy reading mine 🙂

It’s now the run up to Christmas! I’m actually super excited about this. Over the years I’ve learnt to put less hope on the day and more emphasis on the lead up because that is SO MUCH MORE FUN.

So here we go, this months to-do list…


We’ve been decorating for over a year now but we are in absolutely no rush! We rent and were always told it was a waste of money to decorate a place you don’t own but honestly that is so untrue. If you’re living somewhere it’s never a waste to do up the space. It makes such a difference to your mind state. I’m hoping to finish up all the painting and buy some more plants!


There’s a ton of places launching vegan food this month it seems and we can’t wait to try it all out! Marstons are launching a full vegan menu today so we’re going to try our local one which is called the Lobster Pot. Costa have a new vegan cookie coming out tomorrow too, nom nom nom. Plus, we have a local restaurant called Rags that we get a free meal at on our Birthday month (Ryan’s – my boyfriend – birthday is this month) and over the past year we have struggled to go as they were very ‘meaty’ but now they even have a vegan menu SO WE CAN EAT! Very excited.


The last couple of years I have started my Christmas shopping in September and bought for one person each week right up until the week before. It’s been great but I find myself still panicking on the last week for that final person so I’ve decided to do all my Christmas shopping in September this year! I’m really excited about it too. I do it all online and make lists and it brings be great joy XD


I’m not sure how this month will pan out medically (see here for my twitter explanation) but I have an appointment next week (13th) to see where the cancer is, how much there is and what to do about it so I imagine there may be some other appointments after that too.


It’s the apple event on the 12th! OMG!!!!! I’m so ready! I’ll hopefully do a livestream and they’ll announce a new iPhone!!! I WANT IT ALREADY!

What’s on your to-do list this month? Tweet me @rachybop

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