Pink Parcel July 2018

This month’s Pink Parcel was SO much better than the previous one! Excited to share!

PS. Sorry for the blurry images, I must of been much to excited to try them all when I took them!

BalanceMe Flash Cleanse Water: This has a beautiful smell to it and works great but don’t use it on your eyes. I did and it stung like hell! Fine for the best of the face but wouldn’t buy to use daily.

MudMasky Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask: A lovely product to pop on before bed. I wouldn’t say I noticed anything different about my skin but I did feel nice and pampered using it.

Joe and Seph’s popcorn: Not vegan to passed on to my Sister.

Mudmasky facial mask: A very effective mud mask. Again I wouldn’t say I noticed a difference after use but it felt great when it was on.

We are tea super berry infusion tea: Haven’t drunk yet!

Jelly pong pong star drops: I don’t know if I got a dodgy one but mine was super gloopy.

Magnitone wipe out microfibre cleansing cloth: THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! I am so impressed with this! The colour is beautiful too, a gorgeous baby pink. You basically pop it in the was then wet it and wipe off your make up! It’s flawless. I felt like one of the dolls (they were just a head and shoulders) I had as a kid where you just wipe their makeup off and start again. You can use it over and over up to 1000 times but it will be dirty after use so I’m going to buying more of these! so I have one for each day and then bung them in the wash each week to start a fresh.

Once again the product values were astounding in the box versus what you pay. Way to go Pink Parcel!

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