Llama Drama podcast: Episode 32 – Kits, Bunk Beds & Marshmallow The Car

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Dan: hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the llama drama podcast with myself dan of beyondsims.com and

Rachybop: rachybop from rachybop.com welcome

Dan: Oh it’s Rachybop.com this time, I always want to see what channel you’re gonna plug each month

Rachael: it’s just easier

Dan: i suppose they can fire off to all your other places from there i guess

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: it makes it a bit

Rachybop: Exactly

Dan: i like it how have you been

Rachybop: um fine thank you a bit bored of being in but it’s not too bad

Dan: lockdown life

Rachybop: yeah how about you

Dan: yeah same really it’s funny that this time last year we’d probably recorded our first episode just as we were going into lockdown and we’re still here

Rachybop: oh dear yeah

Dan: love that positivity to start off a joyous podcast for everybody

Rachybop: yeah it can only get better

Dan: exactly as as shania twain much much said i can’t even speak today as shania twain once said it can only go up from here and life’s about to get good

Rachybop: okay and uh let’s go girls

Dan: yes and on that note sims 4 kits let’s go girls go crazy

Rachybop: sims 4 kits they were rumored last time we spoke now they are out released all three of them with many to come i imagine

Dan: i imagine so yes it’s um they have been released onto origin um so that you can purchase them for your game um there are three of them and they are at least in uk they are 4.99 per pack

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: and what do i focus on we got dust no bust the dust

Rachybop: throwback fit kit and

Dan: Country Kitchen

Rachybop: country kitchen yeah what do you think of them

Dan: um

if i’m going to be so if i’m going to be honest and we love honesty

Rachybop: We’re always honest

Dan: this podcast

bust the dust is so irritating for many reasons i love the fact we’ve now got a vacuum cleaner in the game um because when i was little i was obsessed with hoover’s um and this for me this is just a dream come true having hoover’s in the sims i would have lost my mind when i was younger at something like this but um i was a weird child okay and and um the thing that i find annoying about it is these dust bunnies appear within minutes of you like moving into a property and it’s dusty within hours and when you click the ground and you know you always click on go here it has another option there now as well so i keep clicking the wrong thing instead of telling my sim to go somewhere

Rachybop: hmm

what’s the other option what clean

Dan: i think so yeah it’s something like that all like inspect dust or something like that

Rachybop: oh yeah inspects like cleanliness level is awesome yeah like that isn’t dust level

Dan: so now when you click on just the ground with nothing there you now get that rather than um yeah you also you get that additional option instead of just go here so i keep clicking the wrong things go here it’s normally above your mouse and now it’s below right

Rachybop: Right

Dan: so I have to like mentally retrain 21 years of sims knowledge

so that’s my complaint about it anyway i love the idea of you know to be able to do that just like with laundry it’s a nice thing to be able to have in the game but right now i think they really need to fine-tune these bunnies i’ve turned them off in the settings

Rachybop: i think they they do intend to do that they’ve said in the 4-1-1 that was something that they’re working on tuning um but yeah

Dan: i want to know who thought the rate they released at was fine

Rachybop: yeah that’s what worries me it’s all right saying oh we’re gonna work on that but it’s like is it being quality tested like what who is like passing this stuff to say yes it’s good to go now because there’s always so many problems and they’re really quickly found it’s not like oh this person had a really unique setup in their game and now it doesn’t work it’s like literally a mass problem with everything that gets released yeah um it’s like it feels like we’re here to test it which isn’t good enough when you’re paying like

Dan: yeah

Rachybop: for stuff

Dan: yeah no i agree and the final whinge and then i’d love to hear your thoughts on it is whenever i place a hoover in the house and for the americans a hoover is a vacuum cleaner um whenever i place it i want it to stay there but when they use it it goes back in their inventory when they’re done with it

Rachybop: yeah but like umbrellas and bikes and

Dan: yeah and i’m kind of like okay it would be nice if you put it back where i had it in the house

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: That’s where i want it to be on display

Rachybop: yeah i i really like i love the packs but i also have like they really annoy me at the same time i think i think they are lovely and i love the tiny amount i mean it would have been really cute to have a little toddler vacuum with the balls going around like used to have when you were little that would have been so cool but and there’s just so many stupid things like hoovering toilets hoovering toddlers like why

Dan: hoovering toilets

Rachybop: yeah my sim was hoovering the toilet the other day with the little handheld vacuum like it was just something she did and then she just sat down and had a wee with her shorts on as you do um but yeah and like just yeah the hoover the kitchen tops hoover the children it’s it’s obsessive um but the sound of the vacuums is so therapeutic i love it and it is just so homely having that in there and i love the throwback fit kit the colors in it are really great

Dan: Yes

Rachybop: and they’re so like niche aren’t they each pack is like it’s small it’s five pounds if you want this extra stuff then then get pick it up and the the kitchen one’s gorgeous like really nice stuff in there

Dan: i’ll give them that the the kitchen one’s really nice the throwback one like you said the colors are really fun i also really like how they’ve like designed like the box arts for it and like the style it’s kind of like the isometric kind of

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: viewpoint and i think that’s just quite i just think that’s just quite fun and feels very sims one-y

Rachybop: yeah it’s a very like live service mobile kind of package that they’re delivering content in now isn’t it like with these five pound kits

Dan: it is um i guess it’s kind of the answer to the sims 3 store isn’t it it’s what it feels like in just a bit of a less organized way um and the interesting thing with these kits is it seems they’ve been spending like each week promoting a different kit and now they’re on the bust the dust one this week and they’ve gone to town with like advertising these they’ve had all sorts of influencers being like look kits are out oh my gosh or unboxing you know funky you know gift boxes and considering it’s such a small thing it’s quite the advertising i feel like it’s almost been more than like an expansion pack

Rachybop: um yeah

Dan: which is it which is weird

Rachybop: i guess they’re just gonna do it on mass and maybe a smaller price means they’ll sell more

Dan: maybe yeah and i guess because it’s a new category i guess maybe that’s also why to promote that hey kits exist now

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: hmm it’ll be interesting to see what they do with future ones because they haven’t really committed to like how often they will be it’s just kind of there’ll be kits every so often and we’ll kind of release one at a time like it won’t be like three each time but like yeah it’d be interesting to see how they how often these things come out

Rachybop: i guess they the reason maybe that’s the reason why they did like one build one cas and one gameplay one was they’ll see how each one’s performed and then decide which route to take and which ones to spend the most time on

Dan: that’s a good point you’re on to something there

Rachybop: yeah yes

Dan: no i think it’ll be interesting to see what they do um a fun way i guess i guess for them to just easily keep dropping new content in and i guess make a bit of money from it as well

Rachybop: yeah it gives them a another reason to sort of um a little social boost doesn’t it if they’re constantly putting out content

Dan: yeah that’s true but yeah no go check out kits if you haven’t already um just get ready for dust craziness if you get bust or dust that’s all i’m saying

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: it’s madness but if you’re not after paid content they have actually released free content which is very exciting too um last time we mentioned that they had teased bunk beds or bonk beds as rachel kept calling them

Rachybop: They’re not

Dan: Asking the important questions

um and they’ve now been released

Rachybop: yes they have what year is it

Dan: only five and a half years since launch

Rachybop: yeah so bunk beds they’re not bonk beds because you can’t so bunk beds

Dan: sorry six and a half years yeah

Rachybopi was thinking that is it longer but i was getting mixed up with the date so i better not question you because you’re the dates man

Dan: Oh my gosh yeah

Rachybop: Crazy

so they did a patch didn’t they with bunk beds um updated traits and there’s also some like posters and little bits um oh and some hairstyles as well they’ve been updated

Dan: yes they’ve added lots of new shiny things in which is quite exciting to see um

Rachybop: i do find it difficult when it’s stuff that they did wrong the first time or like was missing for so long i find that difficult to be like yay obviously i’m happy for it and obviously i’m really glad that something will get fixed and not left but yeah i don’t think it’s okay to like create this like oh you’ve done so well when it’s stuff that just needed doing

Dan: yeah no i agree i agree um some of the things i do quite like is some of the ways they’ve improved like variants and different like areas like diversity in some of the things like the paintings and posters and um that was something i wasn’t expecting and i think that’s really really cool it’s just such a small thing that just helps really increase representation of people which i love

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: um so that’s a very pleasant surprise

Rachybop: and the traits it isn’t something that i’ve noticed much when i’ve played but it’s very back end and it definitely from what they were saying on the live stream because they did a little live stream talking about it um the things that they’ve tweaked just make sense to make the traits just perform a little bit better than they do already

Dan: well that’s good to hear this it’s nice to see that they’re fine-tuning things like that

Rachybop: yeah and the bunk beds what do you think of the bunk beds

Dan: i think it’s about time they look good they look really nice and i’m already seeing people as well making like custom content ones of like double bunk beds and all these you know funny things that you can put yeah and that’s quite fun to see as well um important question because i haven’t tested this and i’m sure you have can you bonk

Rachybop: no well i haven’t tested it but i don’t think you can because it’s just a single bed so you won’t be able to i don’t think it’s a woohoo spot but yeah no um you can you can now relax on beds

Dan: i saw this and i didn’t even clock that that wasn’t in the game

Rachybop: yeah because it’s in so many of the other games isn’t it like all the early editions you always relaxed and then woohoo’d

Dan: sims 1 and 2 you had to relax on the bed then you’d woohoo and that great whereas i guess because well sims 3 didn’t always have to do that did you but sims 4 did you just click try for baby and it off they go so i guess because of that you just didn’t quite put two and two together i never did anyway

Rachybop: no it’s weird it works like when i had my because i’d put a little bed underneath like because you can have loft beds so just a tall bed and you can put things underneath it there are some issues that they’re working on fixing with that um of course but i put like a bed just sticking out underneath it just using one tile and i put the tv over the other side the room and when my sim relaxed on the bed and then i clicked to watch tv she then put her legs around the side the bed and turned to face it and i thought that’s great but then i put her on the top bunk and put her to relax and watch tv and she just stared off into the distance like didn’t blink there was nothing so that it’s a bit distressing because it would be nice if they sort of if their eye direction was had to look at where the tv was you know if they could make that work then that would be so much more life-like um but the animation the animation of them getting up onto the beds and getting down is really beautiful and i was not expecting it to be that good like they literally look where they’re going and it’s all works really smoothly um because they you know like when you see them climb other things like rock climbing and stuff in the past it’s not always been great like when they climb ladders and things they’ve got like toddlers stuck to the legs and whatnot but but actually

Dan: you mean that’s not how you clumb a ladder

Rachybop: but the bunk bed animation is really good so

Dan: oh that’s really good and i think that’s made a lot of people happy to see that now particularly for generational players or you know or if you’re trying to do maybe like a tiny living uh build or something it’s obviously much more space-saving

Rachybop: yeah yeah definitely

Dan: how exciting but that’s free you just need to update your game i think it’s on console too

Rachybop: it’s a big update oh yeah they’ve updated textures on console i’m not sure how big that update is but it was 2 gig on the pc

Dan: wow

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: that is that is meaty

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: wow fair play to them fair play well well done well done maxis for finally delivering that which probably should have been there in a different pack but we’ve got it we’ve got it so this is fine

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: but

bonk beds aside and six and a half years in on that sims live stream you mentioned the sims 4-1-1 i don’t know why it’s called that but i can’t remember

Rachybop: well it’s just the 4-1-1 is like when they tell you what’s going on when you ask for what’s the 411 it’s american thing i think

Dan: oh

Rachybop: what’s the skinny on the 411 i’ve seen that on tv

Dan: i mean i don’t know what you just spoke gibberish but we’ll go with that i need maybe someone who who watches can who listens can uh educate us on that send us a voice note

but they said there’s many more years of content

Rachybop: yeah they did and it was an emotional moment for me

Dan: tears of joy or

Rachybop: no like oh it just it it kind of speaks to the fact that the game isn’t complete not that it i know it’s a progressive game and i know there’s always stuff that could be added um but just i don’t know i i respect them for not abandoning it but at the same time i’m very much ready for what’s next because the sims 4 isn’t very enjoyable for for me personally

Dan: no i get what you mean i think it’s because you know it’s been bumpy and by now we obviously expect something new by now it’s it’s the longest it’s been i feel like some other games have been a bit like that as well i mean completely different title but like you know you think of like gta 5 that thing came out now in like 2013 it’s been on ps3 ps4 ps5 you know and there’s been nothing new because they’re just constantly improving that one and normally by now they’d have something completely new um skyrim that’s been on that’s going to probably be on like a microwave next it’s been on so many different consoles and devices in the last 10 years

Rachybop: i do wonder if they would keep the sims 4 going while they when they release sims 5 and then if it is a completely different type of game if they were just you know if they just keep both of them alongside each other

Dan: see i don’t know because ea are very much where i’m i’m surprised they’re still selling the sims 3 i guess because it’s still making money it must be um because normally they just be like okay sims 4 they you know stop sims 3 no more incentives for you to be playing sims 3 anything new is here and they they tend to do that a lot with their titles i think don’t they it’s kind of okay you’re now done

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: apart from like maybe odd updates obviously sims 3 have done like odd little patches every so often but yeah that’d be interesting didn’t you say there was a job listing up for the sims 5.

Rachybop: yeah the senior narrative designer so yeah there’s a lot of talk about it being online it says in it that they should have knowledge of popular interactive story machinima or mod communities a plus for example the sims episodes and grand theft auto online

Dan: interesting very interesting

Rachybop: Worrying

Dan: it’s interesting and i i’ve always said a standalone modern sims online would be great because i’d love that because i i always have so much fun when we play like sim city online

Rachybop: yeah very true

Dan: but i think the sims 4 and they really and that’s why sims 4’s in the state it is originally it was going to be online um so i think if they do it it would be like a game mode or feature it supports more so than a this entire game is that way

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: especially like narratives and stuff because i guess online what narrative would you have

Rachybop: yeah yeah yeah i don’t know like i don’t know if it’s going to be just a completely different style of game


Dan: maybe they’ll have a story mode like the console ones used to have like you can work through or you know that used to be so funny to love the story modes on console um or or maybe you know but if if it does does it explicitly say sims 5 or like

Rachybop: no i don’t well i don’t i don’t remember

Dan: that’s unless they’re doing something else and

Rachybop: it’s just for the next installment of the sims franchise yeah it says as the senior narrative designer on the sims you will report to blah blah blah

Dan: they’ve got loads of stuff just for the sims now which is interesting because they do that ones that are just sims 4 but then they do the sims unless they’re maybe planning a whole separate spin-off

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: maybe for online or you know that you know every other sims game has had you know since one had sims online sims 2 had the stories franchise sims 3 had medieval um sims 4’s had nothing

Rachybop: yeah it’s all very strange but i i do really look forward to like whatever happens next it’ll be so refreshing to try something new

Dan: i think that’s it just ready to try something new and um see see what they’ve been working on really and how it’s going to be i think i think i say we’re just ready for something different by now i think


Dan: yeah us as sims people are very used to wanting new content more things and i feel ready for something like that

Rachybop: um yeah definitely

Dan: and speaking of all those spin-offs did you know the sims medieval turned 10 years old this week

Rachybop: i can’t believe that

Dan: it’s madness isn’t it

Rachybop: it’s so crazy i remember playing it like on my channel and stuff like it can’t be that old you’re lying

Dan: it’s crazy and sims 3 turns 12 this year

Rachybop: what

Dan: yeah i know

Rachybop: wow

Dan: it’s madness isn’t it

Rachybop: it is

Dan: it doesn’t feel that long ago um i love medieval um those were the days i had the collector’s edition it was so fun

Rachybop: i wasn’t as into it because it was i just found it very much like click here do this click here and it didn’t feel very simsy to me but i know it really depends some people really love it and some people really hate it

Dan: i think i’ve you know we’ve done things in the past i’ve always been like very skeptical things like strangerville and all that because it brings like more goalie clickey gameplay

Rachybop: Yeah and I like that and you don’t like it, that’s so weird

Dan: I can’t stand it but I love it in a spin off

Rachybop: That makes sense

Dan: Because it’s its own thing and I feel like it works and I quite like medievally things anyway

so maybe that’s why but um but yeah i just i think that’s why i quite enjoyed it whereas when it’s part of my core sims experience i’m like no what are you doing

Rachybop: i’m quite tempted to like try and play through it again

Dan: ah i think i’ve been installed it not too long ago and um was working through a kingdom and it’s just so joyous i just it’s just so good and so much fun and i just enjoy just sending people to the pit to die it’s great

Rachybop: lovely

Dan: it’s so good

so tell us all about what’s going on in the world of mobile

Rachybop: so let’s start with freeplay um they have done a new york lofty lifestyle diner update no idea what the official name for this is but that’s everything it entails with the usual barrage of freeplay content um and really like sort of new like new york apartment style things but also the diner stuff the diner stuff is really cool like milkshakes and outfits and all that kind of stuff very 50s retro

Dan: That’s cool

Rachybop: yeah and then they’ve got like a drawing board and all that kind of stuff for the new york things there’s simchases and influence islands and um there’s a re-run of the the winter wonderland quest

Dan: just i was about to say just in time for summer but we’re not in summer ignore that

Rachybop: uh and yeah just tons of content as usual from the sims freeplay

Dan: they always have things to deliver don’t they they’re always on it

Rachybop: yeah so much stuff and they seem really aligned with their audiences as well like

Dan: they know what they want don’t they i think they’re very vocal like you see on facebook when you just read the facebook comments they are on it

Rachybop: yeah definitely and then in the sims mobile we’ve had the spring cleaning update

which has had the greenest garden treasure hunt which is cool because it had greenhouses

Dan: i watched your video on it and i am in love with those greenhouses

Rachybop: yeah they’re so cute aren’t they you can actually go inside them and and then and they’ve got so good little home with the worms from eco lifestyle living whatever it’s called uh and yeah like all that kind of stuff and then they’ve done some reruns or they’re doing some reruns of dessert for two sweet treat and the wash and fold sweet treat so another chance to get lots of the laundry things and all that kind of stuff yeah

Dan: no it’s a really nice update um yeah and i was quite envious of your greenhouses and things um i think it’s just very very fun little update go fire monkeys

Rachybop: and then but they’ve obviously got wumples as well um which this i mean wumples is just getting absolutely ridiculous the items that you get the latest one you get a glass of milk i might have even talked about this in the last one in the last thing because we knew about it then but yeah it’s a glass of milk it i guess it’s from batuu because it’s like blue milk but you can also have it pink as like color variance yay and but you can’t even drink it that’s the worst thing you can just admire it i think that’s five days to unlock a glass of milk and a poster

Dan: this lovely moldy crusty glass of milk lumpy

Rachybop: yes i imagine there’s a lot of people just not bothering with that because you do have to actively play and it’s super repetitive so

Dan: i i just want to know who and sorry if this is someone we you know we’ve had on the podcast before who knows who thought yes i know what we’re gonna give people a glass of milk yeah like and with a poster like why i don’t yeah it might have gone well with the star wars thing if they were coming round to star wars day again and they put you know just threw it in there but it’s like when we got that pipe cap one time like a tiny end of a pipe we don’t have a pipe but we’ve got a pipe cap to be fair that is quite probably one of my most used objects on my build so

Dan: well there we go

Rachybop: I’ll eat my words

i can’t imagine the milk becoming the same but we’ll see

Dan: who knows you may find the perfect spot for that and

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: raving about it

Rachybop: i just couldn’t live without this milk

Dan: you wait this time next month on the recording i’m gonna say how was your milk and you’re gonna be telling us all about it

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: It’s gonna change your life

Rachybop: yeah i need more colours please

Dan: more milk content now

Rachybop: but yeah that’s that’s what’s been going on

Dan: amazing no that’s always good in the world of mobile and i just need to try and catch up with it more um it’s just so many things it’s hard to stay on top of it all

Rachybop: i imagine we’ll be doing something next month for mobile i don’t know any dates yet that’s why i’m saying it with such confidence because i know i’m not going to break any bembargos because i have no idea um but the with freeplay i think that was a bit more yeah i’ve only set i think the embargo must have lifted on the 18th so that will be keeping us going for a while but with mobile i think we’ll be due to hear something else pretty soon

Dan: fingers crossed it’ll be in time for next month

Rachybop: yes definitely

Dan: all the llama drama and gossip

Rachybop: yes

Dan: as always i think that covers everything sims related doesn’t it

Rachybop: it does

Dan: i think we’re all simmed out

Rachybop: yeah so what have you been watching on netflix

Dan: this is the part i always wait for i love this part of the show um this is what people tune in for you realize our watch habits to get their recommendations from since we’re such good critics um i have started watching um the sixth season of american horror story um which is i think roanoke or renoke or however you say it um and oh my gosh it is phenomenal so far um it’s based on in i’m not the 1500s a colony set up um by england in america and the people just went missing like there’s no record of these hundred people just vanished um and this is about like haunting where this house on that land is haunted um and the first half of it is like a dramatized documentary of what happened and now i’m on the second half which is now like a like it’s meant to be real and they’ve sent them back there for like a sequel to it um so the things happening now are real um and it’s getting quite exciting but it’s really jumpy

Rachybop: oh gosh

Dan: it’s a really jumpy season and

Rachybop: I don’t know how you can watch that on your own

Dan: i’m not really someone who can watch jumpy things like i can’t i can’t do that and it’s not that bad but there was a moment because i literally like jumped out my chair because i just wasn’t expecting what happened

um but i really recommend that series like especially the coven season which is about like witches and the asylum season they’re really good

Rachybop: not for me if we’ve watched anything slightly scary it’s you know when you get up to go to loo in the middle of the night all lights on


Dan: I’m a bit like that anyway to be honest but

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: it’s but it’s um no i i do recommend it it’s very good um and yeah it’s just worthwhile um the other thing that i have been watching that has now finished so i think my thursdays are now going to be incomplete is rupaul’s drag race uk which has been absolutely phenomenal um it’s just so much better than the US one because it doesn’t drag on and it’s just very british in the sense of you just got people i think i said before people just come on there and they’re like oh you know they did that they did one they did an episode where they had to act out their own soap opera and they were in eastenders and they were doing like you ain’t my mother yes i am and all that and it was just phenomenal

Rachybop: very good

Dan: it’s so good

Rachybop: such a contrast

Dan: that’s been my watching habits over the last uh a few weeks um highly recommend how about you what have you been watching

Rachybop: are they are they both on netflix those things

Dan: um rupaul’s drag race uk is on iplayer um as it is the bbc so um they can’t actually win any they don’t like win any money or anything on it um they get a rupeter badge if they win

Rachybop: brilliant

Dan: and um they get to go to hollywood to film their own online series oh if if they win whereas in america they get a hundred thousand dollars and like every time they win a lip sync they get like five thousand dollars

Rachybop: Oh my goodness wow

Dan: They get showered in money over there but also yeah it’s showered in ads as well though so it’s always like oh try on these wigs by insert brand whereas in the uk it’s just like this song that we have just released is now available to stream on platforms that we cannot disclose

Rachybop: oh dear

Dan: so it’s so yeah it’s very bbc um it’s good how about you what have you been watching

Rachybop: well they released the snyder’s cut of justice league which i know you won’t be into you don’t like superhero stuff do you

Dan: not really no

Rachybop: so that well like it’s a film that came out like 2017 um

Dan: yeah

Rachybop: and it was very it was rubbish i do find that a lot of the dc stuff is not very good it used to be good when i was younger you had like michelle pfeiffer’s catwoman but what

Dan: back in my day

Rachybop: that’s enough of that thanks um

Dan: I was doing like a shaky hand action as if i had a walking stick you can’t see that fully got into character there

Rachybop: yeah but yeah the the um re-cut version is so much better it was really it was four hours long but it flew by it was really really good so yeah we’ve watched the whole thing made and night of it and

Dan: it’s amazing how a different like cut of it like of the same film can completely change it

Rachybop: yeah and there was like well obviously it was a lot extra um and but there was also a lot taken out and just just totally different animal it was great and and then we’ve watched wonder woman 1984 uh that was not good

Dan: oh no

Rachybop: so i think they need to get snyder cuts of everything because yeah dc you’re not that good and then they’ve got all the marvel stuff like still coming out falcon and winter soldier has just gone on to um disney plus that’s really good and they’ve also got that new series called next that’s it’s not marvel or anything but it’s about um it’s got roger from mad men in it and it’s about a and like a rogue ai that starts like you know trying to off people and stuff

Dan: oh my gosh

Rachybop: it’s really good i think you might like that

Dan: You think what I’m watching’s spooky

Rachybop: oh no it’s not it’s not spooky it’s just like like they have an alexa but it’s called eliza and it starts talking to the kid and in the house and like telling him to do things you know when the parents are in the room

Dan: oh

Rachybop: it’s really really good i think you would you might enjoy it

Dan: did you say it’s on disney plus

Rachybop: yeah disney plus it’s called next okay i might give that a try i’ve been i’ve actually been using disney plus more than netflix since they added star to it

Rachybop: There’s so much on there yeah

Dan: um i’ve just been watching family guy every night in america like i’ve literally binged through seasons and seasons of it

Rachybop: yeah I love it

Dan: and american dad just it suddenly got really good now like they’ve decided to make it not just disney films

Rachybop: yeah yeah it’s really really good so much on there so yeah

Dan: i i’ve tried that i’ve i think i’ve seen it in the listings but um i’ve not really like looked at what it is it’s just been like an icon

Rachybop: yeah no it don’t really tell you much but it’s very good i think there’s like two episodes up there at the minute so

Dan: okay

Rachybop: but i recommend it okay i’ll give it i will give that a try i think um i’m always really weird with shows i’m always like i i need to be like the right mindset to watch it’s like with this american horror story i’ve been holding off watching the season now for like two months since i finished the last american horror story season and now suddenly i’m like right let’s watch it and i’m just like binging it

Rachybop: yeah I’m like that

Dan: but then when i finish the season i’ll be like right i don’t want to watch the new one i need i need to like wait now and and then suddenly i’ll just have a moment of okay let’s go

Rachybop: let’s go girls

Dan: Love that. oh my gosh you could actually i think you should maybe because you’ve got something new and shiny does it have a cd player

Rachybop: I don’t know yes yes it does

Dan: i i need to gift you a shania album

Rachybop: no you don’t no i’ve got spotify i can cater for myself thank you very much

Dan: i’ll make you a playlist

Rachybop: so what’s done talking about um well i got a new car yay so it has a cd player yay and it’s not going to have shania twain in it no

Dan: that don’t impress me much

Rachybop: yeah i got a new car so once lock down is lifted you can actually go places so ready and it’s a little fiat 500 and it’s so fun to drive it’s about the same size as me and it’s great

Dan: does ryan like have to like squeeze in or is he all right

Rachybop: he he says really comfortable and like when we test drove it he was in the back so that’s good he’s tested all the seats and it yeah he loves it it’s really comfy and it’s just like everything is usually when i get in a car like in the beetle you kind of have that first five minutes driving it and you’re kind of like oh my god in your head like where is everything how do i see what speed i’m going i haven’t got time to look i need to look at the road do you know what i mean like when you’re first in the cat where’s the gear stick i doubt look down because i might crash but in this it was it’s just all like the speedometer and everything it’s all in one dial so you only have one place to look well that and the road obviously yeah and the gear stick is like right risen up it’s proper good like good driving car i i like it

Dan: that’s really great to hear

Rachybop: yeah so looking forward to some adventures to make up for the last year

Dan: oh that’d be really nice and i’m excited for them we’ll have to have a little adventure when we can

Rachybop: yes i’ll be able to show you the

Dan: I’m not that far from you

Rachybop: yeah exactly i will just show you like the sort of the dales and stuff

Dan: yes please because um that’s actually not a far drive and like like you since i got my car i’ve not really drove it that much i think i drove it where did i drive it to um was it the peak district it was somewhere like that um it was like an hour and a half away that’s about as far as it’s gone

Rachybop: yeah well we’re not even like supposed to be driving our cars right now so it’s they’re just sat there waiting

Dan: literally it’s just the sainsbury’s wagon for me it’s just

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: so this is nice great um i got to drive to the hospital um the other day and it’s just like oh my gosh a half hour drive great

Rachybop: I know when we drove our car back from the garage it was quite emotional oh my god i could see like a view

like i haven’t been like even 20 minutes down the road for since this time last year

Dan: suddenly you have to feel like you’re less boxed in you’re like wow

Rachybop: yeah there’s a whole world out there

Dan: imagine how you feel when you get on a plane

Rachybop: oh god crazy

Dan: um has your car got a name yet or has that not

Rachybop: of course it’s got a name it had a name before we’d even paid for it

Dan: what’s it called

Rachybop: marshmallow

Dan: do you call like marshy for like short or like

Rachybop: schmellow

which sounds great in my accent doesn’t it schmellow

Dan: schmellow

Rachybop: there we go but you also have some big news

Dan: yes i do i feel like

Rachybop: again

Dan: since we started this podcast in 2018 this is now the what third time i have had this news

Rachybop: you move more than the sims 4 gets patches

Dan: oh my gosh tell me about it i have uh moved into a new flat um still in manchester so that’s great so i’m liking it waiting for it to reopen um and i’ve been here for two nights now and oh my gosh it feels so much homier than my last place the other place was fine but it was so cold over winter i thought i can’t stay here anymore and i’m just a bit more closer to things now

Rachybop: oh it’s gonna be so good when life is normal again

Dan: oh my gosh honestly it’s gonna be so nice it’s such a nice um balcony area and the way it faces the sun’s always beaming in so it’s just so nice and warm

Rachybop: oh it’s gonna be great summer

Dan: well this is this is actually the first thing i thought i was thinking that’s gonna be so nice to chill out there and have some drinks and and then i was thinking photo opportunities yes it’s gonna be great i’m gonna look really cute on the balcony

Rachybop: That’s your list when you go look at somewhere like hmmm

what’s the lighting like

Dan: look genuinely i look great on zoom calls now and um but um and the bathroom as well the whole wall is a mirror so it’s just i mean it’s kind of not so great when like right now because i need like a haircut and stuff haven’t had a haircut since december but like you know it’s it’s it’s it’s good yeah it just feels cozier i just need to buy a table and chairs now because the last place came with one

Rachybop: right yeah

Dan: so um just need to do that and then it’s complete i’m pretty much unpacked and it’s everything’s fitted really nice

Rachybop: oh awesome so exciting

Dan: so yeah i’m i’ll be here for at least 12 months hopefully longer i don’t want to move again despite how often i do it i don’t want to move

Rachybop: we’ll see stay tuned

Dan: WHat will be happening next march, who knows. oh dear oh gosh but yeah so i’m really looking forward to that that’d be nice um

Rachybop: Dan a great a great idea before the podcast that we should every time we do a podcast we should finish with a fun fact about llamas

Dan: yes we’re called llama drama and i thought how can we make it more llama-ry and so we’ve been doing some hunting and very thorough in-depth research and we have uh we can end this episode on a llama fact of the month

Rachybop: yeah did you know that llamas can spit distances of more than 15 feet

Dan: wow

Rachybop: i once got sneezed on by a llama but i was closer than 15. i don’t know how far they can sneeze that’s not the fact but it wasn’t very nice and it definitely wasn’t spit it was green

Dan: oh

Rachybop: it was really really grim probably the lowest point in my life but yeah um because they do spit if you annoy them uh and if you ever see one sort of getting ready just know that you need to be further away than 15 feet or it’s gonna get you

Dan: that’s about five six meters isn’t it

Rachybop: i wonder how far i could spit i don’t think i could spit that far maybe i could i don’t know have a go right now three two one

Rachybop: no i’m not no

Dan: that can be your next rachybop challenge as if i’m not saying you do that you don’t even do rachybop challenge but you know it just gave you a new million pound idea

Rachybop: yeah sure short video for the camera put 4.5 meters away let’s see if i can spit on this camera that’s what it’s coming to that’s the youtube lanscape these days

Dan: i mean that sounds like good tik tok material

Rachybop: it’d be better if you could set up the camera and have a llama and annoy the llama and see if it actually did reach the camera

Dan: maybe when you go on a day trip that’s what you need to do find a llama park

Rachybop: like who measures that who’s like who’s to say that a llama has never like spat further someone might have

Dan: I’m sure there’s a dedicated llama scientist somewhere on this earth that has done this in-depth research when there’s probably you know

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: what you need to do you need to thankfully you need to find gabriel from the simmers meetup 2016.

Rachybop: yeah oh yeah it was great

Dan: gabriel was a llama from the pet show next door rachael convinced to bring him to our event

Rachybop: i knew as soon as he walked in the door it was a bad idea but it went down well

Dan: that wasn’t on the risk assessment

oh my gosh phenomenal absolutely phenomenal there are miss those days whenever i drive past the trafford center in event city i shed a tear

Rachybop: yeah such good tears makes me cry i still can’t drive on those roads i’m still just all over the place lane hopping oh but that brings us to an end of another fabulous llama drama episode which was actually quite full of simsy things

Rachybop: yeah it’s getting more that way and who knows i mean we don’t actually know what we’ll be talking about next time because this is probably the first time in a while where we haven’t had leaks and rumors and all that kind of stuff about what might be coming within the next month but like we’ve said before they just sort of say this is coming on tuesday and then before you know it you’ve bought three packs

Dan: yeah who knows we could have a whole new expansion pack by next month

Rachybop: Might be Sims 5

just kidding

Dan: oh my gosh that’d be so good but that’s what it’s like isn’t it just come so quick now gone are the days of waiting months for it

Rachybop: yeah i’d like to think there’d be a bit of a build up for sims five

Dan: oh my gosh i hope so

Rachybop: yeah

Dan: i’ll be furious if not if they botch it

i’ll be fuming

Rachybop: fuming

Dan: absolutely hun pm me right now but as always thank you everyone for listening this far if you’ve made it this far yeah thank you

Rachybop: thank you

Dan: Hope you enjoyed that um be sure to leave us a rating be sure to subscribe on the uh podcast platform of your choice and we will see you in the next episode

Rachybop: bye

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