Home Street Update: 🗽New York Loft, 🍀Lucky Neighbors, 🎷New York Jazz, Events, Stories & MORE..

It’s time for another fabulous Home Street update!!

Here’s all the info you need courtesy of the Home Street team…


“Hello Neighbors,

Spend March in New York with Home Street! Celebrate city living with us as we bring you two great themes combined with classic New York Loft decor!

Who doesn’t love a good celebration? Let’s paint the city green and celebrate St Paddy’s Day New York Style – Decorate with a shamrockin’ collection of Lucky Neighbors items to bring luck and good fortune to your Home Street Home!

After the celebrations, we step back down Broadway to the era of big band music and flappers. New York Jazz brings the Roaring ’20s to life with an elegant collection of Art Deco furniture and fashion!

We hope you enjoy your New York visit, neighbors!Read on to find out more about what’s in store for you in the coming month! 

Important Dates

Lucky NeighborsTue Mar 8th – New York Loft and Lucky Neighbors items in shopsThur Mar 10th – Lucky Neighbors Token Event startsThur Mar 10th – Lucky Hat story startsMon Mar 14th – Lucky Neighbors Token Event EndThur Mar 17th – Lucky Neighbors Neighborhood event and story startMon Mar 21st – Lucky Neighbors Neighborhood event and story endMon Mar 21st – Lucky Hat Story EndsTue Mar 22nd – Lucky Neighbors items leave shops (New York Loft items remain)

New York JazzTue Mar 22nd – New York Jazz items enter shopsThu Mar 24th – New York Jazz token event and story startMon Mar 28th – New York Jazz token event and story endThur Mar 31st – New York Jazz Neighborhood event and story startFri Apr 1st – March Into Spring Collectible Challenge endsMon Apr 4th – New York Jazz Neighborhood event and story endTue Apr 5th – New York Loft and New York Jazz items leave shopsPlease note – all dates and times are GMT and are subject to change!

March Into Spring Collectible Challenge – Mar 1st – Apr 1stAnother chance to earn those oh so important collectibles – the March Into Spring Collectible Challenge starts March 1st!

New York Loft Decor – Mar 8th – Apr 5thModern and chic – the classical New York Loft collection will fit seamlessly into any decor scheme!New York Loft items are available in shops until April!

*New York Loft Decor will be available right through until April 5th!

New York Loft Functional Items and Pets – Mar 8th – Apr 5thDecorate your loft space with a Modern Office Desk, Integrated Kitchen Island and Succulent Terrarium, then add a touch of luxury with the Infinity Pool!There’s also a choice of 2 lovable pets who will definitely enjoy walking past the Hot Dog Stand!

*New York Loft Pets and Functional Items will be available until April 5th!

New York Loft Clothing – Mar 8th – Apr 5thDress for a stroll around the city with the New York Loft clothing collection!

*New York Loft Clothing will be available until April 5th!

Lucky Neighbors Decor and Clothing – Mar 8th – Mar 22ndGo Green in New York and bring good fortune home with the Lucky Neighbors decor collection and clothing!

Lucky Neighbors Items will be available until March 22nd!

Lucky Neighbors Functional items and Pets – Mar 8th – Mar 22ndServe drinks and snacks at the Shamrock Counter, bring good fortune to your home with the Lucky Pot O’Gold and adopt your very own Leprechaun Pet – he’s a LOT of fun!

Lucky Neighbors Functional Items and Pets will be available until March 22nd!

New York Jazz Decor and Clothing – Mar 22nd – Apr 5thTimeless and classic – the New York Jazz collection of decor and clothing bring the ever popular Art Deco style right into your Home Street Home!

*New York Jazz Items will be available until April 5th

New York Jazz Functional Items and Pets – Mar 22nd – Apr 5thEnjoy home movies with the Retro Cinema and get icy treats from the Ice Cream Stand. Serve snacks or drinks and entertain friends at the New York Loft and Retro Refreshment Counters!

*New York Jazz Functional Items and Pets will be available until April 5th!

New York Token EventsTwo Token Events that combine New York street stalls with a shamrock twist – Climb the leaderboards to earn Tokens, Vouchers and Gems!

Lucky Neighbors Token Event – March 10th – 14thNew York Jazz Token Event – March 24th – 28th

New York Neighborhood EventsLucky Neighbors – Mar 17th – Mar 21stCreate Rhythm and Excitement on the River-dance Stand as you and your neighbors sham-rock your way to victory!

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, River-dance Stand, Lucky Merchant

Products: Luck, Rhythm, Excitement, Shamrock, Potatoes, Pot O’Gold, Irish Bouzouki, Celtic Pewter, Shamrock Cupcakes, Colcannon, Corned Beef and Potatoes, Irish JigNew York Jazz – Mar 31st – Apr 4thPlay Jazz Tunes and dance The Charleston in the event area as you score points and win prizes with your friends and neighbors!

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Drinks Station, Market Trader

Products:  Style, Celebration, Lemon Twist, Juice, Pearls, Ice, 20’s Gown, Jazz Tune, The Charleston, Sidecar, Southside Fizz, Big Apple Drink, French Fizz

New York StoriesComplete the New York Stories and win some great prizes including the Shamrock Hat, Vouchers and Coins!

Lucky Hat Story – Mar 10th – Mar 21stLucky Neighbors Story – Mar 17th – Mar 21stNew York Jazz Story – Mar 24th – Mar 28thAll That Jazz Story – Mar 31st – Apr 4th

Happy Home Mystery Box (New York)The Happy Home Mystery box returns to the Prize Tent with exclusive New York Decor Items – don’t forget to check it out!

Other Important Dates Early April – Hello SpringSpring is in the air this April – get ready to drive around town as you celebrate the return of warmer weather in Home Street!”

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