Fresh Tips for Getting Your Wardrobe Ready For Spring

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Whether your area has already moved into spring or you’re in one of those places where it seems like spring has sprung and then it snows again, there’s good news. Spring is on its way, it might just take a bit! Maybe you can put some good vibes into the world by getting your closet ready for spring—Mother Nature will follow, of course!

Keep reading to learn some wonderful tips for getting your wardrobe ready for spring. From keeping staples on hand to updating your shoes, you won’t want to miss these!

Make Sure You’re Stocked on Staple Items

Just because you’re switching from winter to spring doesn’t mean you should forego the staples. Our closets should always have a nice pair of jeans, a solid hoodie, workout attire that navigates the seasons, a fresh pair of sneakers. There are wardrobe staples, so look through your closet and ensure you have them!

Refresh Your Spring Shoe Game

Shoes—the piece that puts your outfit puzzle together. You don’t necessarily have to pack up your boots, but keep the ones you can use for spring readily available. Combat boots, booties, mid-calf platforms—these are some spring-safe boot options.

But apart from that, start bringing sandals back into the picture. Mules are a good transition shoe, but slides, platform sandals, and flip flops are other solid choices. Shoes are your way of adding fun and flair to your outfit, even if you’re still wearing jeans and a jacket!

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of a little color! Brighten your day and your outfit’s look by adding a touch of color. The easiest spring tweak is simply to lighten up core colors. If you typically wear black, try gray! If you usually wear navy, try a lighter blue. These small tweaks can help you get used to spring hues.

Once you’ve done that, try to add some more of the typical spring colors—you don’t have to go overboard on pastels, but adding certain elements will help. Try adding spring hues in small ways, like the following:

  • In a purse or bag
  • In a belt
  • In your shoes
  • In a jacket

Add Some Trend Pieces

Our last tip for getting your wardrobe ready for spring involves adding some of the season’s trendy items. Head scarves are in, so grab a few of those in some spring prints! Strappy heels and sandals are also trendy, so purchase your favorite kind. Pick and choose from the spring trends, see if you can get them at thrift spots first, and then go from there!

Spring fashion is something to get excited about. Hope this helps!

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