Home Street Update: 🍂 Falling Into Fun, 🚀 Interstellar Home, 🎁 Events, Stories & MORE..

It’s Autumn in Home Street! Let’s check out all the details courtesy of the Home Street team…

“Hi Neighbors,Welcome to November – the month of colorful jumpers, falling leaves and apple pies!Ward off the chilly evenings by decorating with farmhouse style furniture in bright fall colors, roasting chestnuts around the campfire, eating fresh, homemade pies from the Hot Pie Stall and picking your own apples!There’s a range of autumn pets to adopt and stylish but comfy seasonal clothing for your wardrobe – Let’s get all warm and cozy as we head into autumn with Falling Into Fun!Travel to infinity and beyond with a trip to the stars – Get up to speed on the Astronaut Trainer, adopt a range of crazy alien Pets and fit out your own spaceship interior with specially designed decor for your Interstellar Home!(Think the 80s and Steampunk fashions seemed like they were from another planet? We do too, so we’ve added them to the Interstellar Home theme!)There’s three new stories to enjoy, a new Collectible Challenge and lots of chances to earn Gems, Tokens, Vouchers and more in the exclusive Home Street Events!Read on to find out more about what’s in store for you in the coming month! 

Important Dates

Falling Into FunTue Nov 1st – Items in shopsTue Nov 1st – Autumn Collectibles start (ends Dec 5th)Thu Nov 3rd – Token event startMon Nov 7th – Token Event EndThu Nov 10th – Neighborhood event and story startMon Nov 14th – Neighborhood event and story endTue Nov 15th – Items leave shops

Interstellar HomeTue Nov 15th – Items in shopsThu Nov 17th – Token Event start Mon Nov 21st – Token Event endThu Nov 24th – Neighborhood Event and story startMon Nov 28th – Neighborhood Event and story endTue Nov 29th – Items leave shopsPlease note – all dates and times are GMT and are subject to change!

Autumn Collectibles – Nov 1st – Dec 5thTake the Autumn Collectible Challenge and win important collectibles – perfect for upgrading your storage!

Falling Into Fun – Nov 1st – Nov 15thLet’s get warm and comfy as we celebrate all things autumn with the Falling Into Fun decor collection!

*Falling Into Fun items will be available for a limited time.

Falling Into Fun Functional Items and Pets – Nov 1st – Nov 15thFrom Leaf Blowers and Apple Picking to Hot Pies and Campfires – The Falling Into Fun functional item collection has you covered this autumn!

Choose from a selection of friendly, fun to be around autumn pets!

*Pets and Functional Items will be available for a limited time.

Falling Into Fun Clothing – Nov 1st – Nov 15thDungarees, Leather Jackets and colourful jumpers – Snuggle up warm and cozy with the Falling Into Fun collection of autumn clothing!

Falling Into Fun Clothing will be available for a limited time!

Falling Into Fun Token Event – Nov 3rd – Nov 7thJoin friends and neighbors as you climb to the top of the leaf pile and rake in the Tokens, Vouchers and more!

Falling Into Fun Neighborhood Event – Nov 10th – Nov 14thDine on Roast Turkey, Pecan Pie and S’Mores with friends – have lots of autumn fun as you win Vouchers, Gems and more in the Falling Into Fun Neighborhood Event!

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Rustic Stall, Fall Merchant 

Products: Thankfulness, Autumn Harvest, Syrup, Wood, Autumn Leaves, Marshmallows, Roasted Nuts, Bobbing Bucket, Autumn Basket, S’mores, Roast Turkey, Pecan Pie

Interstellar Home – Nov 15th – Nov 29thDecorate your Interstellar Home with spaceship interior fittings, LED lighting and airlock doors. Add Hibernation Pods, Power Cores and a Pilot Seat, then buckle up and prepare for lift-off!Give your Interstellar Home an “out of this world” feel by adding an 80s vibe or Steampunk twist!

*Interstellar Home Items will be available for a limited time only

Interstellar Home Functional Items and Pets – Nov 15th – Nov 29thTake a spin on the Astronaut Trainer, travel in a Time machine, pilot a Spaceship and adopt a range of interstellar pets such as Cute Alien, Space Dog, Mechanical Owl and more!

*Functional Items and Pets will be available for a limited time only

Interstellar Home Clothing – Nov 15th – Nov 29thWhether you are reaching for the stars or just want to dress out of this world, the Interstellar Home Clothing collection has you covered from head to toe!

*Interstellar Home Clothing will be available for a limited time only

Interstellar Home Token Event – Nov 17th – Nov 21stCreate Stardust, Graphene and Alien Goo with your neighbors to win Tokens, Gems, Vouchers and more!

Interstellar Home Neighborhood Event – Nov 24th – Nov 28thReach for the stars, neighbors and collect Gems, Vouchers and more on the way to leaderboard victory!

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Space Lab, Galactic Trader Outpost

Products: Stardust, Quantum Physics, Quarks, Plasma, Graphene, Dark Matter, Hologram, Motherboard, Alien Goo, Hyper Speed, Flying Saucer, Synapse Repositioner, Zero-Gravity Boots, Supermassive Black Hole

November StoriesEarn Collectibles, Coins, Gems and Vouchers with three fun to play stories this November!

Autumn Collectibles – Nov 1st – Dec 5thFalling Into Fun – Nov 10th – Nov 14thInterstellar Home – Nov 24th – Nov 28th

Happy Home Mystery BoxDon’t forget to keep checking the Happy Home Mystery Box – it’s updated regularly with exclusive themed items!

Other Important Dates Early December – Festive Fun EventsMid December – Winter Wonderland BingoThe Festive season is almost upon us, neighbors and we are getting ready to celebrate in true Home Street style! There’s lots of Holiday and Winter decor plus bonus events, fun to play stories and, of course, FREE festive gifts!”


Watch for the next Home Street update post for more details!

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